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Help me out

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posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 08:53 PM
So i dont really know where to start with this thread. So i may just ramble on at times but i do need some advice/guidence as i have lost my way.

So this week (past 7 days) 3 nights have been sleepless, 1 was a 16 hour sleep, one was a 5 hour sleep and tonight il probably get 2 hours sleep. 2 nights left in the week
somehow my life has went from pretty bad to now extremely bad. 2 weeks ago i wasnt this bad. ive always had a problem with sleeping, maybe for about 5 years now but this week has taken it to a new level. So i know some of the reasons why but i dont know what to do about it. Lets start with my job. My current job is being a supervisor at a local store. its ok. But in august i got moved from my main store to this smaller store because they are short staffed so i have been covering them. problem i am opening up shop for them and getting up at 5 in the morning to be there for 6. its not that that bothers me its that ive never been a morning person, probably never will be...if i start at noon or afternoon excellent...morning. just nope. doesnt matter what time i start insomnia just seems to kick in to a certain degree. but lets move on. So lately ive been having more than frequent thoughts about just leaving home, i dont know where i would go but to be honest staying here and looking at my future is very depressing and if it were to continue like this i may aswell be dead anyway...

im currently very unhealthy, i didnt always be...but since moving to this town i put on alot more weight than before. im not unfit...just its not looking good. i do excersice etc, i try to eat good but i work in a food store = constant temptations lol. add that to the stupid 39 hour shifts and lack of sleep i do then its tiresome and the breaks are like 15 mins or half hour without an oven so im stuck on not alot of choice. By the time i get home im shattered and working out seems more of a hassle than its worth.
I dont have much hobbies anymore because any hobbies i did do i stopped doing. i used to play guitar for about 3 years but i stopped after the people in my old house kept complaining about the noise. I have been thinking about buying a camera and doing some photo stuff and just wildcamping in places, not out of running away but as a hobbie. I love to be out in nature and i like stargazing, football, golf. lots of things/. But i never have time to do them anymore. I have a car which im paying off at the moment which unfortunately makes it harder to leave the job because that would screw up that area. id love to get another job but jobs are rare in my local area in scotland as i live in a very very rural part. good for nature...bad for everything else. ive thought about quitting my job but i dont know where to go from there. i tend to hope that one day something will happen and change it all but i know deep down that its never going to happen. im just lying to myself. i was at uni before i got the job but it cost me £15 everyday to travel from where i live to the the end i left because i couldnt afford it. i couldnt get a dorm at the uni because my parents dont live together yet they arent divorced so the people kept asking for proof of divorce but wouldnt listen when i told them otherwise.

What do i do? where do i go? if i stay in this situation nothign will change, 5 years will pass by and il have wasted my life. if i leave it all then i get nothing, will be in "debt" not that i care about debt much since its all fake anyway. but it still plays a bit on my mind. i was on holiday for 2 weeks recently and it was so bad, i didnt do anything exciting on that holiday at all. i dont have a passport, never been out of UK.i havent had a gf in about 4 years. Im also overweight due to everything thats love to be otherwise and think about it everyday. Usually i dont let thigns like this bother me but lately its all just collapsed around me and i realise how bad it has gotten. Ive asked for less hours at my work and they would love to give me but cant because both my own shop and the other shop are short staffed and are struggling as it is. give me some guidance? maybe i can add more to this when i think of stuff. Why am i posting this here? well probably because i dont know you all, unbiased i like this website and i agree with all the stuff said on here.

btw im 22 years old.. lol
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posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 09:02 PM
ok it sounds to me like a little stress combined with no sleep. simple solution, sleep more. There are plenty of remedies for that and not a morning person? cmon bro, suck it up. Be a fkn champ and set your alarm to 4, run a mile then get ready for work.

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 09:07 PM
1. Try a cup of chamomille tea or warm milk before trying to sleap.
2. Shut off the television/radio/pc a couple hours before trying to sleep.
3. Dont snack before sleeping.
Should help with the sleep problems.

Get yourself a camera start out taking pics around town or drive out to the country and take them weekends or when you dont have work. Nothing says you cant pursue a hobby in your downtime and maybe it can become a career.

Relax take time to enjoy life, plan out a schedule to make things easier for yourself..

Good luck and hope things get better for you

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Detrucci

I have had problems sleeping and drinking some hot chamomile
tea might help.You seem to have had your routine disrupted and
your mind is fighting it.Try looking up some relaxing music on the
net or some fun games.You have to unwind before trying to sleep.

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 10:35 PM
I read d guy.
Read it you too.
D damn sleepun was not a problem. .. Ive didnt sleep a 34 days in a row.
On purpose.
Nvm above

..i has been in similar situation..everybody else is in similar situation, if not, everybody..well allmost everybody..

1. Trust yourself
2.get some day or a moment..and talk to yourself.
3. Ask you self ; what i want?, what i love to do? What makes me happy?
4. And all that write on paper what u wish.
5. After uwritte all your wishes, go through every single one, why i want just particuraly this one. That do for all of them. When u do that u will figure out what written wish(or more of them) is really really your trully favorite.
6. Go for it. Think about it. See it as is allready come true. Search find and do whatever is necesseary to make it done. As u see it its done, then when u done it, then others will see it too.
7 make goals for today, tommorrow, next week, next month, next year, 5 years etc. And write it whenever on whatsoever u want. And after one goal is done, just cross it on list. U will see. I dont will write now what u will see it and know it. But.. You will figure out whats about. U will know it.
8. Sometime best talking companion is only you to you.
Get some separate notebook a pen and then start writting everything on your mind, and every no matter how small on how big, or how annoying, or thinking about some fear, its not important what is it, just write it, read it, think about it, and then write your answer on that every particular issue.
..u will see now.

!,,,,,,dude i this dont make up, i this figure by my self, its really working.
.....i was has been before in similar situation.. I know what u sayin...

..... If u need anything else just ask

Me :-)
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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by Detrucci

I apologise, I haven't got time to be long winded...but first relax you have all the time in the world, and you have numerous options. You have a job, and by the sounds of it, are in good standing with your employer, which gives you a bit of flexibility when you need it. So you should at least look to be studying something on a part-time basis. If you want a degree, you can do this part-time, it takes longer, but if you do nothing...

If your parents are legally seperated I am sure a solicitors (either your mother's or father's) letter to that effect would suffice. You/your parent will be charged for it, but check with your education authority first, at 22 you shouldn't still be considered financially dependent and should be able to apply for funding, and be considered by the university accommodation office, as none-dependent.

Have you considered the Open University? You can study at your own pace and pay as you go. You are fortunate enough to live in Scotland, and therefore don't pay fees, but you can get financial support from the OU if you are on a low income and apply in good time.

A completely different option would be to try for a modern apprenticeship or other paid training. The National Trust offer a number of traineeships, nationwide, and will help you to find accommodation if you need to move. They cover everything from building conservation to rangers of wildlife reserve areas. They are few and far between, but worth checking their website on a regular basis if you are interested in working outdoors. Or look at colleges that offer rural vocational training, many such institutions are offering degrees in Horticulture and Aboriculture. As well as more specialist technical training.

In terms of employability a degree alone won't cut it anymore, if you want to go the professional route them look to doing a Masters after your first degree. But if you want a more technical job, get the technical training in the workplace, and then with experience you will qualify for a Masters without having to do the first degree (though you may have to show that you can write a dissertation/research).

Think more about what you want to do, then find the route to it.

Hope some of that helps.

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