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Mt St Helens, June 1979

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posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 02:00 AM
Me and family would sometimes to go to Wenatchee and visit, that year I brought camera to take pictures and took some pictures of the house being built, we went back home off highway 101, and stopped at Mt. St.Helens, we got looked at the mountain and everything. I saw the mountain and I saw snow trail going all the way to the top and wanted go on the snow trail, but there was no way, for one I had Nike shoes on and unlike that of what MJ thinks nike shoes don't very well on snow and ice I figured only go about halfway that and no hiking, to young and not strength yet. I took out camera took pictures of the mountain and then it started to get really warm I thought we are having one of those days where it was going to be hot outside. It got real hot.

So I took off my coat and took about picture North and then turned Northwest, I took about 3 pictures Northwest and then a bolt lightning came up from the ground, hit me in the feet for 5.5 minutes, I couldn't it just froze me there.

Then it let go ever since then I have weird dreams felt energetic although feel as though iam anymore than already, I wanted to say something, but no one is going to believe it accept for maybe Jeff Rentor, who is still at channel 5 news back then. I told someone at the store to tell Jeff Rentor that there was something weird going with this mountain and that I have some pictures I wanted to show him.

My theory was that the mountain was awake and a magma line underneath was going to the dome and had melted the glaciers.

I showed to Jeff Rentor pictures of the mountain and the thing he is camping at the mountain and living with Harry, who is never going to leave the mountain.

Guess who called me up after telling news anchor about what happened, to me Dave Johnstone, he called me up at the school and I told him what happened, he said I was lucky.

He died with that mountain, I told this weird dream the day after I got shocked about blowing its side off May 18th, 1980 and I told the kiro tv news crew about my dream, which I took before I talked to Dave Johnstone, and the next you know I have an FBI on me and the FBI are checking me out. Just because of dream, certainlly weird, they must have thought I was running around making predictions.

This is the most incredible aspect of all this it actually happened, the darn thing, started to erupt 6:30 in the morning time and then the whole side collapsed, it was called May 18th, the day Mt.St Helens.

That FBI file eventually disappeared, they took off that day when the mountain erupted, I got good taste of those guys, all the while iam only like 7 years of age.

I almost felk like I was in a Stephen King book.

What a weird scene this was.

Iam now 40 and keep thinking what it exaclty meant for me, getting shocked on magma line for 5.5 minutes.

I sometimes think about that dream of Mt St Helens May 18th, 1980. I keep thinking am I pyschic can I see the future, do I want to see the future at all.

On second thought maybe not.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 04:14 AM
Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it
Maybe the shock you felt was a government weapon being used or tested to try to deliberately erupt the volcano? Probably not, but just a thought.

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