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The proclaimation of my freedom and the American way

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 02:35 AM
By and by goes the sands of time.

Will we ever learn to understand our minds.

So many things that make us hang our heads.

So many things around us we don't understand.

That feeling we all feel, every man one and the next.

What can I do? Will we ever know what the hell.

From the heartland of America, to the European Union.

To the state of China and the thought free kind.

From the motherland of Russia and the big hush hush.

What led society to be so much?

What are we now and what have we been.

To come to this with no resolve and many lives spent.

A useless waste of what is mankind, as all our lives survive.

The people that are forgotten, and the world that is in distress.

How can I say this without much express.

What the hell are you doing humankind.

I sit by and wait day by day, waiting for something.

Is it coming? Please free me from this prison.

I see a world bright with enlightenment and content.

I will not reside in this horrible reality, I'll fight to survive.

I will not see my kin neglected or persecuted.

I will not see my kin done in.

I'll see the streets of gold and the world anew.

I do not accept what is, only what I believe what should be.

I don't care if you like me, I don't care if you don't

I am a child of the next generation.

We strive on and on, down the rabbit hole we go.

We won't stop even if it never grows old.

We'll grab our guns and head on into what we don't know.

We'll sow those fields even if we don't know.

This is the statement of the American way.

From way back before you knew, the times we went through.

All in all we never gave up, and we never will.

We watched the sweat drip and the blood spill.

What happened?

In one fair sentence its all explained.

Your father told you what and what not.

Don't be afraid to be put on the spot.

Stand up for what is right and don't fear any wrong.

I'm an American soldier, nothing phases me.

Nothing changes me.

I will not be subdued and I will not accept a world of wrong.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 02:54 AM
This is my public proclamation that I will no longer accept injustice around me, accept it for what it is if you want.

Grats ATS, that you had to be the vessel for my angst. From now on, I will always stand up, for I am a force of nature.
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