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Let the Games Begin [WRC]

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 08:06 PM
PART 1: The Idea

This is what I've been waiting and planning for most of my life. The time when I would be on top of the world as its ruler. This has been my life's work.

But I failed to see the big picture.

"Excuse me, Your Highness." I heard a voice.

"What? What is it, worm?" I said with disgust. "Make it quick or I'll have you killed."

"Y-yes, My Lord. U-um, General Fenris here to see you."

"Well! What are you waiting for?! Send him in you insolent slime!" I yelled at my poor servant. I didn't really like being so ruthless, wasn't my style really. But when you're the ruler of the world, you can't show weakness.

"Now presenting, the general of the Northern Army, receiver of the King's Honor Medal, General Marcus Fenris!" my announcer called out.

In came General Fenris, my right hand man. The man who won the war for me. He led the charge from the Latin Lands and into the Seat of the Empire. They had other names once. He split his army to hit both sides of, at the time, the largest force and the final stop for victory. With the King's Own Navy flanking on both sides, they never stood a chance. It was Fenris himself that dealt the killing blow to the former tyrant of these lands. He knelt before me.

"My Lord, I have urgent news. There are rumors of an uprising." he said quickly.

I looked on astonished, "Already? Of course already. So what? Send in the local militia's to clear out rumored rebels." I tried to sound confident.

"It''s not that easy, My Lord. It's also rumored that they have guns."

"Impossible!" I said, "All guns had been destroyed! We made multiple sweeps! How could ANY guns have survived?!" My voice conveyed fury, but I was more scared than anything.

When I conquered a country, the first thing that I did was destroy every gun not in use by my own men. They were dismantled and all metal parts recycled to be used in building other needs. I had an entire army dedicated to eradicating all old world weapons. Once I became King of the World, all other old world weapons left, used by my own armies, were destroyed. Save for my personal armory which no one knows about. I hope.

" did the rumor of guns come to be?" I asked. I realized that rumors are usually just wild hearsay.

"Corpses of guards found with bullet holes, My Lord."

"Were there autopsies done on the corpses?" I asked.

"Yes, My Lord." Fenris answered. With nothing else.

"AND?!" I yelled.

"There were led bullets found. Possibly shot from a makeshift powder rifle."

There's one thing I forgot to think about. The knowledge of how to build a gun still exists. How many other oversights have I let go? What to do...what to do...

"My Lord?" Fenris piped up. I gave him an inquisitive stare. "We could outlaw gun powder."

"No," I said, "that's too obvious. I think that would cause people to realize what they could do with it. You think they're gunning for me?"

Fenris scoffed, "Obviously, My Lord. Unless they plan on taking the entire World's Army to with one-shot pipe rifles to get to you."

I smiled. Fenris always had an interesting way of putting things. "You're right. But....I think I have come up with a way to flush out these rebels."

Fenris raised an eyebrow, "How is that, My Lord?"

"Come with me, Fenris. I would rather not discuss this in front of the dirt." I said, looking around at my subjects.

We moved from the throne room and in to my bed chamber. It was a rather safe place to discuss something sensitive without it getting around.

"What would you like to discuss, My Lord?" Fenris asked as soon as we knew we were without prying ears.

"Marcus, you can drop the proper act now. We're not in front of the others. It's cool." I said in a friendly manner.

"Damn, thanks, bro. That stuff is killing me. If I have to call you "My Lord" one more time, I'll go nuts!" He said jokingly.

I shot him a look. "Careful or I'll have you executed."

"Ha. Ha." he said sarcastically. "Anyhow, what's up?"

"We flush them out. The rebels, I mean. We flush them out with an open invitation to shoot me. If they indeed do have the means. And we do it the right way. We hold Warrior Games!" I said excitedly.

"What? Warrior Games? You mean like the old Roman games?" he asked with a confused look.

"Yeah! Think about it! We open for every person who thinks they're the best fighter in the world and let them kill each other in an arena!"

"That's kind of sick, dude. But I see your purpose. But how does this open you to the rebels?"

"Simple," I said, "have my throne sitting out in the open with only you by my side. I doubt they have makeshift sniper rifles, so they have to shoot relatively close. And under my regal robes, I'll have Kevlar on. They'll have a small target to hit. My face."

"That's...that's not a bad idea. I like that." he said agreeing with me.

"Then so it shall be! Back to business. Let's get this set up!"

