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The Secret Celestial Realm of Christ

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 05:13 PM
Here is the key of what is.

Our minds are all called to this Great and Immortal Kingdom, which is the crown of intellect, and the assembly of all righteous spirits.

No religion will teach you of what Christ has truly established. They do not have any intention of doing so! No Christian book, or scholar from this time has revealed this to you.

It is not a hidden place! It does not need to hide from us. It is readily apparent to all those who inquire after it. Did you think Christ was sitting someplace else, far away, all by himself? No, but He did a mighty work.

Here is what He did: He gathered up all the spirits able to exist in the light, everyone able to be healed, to be filled, he brought to His presence. From this assembly he formed a mighty nation, where there was only once nothing but chaos and division.

Great Emperor! He has made a new nation where there was nothing before, and has bought our minds to knowledge. He has made a kingdom of spirits, of immortal minds, that dwell without the need of a body. Also, there are those who dwell in bodies, those of us upon this world, and those who dwell in immortal bodies in the celestial realms.

Do not follow these false churches anymore. They do not have any part of this great kingdom. We are selected one by one to enter it, there is no formula, no litany, no book required for it. All you need is the integrity of your own soul, and the agreeance with the Good One who has caused All to Form from a single One.

Those who form this intention are assisted by the gift of light from those on High, and angels will form their ranks with you, and you will become our brother.

We are they who worship the Cause of Life, and the Great Cause of Intelligence, these are the fruits of our increase. Brotherhood in this cause is our great celebration, and this has grown into a mighty nation.

Now the will of this great nation has gone into the earth, and has prepared for itself a place upon her, to establish a mighty race of men to inherit it.

You see, this is the truth, and because it is the truth you will not recognize it immediately. But it is the secret to understanding the book of revelations, and the culmination of this era. There is more than just what is visible to the eye! There is more to the world than the nation that are upon it, and their petty systems of tyranny and evil.

This is the story of men's liberty, and where it has gone to dwell among the immortals. Men, there is a great plan to re-establish his liberty and usher in a golden age of heavenly government. Christ is the Chief of this organization, which was put forth by God from the beginning.

Want to join it?


posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 08:42 PM
No responses yet? Cmon guys, you have something to say to everything I have put forth.

posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 08:49 PM
I thought you left.

Welcome back from your little hiatus (Although I was under the impression it was going to be longer.. by a lot)

As to your post, I neglected to read most of it.
Perhaps you could keep my attention with a nice diagram or picture.

But other than that, Im glad to see that your horse hasnt bucked you off yet, Im sure it'd be a long fall from way up there.

- All my best

EDIT: I saw "Want to join?" at the end..

Can you, in twelve words or less, describe this club to me.
Also a brief outline of dues and rules.

Also, are girls allowed?

Also, if meetings are past 7 on Thursdays, I cant come

[Edited on 10-10-2004 by shidge.]

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