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((Dooms)) {{day}} stupid doo doo dumb- is thinking one can know the 1 day worlds will change

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 01:47 PM
You know whats stupid doo doo dumb is thinking that only one day will change the world
what do you consider a day 24 hours or 12

Ones planes vibrational time change is different then some others
Just like time for a person is different from that of say a cat
which is still more similar to the person the say a tree
the tree being similar to both person and cat then the earth its grown from
Earth being more in tune to the life of a star then anything upon the earth

there may come a moment of change where one's reality may abruptly shift into a new rhythm of life
but only after a period of time has passed which makes this change nether unforeseeable in its coming approach
But all the same unknowable as to when its time will arrive compared to are own

Heisenberg uncertainty principle states a fundamental limit on the accuracy with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, such as position and momentum, can be simultaneously known. In other words, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be controlled, determined, or known.

posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by IblisLucifer

Well said.

Does this mean that all magnets are bipolar ?

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

Yeah for many purposes it is convenient to think of a magnet as having distinct north and south magnetic poles, the concept of poles should not be taken literally: it is merely a way of referring to the two different ends of a magnet. The magnet does not have distinct north or south particles on opposing sides. If a bar magnet is broken into two pieces, in an attempt to separate the north and south poles, the result will be two bar magnets, each of which has both a north and south pole. The flow goes out the North end around the the bar magnet and back into the south where must also make the trip down through the inside of what composes the magnet.

Einstein said: "As I have said so many times, God doesn't play dice with the world."

I agree God doesn't play dice, But the Devil sure as hel does and you cant have One god without its polar-opposite otherwise the Universe wouldn't work just like you cant have God the father cough out Knowledge saying let there be light without something or someone like The Goddess Mother of wisdom listening to him speak and taking it all in as wise ears do. If dude-god with the knowledge of game wants to create anything first he has to serenade a Sexy-goddess before he gets some, right

The only way to foresee the end of date whether disaster strikes you out or success and a happily ever after is to intelligibly plan it out and act it out, all while making it seem spontaneous and magical to fix a moment to in the future that is unavoidable is to deceive others for your own gains and/or control of a situation Which is where Love and its making ends and Poker Playing and Poker Facing beginnings

Look at this post

Suddenly you're awake. But where are you? Everywhere you look there's white. White walls hug and confine you, stretching deeper and deeper, marking the boundaries of a straight, narrow, featureless hallway. You're bewildered, but who wouldn't be? Finally you stand and look behind you. All white, everything, going back to where it all vanishes. You push against the hard white floor, swaying and almost losing your balance because you've been asleep so long. Looking ahead, you realize the hallway is not exactly like it was behind you. Almost the same, but not quite. Way, way in the distance you can see some specks. And, reasoning that specks are better than nothing, you begin walking toward them. It takes a long time, but then the specks grow and define themselves. They have become signs, gold in color and arrow-shaped. They hang at the end of the hallway, and you can see lettering on them. Closer and closer you walk, until you can see that there's a second hallway perpendicular to the this one. One arrow points left and reads: "Casino." The other points right and reads: "Life." It's decisions like this that make you cry out for your mommy. Let me help. Turn right toward the real world, and I'll give you some advice as you're walking. In the future I'll provide plenty of strategy for winning at formal gambling, including some tips that will help you fare better inside the casino. But there's something you have to understand today. Gambling games are formalized, simplified ways of experiencing the same risks we experience in everyday life. If you're alive you gamble. Formally or informally, you gamble. Poker Without Cards. By the way, I absolutely never use any manipulative tactics that I teach against people I respect. Why? Because, having heard me lecture about these strategies, people would feel uncomfortable dealing with me. So, I deal with all friendly associates in a completely straightforward manner. I have to. You don't. Now here are some useful examples of gambling tips and philosophies I hope you'll successfully be able to adapt to the world around you.
1 The cards probably won't break even--not in gin rummy, not in poker, and not in real life. There's a common misconception that if you play poker long enough the cards will break even. Fat chance!
2 If you're a winner--in formal gambling or in life--you should never try to get even "for the night."
3 Never make anything worse
4 What you've already invested doesn't matter
5 Never seek sympathy
6 Keep your hand secret One of life's most important goals is to gain as much useful information from others as possible, while guarding your own secrets wisely.
7 Don't humiliate your opponents
8 Don't even the score In life you don't need to get even with the person who did you wrong
9 Act last
10 Save your fancy moves for when you're running good
11 Cheer for your friends
12 Don't fret over each injustice
Let me know if they work for you. "America's Mad Genius" Mike Caro

This is how the pros do things, by putting the decision on others

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by IblisLucifer

Stupid doo doo dumb might not be able to know when the world will change but doo doo brown does lol....

All kidding aside your 100 percent right no man knows when the world will end (dooms day) even the Christian bible teaches this, Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.

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