Northern Empire

Southern Empire

Western and Eastern Empire maps to come later.
There will also be a supplemental "book" about the history of the empire, the war, and the ruler to come later on.

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 08:07 PM
PART 2: The Outcome

There was an old stadium in the southern part of the Seat of the Empire. I vaguely remember that it was the stadium of my favorite sports team before my path to power began. I think they were the Cow Riders or something of that sort. I know it had "cow" in the name. All I know is that it was mostly preserved and it was worth a lot of money in the old world. What was the actual worth of a few million dollars back then? Irrelevant.

The journey from City of the Majestic in the center of the Seat of the Empire to the now named Colosseum of Heroes in the southern part of the Seat of the Empire only took a day by air ship. Air ships, there was another neat invention when...when the old flying machines were mostly destroyed. A few derelict machines existed, but they were so gutted for parts it's hard to say what really made them work. It's a wonder what can happen from 100 years of warfare. Air ships now mostly work off of natural gasses. Pure genius on the part of my scientists and engineers. Pure genius on the part of myself for making them create it.

When I pulled in to the air ship docking tower, I could see the multitudes if travelers coming from all corners of my Empire World. The very pale and very fat Capites from the Northern Cap. The viking-like monster hunters that are scattered around the Northern Wastelands. Surely they will provide the best fighters of the Northern Empire. The elemental tribes of the Southern Empire. They're all weird. While they acknowledge my rule over the world, they have broken in to three large countries that all worship their own elemental god. Aquasia, goddess of water in the southern tip. Blazeron, god of fire in the east. And Meadogar, god of grass in the west. After I had obtained rule, they immediately began conflict with each other. They're quite the headache. Then there were the peoples from the Western and Eastern Empires. From the magnificent brutes of the Nuclear Wastes to the mystics from the Red Hills, they have all come to be a part of the biggest spectacle of the new world.

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 10:20 PM
You have something epic in the works here, still under construction. Flagged for the effort. Where did you get those maps?

FYI: Send a PM to masqua, and he can give you as much time as you need to complete your post. Honest! masqua has the ability to give you reset that pesky edit limit, try it and see.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 11:06 PM
PART 2: The Outcome (continued)

The new arena was quite the sight. My engineers have done wonders with this old stadium. Large towers were erected all along the walls of the stadium to hold more fans. The domed top had been completely taken away to let the sun beat down upon the hard-packed dirt floor. And there, at one end of the stadium, a lavish platform with my throne for the games. This was going to be quite interesting.

The air ship landed and I immediately made my way through the camps to the stadium where my chambers were awaiting me.

"Greetings, My Lord!" said a gruff voice. It was the voice of Admiral Brutus Zealous. He was the "zealous" Admiral of the King's Own Navy.

"Admiral Zealous, good to see you. Are the blockades set?" I asked.

"Yes, My Lord. No one without proper paper work will make it passed our checkpoint." he said as he bowed.

"Very well." I said as I walked past him and to my temporary bed chamber. I never much cared for him. He didn't have the killer instinct that I had hoped for in my admiral, but he had a mind for military strategy like none other.

I entered my bed chambers and noticed a table of food set up. Lots of delicacies. I go for a turkey leg...but wait...where did this come from? I look to the nearest servant.

"Where did this food come from, boy?" I said.

He stuttered at first but managed to speak. "Compliments of the Magistrate, My Lord."

Ah, yes. Magistrate Pandus, the man who kissed enough posteriors to get billed for the seat. I had never really met the man, but my political advisers gave him the nod. I guess that was good enough. Shouldn't he have been here to greet me?

"Where is the Magistrate?" I asked.

"I-I'm not sure, My Lord. Would you like me to send for him?" the boy asked.

"Yes, tell him I want him here immediately."

"Right away, My Lord."

Maybe I'll give him quite the tongue lashing for not meeting me. I completely forgot about the whole properness of greeting the King stuff. I should probably get in to the habit of doing things like this lest my world become lax. That wouldn't be a good thing at all. First they become lax, then they think they're bigger than they really are. My vision of world ruler isn't always what I had imagined it would be.

"My Lord, presenting Magistrate Garen Pandus." one of the servants announced.

In waddled a stubby and fat man. He was sweating profusely and seemed to be out of breath. Wow, word travels fast here. And so do the people, I guess. Time to put the verbal boots to him.

"I don't suppose you forgot how to greet your King, Magistrate. That would be a shame and cost you your job. And your life." I said as calm as I could be.

