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Light and Shadow Games

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 11:14 PM
Imagine a woman standing in the middle of a big green field...

The sun rises in the morning, casting a shadow on the woman.

As time moves forward the shadow gets smaller and smaller until the sun is at it's zenith in the sky and there is no more shadow. The shadow becomes absorbed into her.

Time moves forward and the shadow reappears. Small at first and gets bigger and bigger as the sun reaches the horizon.

The sun sets, and her shadow becomes engulfed into one huge ocean of a shadow that now covers the entire field. Everything gets darker and darker as dusk turns into night.

Time moves forward. It gets lighter and lighter. The sun rises in the morning casting a shadow on the woman once more. The sun reaches it's peak again and her shadow disappears...

When the sun becomes in "alignment" with ourselves, everything is seen, known, and understood. There is no more shadow of ourselves to observe. No more "darkness" to fear. It is then when we realize that we ARE our shadows. Everything becomes "lit up" and we feel fully connected. As the sun moves further and further away from it's alignment, our shadows get bigger as a result. Our "dark side" grows. We feel more and more seperated from our own true selves until we completely "forget" who we are when it turns to night and everything becomes dark. When the sun rises we slowly begin to learn who we are again as light starts to shine and our dark shadows go right back to their source... ourselves.

The woman and her shadow is a simple metaphor for the cycle of time in one day, but when it comes to bigger scales of time, where is humanity currently at? Are we learning more about who we are and gaining control of ourselves or are we still very much in the dark? Will we gain new insights that will help shed some light about who we are and be fully connected, awake and alive... or will we dive deeper into dark depths of dissolution?...

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