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I finally get to be president (WRC)

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 08:40 AM
We were all there when it happened. Everyone came out onto the White House lawn to get a better view. Everyone except for the president and his cabinet, they were long gone. About two weeks ago they left to get to the bunkers.

They left the rest of us here to sort through this mess. When I say the rest of us, I mean the staff at the white house. Everyone who wasn’t of any importance. The cooks, maids, gardeners, all your average, middle income workers. We were the ones who had to face the music.

There has been a huge ship hovering over the white house for about three weeks. Matter of fact, there has been huge spaceships hovering over all major cities for about 3 weeks now. We tried to make contact, but, there was no response. The ships just sit there, waiting, nothing goes in, and nothing comes out. And the rulers of the world got scared. So they went to the safety of their bunkers, and left us holding the bag.

Now, today, the ship has started to awake. There is movement inside and the doors are opening. I and all the other workers are standing out on the lawn as a little craft makes its way down to the ground. My heart is racing a mile a minute as I watch it approach. The craft lands and the doors open. It seems like forever until a small, human looking form walks through it.

“We come in peace. Please take me to your leader.” The guy says this as he points a gun like device in our general direction. My heart is coming out of my chest as I have visions of being vaporized right on the spot. No one says a word and the silence is over whelming. The little man waits for a minute, than repeats the phrase.

“We come in peace. Please take me to your leader.” Everyone starts to look at each other, unsure as to what to say or do. I realize that we need to do something, as the little man is obviously not going to go away. But there is no “leader” left to take him to, as the president and his staff have been gone quite awhile now.

I look around at the remaining people on the lawn, hoping that someone will step up and take care of the situation. As I do, I realize that they are all looking at me. Apparently, none of them have the balls to step up. Apparently, none of them have the courage to speak up. So, I decide to take control.

I step forward and thrust out my hand. “I am their leader. I am the leader of these people who stand before you”

The little man looks at my out stretched hand, than looks straight into my eyes. He raises the gun like object up to my chest, pulls the trigger. I feel a hot, liquid like substance enter my body. The pain is unbearable and I would scream, but I cannot put the pain into a sound. The liquid substance is spreading throughout my body.

As I die, the last thought that runs through my head is: Cook for a lifetime, president for 30 seconds. It figures.


posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 10:22 PM
Irony, in this story, is your forte. Flagged for your 30 seconds of fame.

Most people get 15 minutes.

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