"No! No, Your Highness! I apologize! I was bust tending to your people. There are many camps and people who are in the region and I have been tending to the needs of them. I'm sure you know, My Lord, that with this many people comes a high demand of food and water and even a higher demand for law enforcement." he said as he bowed at my feet.

"Do you mean to tell me how to take care of my people, you insubordinate swine!" I yelled at him. I'm not even sure why I was angry. Maybe it was the heat.

"My Lord! I would ne-," he started before I cut him off.

"Silence! I thank you, Magistrate, for taking care of my people. But when you know that I am coming in to your region, you should be ready to greet me immediately. Do you not have subordinates that can carry out your work in your absence?"

"Oh, yes, My Lord! I sincerely apologize for my error and I promise you it will never happen again!" he said being quite contrite.

"See that it doesn't. Now, answer me one question. Where did this food come from?"

"That food was prepared by my best cooks, My Lord! I assure you it is only the best that is offered from the southern region!" he said quickly.

I reached over to the table and grabbed a slice of meat and a cup of wine. "Here, eat this and drink this."

"Oh! Right away, My Lord! This is the finest meat and wine in the region!" He said as he happily stuffed his chubby face and drank the wine. "Quite delicious!" He said as he wiped grease and wine from his mouth with his sleeve.

Repulsive, I thought. He's a disgusting little man. But he knows his place. "Thank you, Magistrate. That is all." I said dismissing him.

"Enjoy the games, My Lord. I'm sure the warriors of the southern region will prevail over all!" he said as he bowed and left my chambers.

I was feeling quite tired from the trip and the heat, so I decided I would sleep. I put the guards on full alert and ordered chamber maids to fan me as I fell asleep.

To be continued...

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Thanks! I actually created those maps from ones I found on Google. I believe most of them came from Just threw them in paint and edited them in to my own image. I'm still trying to work out Europe (Western Empire) and Asia/Russia (Eastern Empire) as well as Africa and Australia (new names TBA)... There's a lot of land over there and it's kind of meticulous making these maps and coming up with names for the new countries and what not. Make sure that you also read the supplemental "book" I'll add at the end of this as it will explain a lot of the stuff that I didn't within the story.
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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 11:38 PM
I dreamed that night. More of a nightmare than a dream. It was hard to make sense of it.

I was standing in a desert surrounded by my friends and court advisers. Red liquid, or what I believe to be blood, was raining down from the sky. The people around me began erecting a structure over me to shield me from the rain. And around the structure they built lavish statues of me. But the longer they stayed in the rain, the older they became until they began decaying in to husks and eventually would turn to dust and seep in to the earth. When they fell dead, they were replaced by a faceless copy. Before I awoke, waves of fire came sweeping through, torching everything besides me. Then it was over. I was back in the real world.

It was most likely just the building excitement of the coming games. The games!

"What time is it!" I yelled the question.

"Barely after dawn, My Lord." a chamber maid that was fanning me said. "The games are set to start soon."

With that, I pulled myself out of my bed and had the chamber maids wash me and set out my best dress. I ordered them to leave me at that point and stated I would dress myself. I didn't want it to be known that I was putting Kevlar on. It was an old world technology that most didn't know about, so it probably wouldn't have mattered. It didn't even seem like armor, just really heavy clothing. So it was probably safe to have them dress me. On second thought, better safe than sorry. And I shouldn't rely on people to do everything for me. I should at least try to keep my self-dependency.

I dressed myself. Afterwards, I walked to the giant opening that lead to my viewing area, it was covered by a large curtain. This was it. Time to address the masses. I could hear the subtle roar of thousands of people all talking at once. A head poked through the curtain. It was Fenris.

"Are you ready, My Lord?" he asked.

"As ready as I can be, my friend." I said quietly.

I stepped through the curtain to the elated cheers of the crowd. My royal announcer hushed them.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! I present to you the man who has made this all possible! He is your King! He is..." the announcer shouted to the crowd. I cut him off.

