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An epiphany of sorts.

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 01:49 PM
Danny Elfman- Oingo Boingo:
Affiliation: Republican.

"Grey Matter":

They say you're stupid
That you're too young to vote
They say you'll swallow anything
That they shove down your throat

They say that you can't think
That you haven't got a brain
That you're just there to listen
That you're just being trained

There's something inside your head (x4)

They say you lost the ability to even think
That your tiny little brain
Slipped down the kitchen sink

They say that you'll buy anything
That they turn your way
That you'll listen to anything
That they decide to play

I think you like it--like it
To be told what to do--isn't that true
I think you're better--better--better off
Stone cold dead--without your head

If they say--lie down--don't do it
If they say--buy it now--don't do it
If they say--turn around--don't do it
If they say--hit the ground--don't do it
If they say--bite the big weenie--don't do it
If they say--wasn't that good--don't do it
If they say--bend over baby--don't do it
If they say--take it and like it--don't do it

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