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posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:29 PM
I don't know where this should go, so mods please move.

These are my thoughts, and only my own.
OWS encampments being raided and destroyed? Is that rather contradictory?
Ok, SO! We have the right to peaceful protest, which from what I have seen and witnessed, they seem to be following the rules of Peaceful and Protesting. And they are being taken out.
If you can't ignore em, # their # up.
These people who are doing the taking down of the encampments are "Peace officers" armed with: tear gas, riot shields, guns, objects to hit people with, Rubber Bullets??!?!?, and the most powerful thing of all...Fear.
Now, Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince" stated it's better to be feared than loved. Fear creates power, and unstoppable force no one messes with because they fear it. No orders will be questioned, they just do it. See that makes sense. If you are a nice guy, you will have people slacking off and not doing anything, right?
If Our leader was a lover, do you think this weird silence of media and the rights guaranteed to our people would be violated and could be removed whenever deemed "appropriate" by TPTB?? Would he let his people suffer? See it's better to be feared, if you want to be a pusher. Pushing people from behind. It's better to be loved if you're a leader, leading people from the front.
Back to OWS, so these people come along and decide, "hey, there's some #ed up # going on", and decided since our country wont fix it, they will try. So what do they do? They go to get their voice heard, and boy did that happen. The MSM barely showing things from it, the white house corp. barely acknoweldging it happening. They tell these protesters to get jobs and stuff.
You think everyone getting a job will fix it?? No, just a delay IF that. There's more people than jobs, therefore, it is inately impossible for everyone to get said job.
And how come the same people who got us into this mess, are still sitting in the seats??

Now here's a thought for our fellow religious believers and do-gooders: These people running your country are pushing you into war, and you let it happen?? Mitt Romney said he would be "The only good Christian to be running for President in the GOP" (I saw it on the daily show when he showed the clip of mitt romney saying that. maybe sorta paraphrased). YET, he supports the wars and says inadvertantly that we should be feared.

Someone should slap them. Ever heard that song thats like, "WAR! (huh) WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" and if you think about it, it makes sense. We spent so much money on the war in Vietnam, and Iraq, for some townspeople to hold us off using their own weapons. We are the greatest force of military in the world, and we waste money to become the best, when even the weakest can repel us, or make us waste even more money.

Now, the last best hope for the country, the OWS movement, is being taken to the ground.
Ghandi said "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." What if we are in the fighting stage? Wouldn't that be nice....

Lastly, i'm kinda curious as to what will happen with Iran, their 100 documents with proof of the US being the terrorists and all. There's no doubt at all that our country is #ed up, but is it 100 pages long? could there be more? LIke the thing with Libya on the Truth Is Viral with Bob Powell was mind blowing. We just brought down the fist of "democracy?" and single handedly destroyed everything this man has worked and tried form for so long. He spent his life trying to make that a good country, and get's met with by The good ol' US of A.

The way I see it; we are slaves. We have to work, or we will die, more or less. What was the indentured servants R&R? Work, or more or less be killed? We have to do what they say because when we work for them. we arent people, we are the things doing the work. Just a number. Slave Wages, with the Slave jobs, and the Slave lifestyles, with the schools to be taught conformacy. They dont endoctrinate us with it, but like a seed, it was planted that we have to conform, and it grows and grows.
My question(one of the many) is what is gonna happen? When will TPTB wake up and realize that were are not their people to control, or will they ever?

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