"It's quite alright. No need to announce me. They know damn well who I am!" I said. "DON'T YOU?!" I yelled the question to the crowd as they began cheering like mad. I raised my hands to hush them. " A hundred years ago, the Great War of Power started. The most powerful countries this world had yet seen began fighting for supremacy! It was during the peak of this war that I, your King, vowed to unite the lands and end the petty fighting! Out of the Eastern Empire, my army marched in to the Western Empire and quelled the fighting. And I recruited them in to my services to better the world!" The people from Western and Eastern Empire cheered. "Then, we laid assault to north of the Seat of the Empire and Southern Empire and Latin Lands! This was the catalyst that lead us to the final and most vicious battle of the war! The battle for the Seat of the Empire! The tyrants army was prepared, but they were still not ready for the mighty force they faced. It took only one year to take that land and unite the world under my banner of peace!" The crowd erupted in elation. "Now! Ten years after uniting, I bring to you the celebration we have all been waiting for! I bring the Warrior Games! Let the fighting....BEGIN!" With that being said, the crowd again erupted in cheers as the warriors of the world were announced and pandered to the crowd. The games had begun.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 12:23 AM
Part 3: The Games

The first day was rather exciting. It was fun to see the world come together to enjoy watching this spectacle. It may seem like a sick sport to some, but this was completely on a volunteer basis. It's not like I was taking slaves and making them fight to the death. Most of these guys, this is all they know. As much as I have tried to promote world peace, there has been fighting between countries. Or even in some countries where tribes are the law of the land, tribes will fight each other for whatever reason. This gives these warriors a chance to become world famous or die trying. And this death is honorable to any warrior.

"My Lord, it is time for the first night's feast. If you are ready, that is." a servant said breaking me out of my thoughts.

I was sitting in a rather plush chair in my chamber pondering the first day of this event. "Tell them I will be down in a minute." I said quietly not looking away from the random point I was looking at as I zoned out.

"Very well, My Lord." the servant said as he bowed and left.

Great. I'll probably have to make another speech or answer the questions of the nobles. They will no doubt ask stupid questions that I will have to answer lest they think their King doesn't know what he's doing. How troublesome, there's really no way to prepare for that. I'll just have to remember what I am, who I am, and what I worked so hard and dedicated many resources to accomplishing. On second thought, yeah, I'll welcome their questions. I'm sure that answering them will appease them. Happy people make loyal people, right? The last thing I need is a rebellious country. Rebellious...that's right. The real purpose behind these games. I can't tell them that. What can I tell them? Guess I'll have to just improvise if the question arises.

Figuring it was time to go, I made my way to the Great Hall. Lords and ladies stood around a great table filled with food and drink as servants ran around tending to all their little needs. I wonder if they're all putting up a mask like me. Do they really think they're the greatest thing to walk this earth? Or are they putting up a front so that their subjects do not think them weak? That would be a bad thing, right? If they think they're weak, that will breed a larger intention for a coup. Or maybe it would keep the people and servants happy. But what about the ambitious ones who yearn for more power? I'm pretty sure they're the most dangerous ones.

I took a seat at the head of the table in the biggest chair in the room as I was announced. Everyone bowed to me. That still puts me off sometimes.

"Lords and ladies, welcome to the Feast of the First Night. I am glad to see that you all are able to make it out for this momentous occasion. At this time, I would like to announce that I am opening the floor to any and all who would like to ask a question or have me address an issue. I figure with all the food and wine, spirits are high and tongues a little looser." The crowd laughs a little. "So I am quite willing to take any and all question, comments, and concerns from any of you. If you will, stand in line starting at this side of the table" I point to my left side of the table, "and my servant Guillo will let you know when you can speak." With that said, I brace for the flood gates to open. Sure enough, practically the whole room jumps in line. People pushing and proding, trying to get the best spot in line that they can get. "Allow the first one to step forward, Guillo."

A rather cranky looking old woman steps forward. Oh boy.

"Good evening, Your Highness. Lady Sheila of Mordinhold, hailing from The Honored Coast of Western Empire. I'm sure my question is one had by all, and with it being said, this line will cut in half. The question, My Lord, is what is the whole point of this event? What are you trying to do, elicit more fighting between tribes and countries?" she said rather snarkily.

Oh, I hate her already. But I brought this upon myself. How do I even answer this? "The purpose, Lady Sheila, is to promote unity. I am promoting the unity through friendly competition. While they are, indeed, fights to the death, these are the deaths that warriors hope for. Today I looked out in to the crowd and saw people from all walks of life sitting together sharing drink and friendly boasts. Sworn enemies putting their arms around each other and enjoying the show. I am trying to have them all know that we are all one and petty disputes are not worth the bloodshed that has ensued in the past. If I have to, I will hold the Warrior Games every year so that these countries and tribes can settle their disputes with fighting if they so want to. Call it a violent forum, if you will."

