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Radioactive Kelp From Japan Found On The West Coast

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 08:49 PM

As the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japan suffered a meltdown after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the surrounding areas became contaminated with radioactive particles. Now, as other items and debris from the earthquake are being washed up on the West Coast’s shore, some of these radioactive particles have been found in giant kelp along the shore. According to a recently published study, radioactive iodine was found in kelp samples from beds along the west coast from Laguna Beach to Santa Cruz. The waves, currents and jet streams made quick work delivering these particles to America. The tests found radioactive particles in the kelp samples as soon as a month after the nuclear reactor explosion. While the levels of radioactivity were not at levels dangerous to humans, they were significantly higher than measurements prior to the explosions. According to the study, these measurements were similar to the levels of radiation found in British Columbia, Canada, and northern Washington following the Chernobyl explosion of 1986.

Source: redOrbit (

So when is the world and media going to admit the Fukushima disaster is much worse than being reported? The Japanese government is negligent at the very least to their own people who they continue to lie to. And also to the rest of the world for downplaying the severity of the situation which is still not contained.
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