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I have a dream....too

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 11:39 AM
In this dream all the extremist's come together and sanity takes hold until compromise, new (better) solutions and time can fix the rest.

Just my own random thoughts, observations, predictions for the future, if we decide to come together and meet half way on anything. I don't expect any replies and I am not sure what I am rambling on about myself but sometimes you have to get the dream out there.

We can not make a perfect world but we can pick this one up off its knees and get it walking again - After that - we can work on PERFECT.

Individual sovereignty reigns supreme law of the land and people have freedom to make their own choices concerning the things that affect their lives directly. This includes where to live, what to eat, how many children to have, and everything that does not involve another person but should be a personal choice. Health should not be something you buy and someone else sells for profit unless you want to set yourself up to kill people. That is effectively what "health for sale" does.

People's medical needs would be addressed and first choice natural remedies offered to alleviate imbalances. People should not "self diagnose" and medicate (as they do now) with either over or under the counter drugs and illegal substances. Health care sources and options would be plentiful including mental health care FREE and so problems would sort themselves out because people have access to answers and effective solutions - not their own blind trials.Nothing would be illegal but abuse (which influences any other person, child or life) might be.

Freedom to travel would be unrestricted and unmolested.

People who harm others in anyway should be offered retribution and a chance to redeem themselves (where this is possible) and get back into society at the same level they were when they left.
Exceptions would be for crimes with a known high recidivism rate. In that case SOLUTIONS that are in the best interests of all parties, the public, the victim and the perpetrator would be enacted.
Victims rights would also tend to be 'the public's rights' since an excellent fully active alive functioning society with most of the people pleased and enjoying life is; The mission statement.

I think it is important all the INTELLIGENT LIFE ON EARTH have a mission statement.
I don't remember anyone asking me what I am here for and what I hope to accomplish?
This should be a query illustrating on a larger level we are as we should be, largely in charge of our own destinies. It is either that or WE CAN'T HANDLE IT SO OTHERS HAVE TO DO IT FOR US -That is not a Republic.
Don't confuse keeping your poorest above the poverty level (if you have to lift them up yourselves) with offering handouts. Once they become DEAD weight you have a bigger problem.
You cannot dispose of these people. They are not going to throw themselves out. Stop waiting til they die or worse trying to kill them. Get them back into society as players of some sort - pulling at least their own weight.

Does this sound like socialism? I am a liberal and yet I feel the way the Tea Party does. People ABSOLUTELY should pull their own weight. Some need to be brought upon their feet first. They are DRAGGING ALL OF US DOWN. A conservative solution is to excommunicate them....this does not work in an arena like life. We are still dragging them. They will be your criminals as such an imbalance will foster. They need education, they need health care, sometimes mental.
Liberal solution is to FIX THE PEOPLE -reform them and get them back in the game. The game should be a great adventure and wonderfully cooperative effort (everyone has a decent job) and beautiful thing called life on this earth- the greatest planet for light years.

Common Ground - Public Places
Ugliness and non essentials would not be allowed in Public Places. Common usage areas as in public humanly traveled for necessity places are void of advertisement or commentary. They are aesthetically pleasing to all people universally and decorated in that simple and hurricane earthquake resistant style.

Specific Communities- These are areas set aside for people with a peculiar interest, bent or persuasion. People who either want to or are driven to live off the grid. Kind of like San Francisco or Vegas or New Orleans, what Mormons and Amish communities are now. Cultures that are not mainstream would have their enclaves so that when others visit they know what they are in for. Hunters can live in or near a place continually restocked with game to hunt. This is done in a sporting, fair and responsible way so that no animal species is ever hunted to extinction.

Animals have strictly rights to be treated humanly and abuse is not tolerated. Vegetarians and meat eaters come together and see that animal life and death is a respectful, humane and pain free as possible. Animals lives are decent and their deaths merciful and minimized as much as possible. In this dream world no form of abuse or violence or forced suffering or oppression is tolerated.

Women can choose an early termination and make decisions with her doctor but it hardly ever happens because the left and the right finally stopped stabbing at each other, compromised and made birth control popular, cheap & available.

People can exercise open carry but most places have advanced state of the art security, combined with no poverty, no hunger, prostitution and drugs are legal and used in moderation or to excess depending on the enclave where you choose to reside...and so there is little to no crime or need of guns but they are still not illegal.

Human rights are universal and basic minimums are adhered to with no differences for minorities, women and children. These go without saying and the golden rule is applied. When seeing a decision in a jury trial the question would be not DID HE DO IT but instead WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IN THE SAME INSTANCE...and we go from there.

People practice whatever they want in the privacy of their own home and if desired in their own subset community enclave. Worship the devil if you want to but this would be away from "the public" areas and places. Hate and hate speech is not tolerated, neither is any advertisement to manipulate or coerce people into buying or thinking any particular thing. These are for commercial districts and "shoppers areas" There would be plenty of library internet cafe type places, schools of learning, education, sports and the arts where people can excel and thrive in their chosen field of interest as well as add to the quality of the community at large.

Conservation and Preservation - Huge swaths of the planet such as the Rain forests, marshes aquifers, and the Poles, preserved. No more development, deforesting or drilling. We have a multitude of free energy sources we combine to power the planets needs. These protected areas are saved for individuals to wander if they choose and life in the future so they would be off limits to all but regular people, researchers and scientist and preservationists. No more taking without putting back.

I haven't really fleshed this out so you can find a large degree of fault herein. I know there are plenty of reasons why this is unattainable, even undesirable but I feel a strong need to get some conversation going about how to come together with my enemies and form a more perfect union, a more perfect world. I'll give a little to find some middle ground.
edit on 16-3-2012 by newcovenant because: Bring on the NWO. I'm ready to get this show on the road.


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