She stared at me for a long second, then smiled seemingly pleased. "You truly are the savior of this world, My Lord." She curtsied as she made her way to a seat at the table.

To be continued...

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 03:33 AM

Northern Empire (Empire Mainland)

Southern Empire

Western Empire

Southwestern Empire

Eastern Empire

Southeastern Empire

This is all so you can get a visual of where the people come from. I've never been great at going in to detail of the characters and would rather leave that to the readers imagination. Part 3 will now continue below.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 04:09 AM
PART 3: The Games (continued)

The night kept going and going. This entire line of statements or questions and not a single thing of real interest. Most of what I'm getting here are petty squabbles that need the Kings awesome decision making skills and just comments about how great I am. Gotta love those suck-ups, right?

"Guillo, the next please." I said after someone was finished saying something about my shoes I think. A burly man in fine military dress stepped forward. I don't think I'm familiar with this guy. Looks like he's from Southeastern Empire.

"I am Captain Horital Manis of the Jewel Navy." he announced himself.

I knew it! I knew he was Southeastern. What tipped me off? Was it his jawline, maybe? His tan? No, I don't think it was that. The nose. That has to be. Right? Do they have a distinct nose?

"My Lord!" he said loudly snapping me out of my train of thought. A flash of anger come and gone. I stared at him waiting. "I asked what you propose to do about Exile's Island."

"What do you mean? It's an island for exiles. They're no threat to anyone." I said dismissing his inquiry.

"My Lord, have you not heard? There are rumors of trading ships being attacked by strange men from the south. It has to be the exiles as there is nothing more southern than that island!" he said raising his voice once more.

"I'll tell you what, raise your voice at me one more time, and I'll cut your tongue out and make a nice little necklace out of it. Okay? And as for your problem, you're a captain of the Jewel Navy. You should consult with Admiral Sensit to put patrols along the trading routes. If you have to, ask the Seat Adviser to lend you a few of my ships for aid. Better yet, I'll give you a writ that you can give to the Adviser so you will receive four extra ships to aid you. Sound good?"

"Yes, My Lord!" he bows, "Thank you!"

"Next." I said in a bored tone. A frail old man using a cane limps up to speak to me.

"Your Highness, how magnificent it is to be here and in your glorious presence. I am Lord Serris Banh of Lightning Halls, Mystic Isles." He said in a shaky voice.

"What is it that you want, old timer?" I asked wondering what a Mystic Lord would ask of me.

"I would like to propose an idea to you. I am the headmaster of the greatest mystic dojo in the Isles. And I have noticed you have no mystics in your employ."

"I've got mystics, old man. I have my seers." I said haughtily.

"Oh, sure. Seers are fine mystics, they are. But you have no mystics that will be willing to do battle for you. I want to give you a small battalion of my finest pupils. I think it would benefit you gr-" I cut him off.

"Why would you give me so many of your people? I thought you mystics liked to keep to your islands. You all come off as very family oriented people and I wouldn't want you to tear these people from that. I don't think I cou-" He cut me off...I'll let it slide.

"No, My Lord, that's not a problem. See, I run a dojo for orphans. The only family these people have ever had are each other. And they would love nothing more than to serve the King himself!" he said proudly.

"Very well, old man. I will accept your gift. Speak with General Fenris to hash out the finer details." I think I've had enough of these people. It's time to retire. I want sleep and should be rested for the continuation of the games.

"I'm very sorry Lords and Ladies, but you will all have to wait until next time for me to address you. I grow tired and wish to go to bed." I said as they all groan. But as I'm getting up, two people decide to shout something that gets my attention really quickly.

"What do you plan to do about the rumored rebellion?!" one shouter shouted.

"Do they really have gun technology!" the other shouted.

General Fenris steps up, "Who said that?! Who the hell said that?! Step forward and be recognized!" he shouted.

"Fenris, calm yourself. It's okay. I was wondering if this question would pop up." I said calmly as I waited for the shouters to show themselves. "Well, who said it? If you want the answer, step forward."

Why am I not surprised? Of all the people in the room, it just had to be these two: Admiral Zealous and Magistrate Pandus. Why do I get the feeling I can no longer trust these two?

"Many apologies, My Lord. I am just curious as I've heard many wild rumors." Pandus said.

"They are most disturbing." Zealous added.

I thought for a bit. What can I tell them? The truth? No, that would ruin what I've already said. I've got to think of something. Maybe tell them it's all false, but that could easily back fire. What to do, what to do...

