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How long until the backlash on American soil?

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 01:53 AM
Taking into account the fact that before 9-11 and the war on terror the United States seemed very focused on the "domestic enemy". By this I mean organized groups of every political stripe that could possibly be considered enemies. A few of the more violent of these factions seem to have disappeared or gone underground, there is no media mention of them anymore which makes sense as there is a new enemy for the media to focus on. That I can understand but there is one question that has perplexed me for a while now.

The few days after the 9-11 attacks I fully expected a rising up of some of the more extreme of underground political groups, I expected a violent backlash against Muslims and people of Arab descent from some of the groups that organize in the United States. Aryan groups, some of the fringe elements of State Militias and Superpatriots were some of the factions that I expected to start retaliating against a perceived threat to the homeland.

I do not understand why a homegrown assault on Muslim people and their mosques has not begun, it seems like some of the more extreme groups of people that reside in the US have not focused all their vitriol on the people that are now considered the biggest threat to America. Now these days as American soldiers are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and civilians are being beheaded it seems as if a domestic response in a violent way would happen in some way or form.

Any thoughts?

As a disclaimer: I am not of the mindset that another warfront should be opened up on US soil nor do I beleive that using violence against people of a certain belief that reside in this country is a good way of fighting a war on terror. I do however wonder why the certain underground groups that are more than happy to use terror against fellow countrymen are MIA when it comes to domestic threats.

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