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the late entry presidential candidate

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 10:02 AM
whats the point in voting for the all those idiots there just going to screw up..

so I nominate the whole damn country so here must know more about how to kill terrorist , eliminate debt poverty and corruptive goverments...

and even if there isnt one person who can do it all I damn sure bet you all of us could....

in fact lets give some of those hard core gang bangers any weapons they
need tell them that the terrorists have alot of drugs guns or money ripe for the taking and them let the sobs do what they do best..

in the matter of debt, poverty, healthcare etc. start pulling out all the cat burgalurs and send them to play retro robinhood on our rich people and take the money and pay off all this debt

finally as for the rest of the problems round up all the bickering little pricks in DC and drop them in mount st helens when it erupts here very soon

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