I looked at both men with a clam expression. "If they exist, I plan to stop them one of two ways: show them I am not one to be rebelled against as I'm trying to help the world, or show them by wiping them out completely. Gun technology be damned, they will not stand against the might of my army."

Without waiting for a response, I left.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 04:19 AM
Well, since all the parts are broken up already, I don't feel so bad about posting this.

Just to let you know, if you haven't gotten it yet, this story is not complete. In fact, I plan on putting a lot more in to this story. And if you're not understanding some stuff, don't worry, there will be an epilogue that will explain some of the little things that I didn't put much detail of in the story. And since everything is broken up, I'll put it all in reading order to hopefully make it easier for you guys.

PART 1: The Idea
PART 2.1: The Outcome
PART 2.2: The Outcome
PART 2.3: The Outcome
PART 3.1: The Games
PART 3.2: The Games
Empire Maps (in case you missed them lol)

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 03:01 PM
PART 3: The Games (continued)

I had the same dream last night which is overly alarming. I'm convinced that they mean something. If only I could bring myself to consult a seer about them, but I didn't bring any of mine and I don't trust the ones here. I guess when all of this is over, I'll do it. But right now, the games are about to begin.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to day two of this most illustrious event!" the announcer said eliciting massive cheers from the crowd. "The tournament of the warriors will NOT continue today, but rather, we will have the smaller side tournament of the strategists!" The crowd didn't respond as I thought they would. Interesting. "In this tournament, each country has provided their best strategic mind to test his might with a small platoon of men against another! You are about to see full on warfare combat!" The crowd did not cheer. That's troubling.

"Hold it!" I yelled grabbing everyone's attention. "Why do you not cheer? Do you not want to see our best minds against each other?" I asked the crowd only to be met with boo's. Wow, those strategists are going to be quite angry when they hear what I'm about to say. "Then forget it! BRING OUT THE WARRIORS!" I answered their boo's with. The crowd now erupted in to cheer as the warriors made their way to the center of the arena to be announced to the crowd.

The day wore on with nothing of note really. Well, besides the fight between the brute from the Nuclear Wastes and the monk from the Peaceful Islands. I honestly didn't know they had fighters in the islands. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the name? Either way, the monk come out with the total dominating upset. I don't think I've seen a brute taken down like that before. The pure speed of the monk coupled with their knowledge of anatomy was probably the killing factor. The world could do without another brute running around. They're not the nicest of people.

After the games, I had sat in my plush chair again to contemplate what's happening. Am I really winning the crowd over? Do they think I'm a good ruler? Can I be a good ruler? I have no experience, really, to speak of. I commanded armies throughout the war, but that's not the same. There is just way too much of this world to rule over. But, that's a defeatist attitude. I'm the King of the world. I can't let these ideas get in to my head.

"My Lord, it's time." a servant said.

"Right, let's go." I said as I got out of my chair and made my way to the feast. When I got their I was greeted by many of the same faces. Joy. I took a seat. "Just like last night, line up if you wish." I said. And the line from last night has doubled! Are you kidding me?! "Guillo, the first speaker." I said with hopefully subtle frustration.

"Good evening, My Lord. Lord Ronlin of Kreel, The Bloodlands." the speaker said.

I looked over to see...well, to see a short man. A midget to be exact. "A midget!" I blurted out, even though I didn't mean to.

"I'm a dwarf, Your Highness." he said obviously controlling his anger.

I actually felt bad for insulting him, but I'd rather not, I guess. "What do you want, dwarf?" I said making his little face turn a bright shade of red. I'm such a jerk it's funny. Well, it's funny to me and everyone else in the room.

"We have all heard the rumors, and know the official story given. But...I would like to ask for your story of how you've lived for so long." the wee one asked.

Wow, I had completely forgot about all this, to be honest. I mean, not that I have been alive for over a hundred years and still look like I'm twenty-five, but that I had to explain myself to the people. What was the official story again? That's right. Cloning. I've got an army of clones in some secret location that when I die, my consciousness is transferred to a new clone. It's considered an unethical procedure, but it makes people believe that I am immortal and can never die. Well, things are...somewhat like that. I can't tell them the truth, that would be...bad for business.

"The official story that has been given is the truth. I am but a series of clones." I said.

"But you do not age, My Lord." he said inquisitively.

