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Tonight was a good night to die[TFTG]

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:45 AM
Tonight was a good night to die[TFTG]

The darkness of the night came swiftly.

The drow assassin (Belkul Sapphireedge of the Sunrise), waited for the signal. He watched the Druids dispassionately, as they completed their ritual in the oak forest. Tonight this tribe of Druids would be wiped out.

Belkul glanced over towards the wizard – Lord Leohand Ogrescrush, the Savior – and noticed he was not even looking the Druids way. Not his problem though. He had enough problems of his own – the least of which was how to keep out of the way of these other barbarians. The one in particular that was causing the most concern was of course, his old enemy – Davkul Spiritforged, the Barbarian drow. For some years the animosity between the two had died down, but now, for some reason, the animosity was back. Given the chance, Davkul would slice Belkul in half with his scimitar in a heartbeat. For now though, Belkul had to concentrate on the task at hand. Davkul could wait.

A slight russling had Belkul on full alert. He noticed Lady Alikahn Runehouse, the Wizard drow was coming towards him. Belkul disliked wizards. But especially this one. Lady Alikahn thought nothing could harm her, that she was invincible. As Belkul had discovered through many battles, no-one is invincible. To act like you are invincible was foolish.

“Belkul”, came the soft whisper from Lady Alikahn. “It's nearly time.”

Belkul shrugged and changed position noiselessly. Then watched as Laky Alikahn moved on.

A few moments later the sky lit up with a blue glow. The battle had begun.

The drow warriors left their positions and drove inward towards the Druids. Belkul let them go – staying far away from them. He had his mission. They had theirs. He watched carefully as Davkul sprinted in front. His red eyes were glowing with the excitement.

The Druids separated. One female threw an orange hiding potion around her and darted towards the trees. Belkul rose stealthily. She was his prey. The potion only lasted a few seconds and then Belkul saw her easily. He ran towards her.

She must have heard him coming, because she stopped, turned and face him.

He too, stopped. The beauty shining from her was ignored by Belkin. Belkin knew this beauty was only for show. Deep down, Iriermorel Cupshigh the Druid was the most ruthless assassin known. It was she who had killed most of Belkul's family. And, tonight he was to get to his revenge. Thanks in large part to the protection spells put on him by Lord Leohand Ogrescrush. This protection allowed him to walk up close to Iriermorel and scrape the scimitar across her long neck.

The unnatural scream testified to her demon heritage. Belkul ignored it and swung his scimitar again and again. Finally the screams died. She fell. A ghostly veil surrounded her body and then she was gone.

Belkul allowed himself to breathe once more. He had committed his revenge. His mission was completed. He turned and walked towards the battle still raging. Now he could have some fun. He lifted his blood soaked scimitar high and started running towards the battle. His blood curdling chant broke through even the noise of the battle. Tonight was a good night to die.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by Truthandinfo

I shivered in horror at the thoughts of druids being murdered, then I realized it was just a story.

SnF. Well written. Very descriptive.

Hope to read more entries from you. Links to the current contests are in my sig.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Thanks for your comments. I try and make my stories a little bit different to the general run of the mill. I really like the drows.

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