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Free speech in the USA

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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 07:15 PM
Here is free speech in the United States of America in the year 2011.

No further commentary on my behalf is necessary other than, she's not a hippie, she doesn't appear to be a leper and she doesn't appear to be carrying a machete.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by JohnGeeTee

Good find. Good photo. Iconic indeed. Looks painful too! Some well-known TV prog in the US I don't know the name of did give much screen time to the 80 year old lady they maced in the face recently. She was one plucky but unlucky lady too. They certainly aren't pulling their punches based on gender either. It doesn't seem to be getting any better anyway. Sad times.
ETA I note from the linked article that they identified the woman in question. I wonder if someone can do the same with the officer. Perhaps a few serious court cases (not mob justice) can change a few hearts and minds on the other side. Or at least hit them in their wallets.
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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by LightSpeedDriver

The cop. They don't like being called cops unless among themselves. The cop wasn't under any threat. Even if he was he had plenty of back up. I've been in this type of situation. If you're a guy, facing cops, there's a bit of aggro you're fair game, if you're posing a threat. if you're holding a weapon, of any description be it a simple projectile. you're fair game. If you get whacked, tough.

What was she doing? Mouthing off?

Realistically, the police, and this is in any country, is just one mob facing another. What do you do? You look after your own. Only they. The cops. Have the courts to back them up. Cops. Judiciary. Government.

As I was told by a lawdog once. He's a police officer, who's the judge going to believe? You or him?

I'll say this though, I never in my life attacked a female.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 08:03 PM

Constitution of Oregon Article 1 Section 26

Assemblages of people; instruction of representatives; application to legislature. No law shall be passed restraining any of the inhabitants of the State from assembling together in a peaceable manner to consult for their common good; nor from instructing their Representatives; nor from applying to the Legislature for redress of greviances

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 08:10 PM
If you are real bored scroll down and read comments on original link. The Tyler guy is a winner. I think I've seen him on ats under different names.

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