"No, I do not. These clones...have cybernetic implants that keep me fresh." I said skirting close to the truth. That's all I'm saying anymore about this.

"So, you're a cy-" he started to say before I cut him off.

"That is enough, shortstack. Next." I said eliciting more laughs.

A man in red robes walks forward. "You, my lord, are a plague upon this world. You speak of peace and unity and how you've saved this world and it's people from destruction yet you oppress us all with you singular rule. Hail to the king or die. Isn't that right you tyrannical beast!" he yelled.

I was so taken aback by this that I didn't notice him pulling a small dagger from his sleeve, shedding the robe and lunging at me. It all seemed so fast, yet so slow. Right there in front of me was an assassin.

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PART 3: The Games (continued)

I watched with wide eyes as the assassin closed in on me. It seemed like it was in slow motion.

I close my eyes. I brace for impact, expecting to feel the tip enter my body.

"What was that swooshing sound?" I wondered to myself as suddenly I feel a body land on me.

I open my eyes.

And I'm met with a headless assassin. I look around and there's General Fenris with a bloodied Canine Fang. He winks at me.

"If I hadn't been here, you'd be dead, My Lord." he says with a smirk.

I smile at him, "You're a true friend, Marcus." The crowd gasps at the drop of formality. I didn't care. My best friend just saved my life from an assassin. An the hell did an assassin get in here? How did he get a dagger in here?

"GUARDS! How did this man get in here with a dagger?!" I yelled.

The guard captain rushed forward and bowed at my feet. "My Lord, we searched everyone thoroughly. He must have hidden it well." he said contritely.

"Who searched this man, specifically." I asked not really expecting someone to step forward. But I guess I was wrong.

"It was I." a boy of about 17 said as he stepped forward and bowed to me. "My apologies, My Lord, it is my first night in employ."

"Your first night and you're guarding the King? What is this? Does my life mean so little to you, captain?" I asked glaring at the guard captain.

"No, My Lord! He is my son! I wanted him near me. I wanted to work with my only son. Please, take my life instead of his." he pleaded with me.

No matter how hard on my subjects I think I have to be most times, I could not kill either of them for this. "I expect better of guard captains. You have obviously not trained your son sufficiently enough." I said staring in to the eyes of the guard captain. "Your whelp will be demoted to dungeon guard."

"Wha- Th-thank you, My Lord! Thank you!" the guard captain said as he scuttled away with his son. The crowd just kind of stared at me looking almost confused.

"What? Yes, I understand they let an assassin through and that could have been my end. But it was the error of a proud father and his rookie son. I...I miss my own father. I had never made him proud when he was alive. To tear them apart would have been to tear something apart that I had always wanted. I wish to have the peace and unity this world deserves. If I had killed one of them, would that not make me the tyrant that assassin has me pegged for?" I said never once shying away from the idea of coming off weak.

The crowd was ripe with murmurs of agreement. One woman stepped forward. Lady Sheila, interesting.

"My Lord, you are always so full of surprises. A true King for his people." she said before curtsying and sitting.

"Well, that's enough excitement for tonight, I think I'll retire to my room. Enjoy the rest of the evening." I said making my way to my chamber with Fenris in tow.

"Are you alright?" Fenris asked me.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just had an assassin try and kill me. I'm just fu- I'll be fine, my friend." I said. We reached the door to my chamber. "Fenris, if you will, please, guard this door. Throw more guards around my room. Have them guard every way in..... For the first time in my long life, I fear for it." I said before closing my door and flopping on to my bed.

So it is true. There is a rebellion of the people. What can I do to stop it? I don't even know who it is. I'm trying to do all I can to appease the people. I thought they loved me. Or is that just the delusion of the leader? I never wanted this. I never wanted a world in turmoil. The old leaders, the tyrants and dictators, they were responsible for the world turning to hell. Their greed had fueled their black hearts in to enslaving the world and using them for their own gain. They almost, single-handedly destroyed this world. My world. I wanted to save these people from that. I want them all to live in a world that they don't have to worry about their leaders being corrupt and doing what's best for them and not the best for their respective country. And with my veto power, I can easily overturn any decisions that they make that I don't agree with. I can be the savior of these people. Why can't they see that? What can I do to show them? All these thoughts flowing through my mind as I drift off to sleep.

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PART 3: The Games (continued)

Last night I didn't dream. It was the first time since being here. It was nice.

