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Hello to all my good friends at ATS.

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posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 09:38 PM
Although I am very happy to join you in this fight, I also have some very grave news to share.

Bloomberg About to Announce False "Terror" Alert to Bury Damning Story
Today, a New York State Senator and others held a press conference from Zuccotti Park condemning the Bloomberg administration for using the NYPD to violate the rights of the protesters in the park. Their language was certain, direct, and damning of Bloomberg and the actions of the NYPD over the course of the OWS occupation of Zuccotti Park. "Never again, in New York City," he said, while speaking of the police brutality, the illegal eviction from the park, the arrest of reporters and other efforts to disallow the press to witness and report on the assaults on the protesters 1st and 4th amendment rights - not to mention the assaults on their physical bodies.

Right now, Bloomberg has Police Commissioner Ray Kelly about to give an emergency press conference on the topic of "terror". This is an obvious attempt to bury the story that could help bury Bloomberg. His assault on the civil liberties of the people of New York City has gotten the attention of New York State officials and they are calling him out. This press conference of Bloomberg's is not fooling anyone.

Even CNN just reported that 'the mayor wants to distract from the occupy movement'.

When even the mainstream media is on to you, Mayor Bloomberg, your days are numbered!

UPDATE (post-conference):

They stumbled, they bumbled, they for some unexplained reason showed a video of a car blowing up.
They pulled out all the stops. They are desperate.

They mentioned that this supposed "terror suspect" wanted to change his name to "Osama Hussein" in honor of his two heroes, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. This suggestion is almost obnoxiously ridiculous. Those two people are from two completely different spectrums of the Arab world. They did not like each other. They did not have much in common at all. In fact, the greatest thing they had in common was large scale American propaganda. The Mayor's office is clearly grasping at whatever straws might be left of the Bush Era 9/11 fear-mongering that assumed all Arabs were the same - and that these two were easy enough tools to use to manipulate the American people to live in fear. We're not as malleable as we used to be - and we are shocked that this silly combination of two opposites was used in an attempt to garner legitimacy in the Mayor's comic book style fear-mongering, diversionary tactics.

When asked why if this was a terrorist situation, the FBI wasn't involved, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said that they were "notified." He claimed in one moment that there just wasn't enough time to get the FBI involved, and in the next moment that the FBI needn't be involved moving forward. When asked about what clearly would be a federal case, if federal charges have or will be filed, the police commissioner said that New York has it's own legal process for terrorists (one that somehow supersedes obvious federal jurisdiction?!). We know that this does not add up to truth. These overwhelmingly cartoon-evil-villainous tactics of deception, diversion, and fear-mongering are as clear and present as the danger that this type of politics is to any legitimate government. This administration is both a danger to the people and a fraud.

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly are trembling.
They should be.
The jig is up.

It's time to go.
Leave on your own, while you still can.

Please, get this out to everyone. Do you think it's a coincidence that right as a report on Bloombergs corruption is about to blow him wide open that a "terrorist" is apprehended?

posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 10:15 PM
He prolly doesn't sleep to well right now, thinking about what a putz he has been shown up to be.
Good. Keep up the pressure. Welcome...

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