Today is hot. Really hot. The crowd is going crazy already. Well, it's the last day. It was supposed to be a week long event, but there were some mishaps with the warriors. Three. THREE matches ended in a double fatality yesterday. That significantly ruined things. I could have stretched the event two more days, but I'm growing increasingly tired of having to see all these nobles. The quicker I finish all of this, the quicker I can go back home and relax.

"My Lord, your people await." a servant said.

"Very well." I step through the current to the insane cheers of my people. On the stage with me, I invited General Fenris, Admiral Zealous, and Magistrate Pandus to sit and enjoy the games from my vantage point. Why not? Doesn't hurt to be nice to them every once in a while. I hold my hands up to hush the crowd. Speech time...

"My people! Today is the final day of this event! I know that we were to have a few more days, but when things happen like they did yesterday, you have to change things." the crowd applauds. "These past few days have been magnificent! I have seen all of my people come together to enjoy themselves. Putting petty disagreements aside to be unified as one. And for that, instead of one-on-one combat, we shall have a battle royal featuring the final warriors!" the crowd was going nuts at this.There was only seven warriors left, but they were quite skilled. The announcer steps up to introduce the warriors.

"Introducing first, hailing from the Northern Cap, Loris Fleck! From The Seat of the Past, Qoetis Jrow! From the Northern Wastelands, Wornis Fie! From the Mystic Isles, Hao Jin! From the Firelands, Pthinis Goein! From the Imperial Badlands, Jebar Banris! And finally, from the Seat of the Empire, Urungus Kallus!" the announcer finished to the elation of the crowd.

"Now! Let the battle....BEGIN!" I yelled. And immediately, everything went wrong. Nobody moved. And before I knew it, a battle had actually begun. Guards were fighting guards. The warriors were fighting guards. The crowd turned on each other. It was pure chaos.

Admiral Zealous turned around and stared at Fenris, "This is all your doing! I knew it! You want the throne for yourself!"

"You cursed dog! How dare you try and slander my name! My lord, get behind me. I've been suspicious of Zealous the entire time." Fenris said to me.

"It must have been Fenris who set this up! My people would never act in this manner unless influenced by somebody with a high stature!" Pandus spoke up.

"My lord, step away from these men. They mean to kill you. Come with me and I will get you to safety." Fenris said.

"Don't go with him, My Lord, he means to end your life and take your throne!" Zelous said.

"We can get you to safer ground. We are in my country. I know it well." Pandus said.

Suddenly, Zealous unsheathed his sword and raised it above his head. He lunged forward only to be met by Fenris' blade stabbing in to his stomach.

"Come, my lord!" Fenris said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me back in to my chamber. He lead me down a long winding stair in to the dungeon area. Guards and civilians fighting each other everywhere. Servants killing each other. It was hard to watch as my people digressed from the proud beings they were in to ruthless animals. Did my message of peace really not get through to them? What was going on.

"Fenris, stop. Why are we in the dungeon?" I asked stopping.

He turned and looked at me, "Because this is where you'll meet your end. No one here to help you. No one here to stop me."

"You're joking, right? We have been best friends for years. You and I have been friends since the beginning. You are the one who I've trusted most. How could you lead a rebellion against me?" I asked befuddled.

"You don't remember much about history, do you? It's always the closest friend who leads the charge. And since the beginning, I've only been using you to achieve rule of the world. You were a more charismatic and a better talker. You had the natural leader skills. But now that you are in the throne, all I have to do is kill you and take ascension to rule the land." Fenris said with a smirk on his face.

"You can not take the belongs to me..." the voice of Admiral Zealous was heard saying. I turned to see him leaning against a wall holding his stomach.

"You are all wrong, as I will be the one to ascend to rule. I've politiced my way to my position in hopes of finally getting my chance to usurp the throne." another voice said. It was Pandus. That tub of lard.

I drew my own sword. Yeah, I carry my own sword. "You want the throne, come at me. Run me through, take your shot, but you better make sure I'm good and dead or you'll lose your life instead. I'm not going to die without a fight you traitorous fiends." I said raising my sword ready to fight.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 01:42 AM
Oh my, you haven't finished it. This is most distressing, as i've been looking for a decently engrossing story. You MUST finish it, you absolutely MUST!

You've created a contest of wills, do you win? I would also suggest giving a brief background into each of the four facing off right now. Why would the other two (Zealous and Pandus) be gunning for the throne? What sway does it hold for them? And why did Fenris wait until now to take you out?

So many MUST finish it!

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