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Consolidation of 'Occupy' threads to allocated section of ATS Front Page

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 05:07 AM
I had originally placed this post in another thread as a solution in reply to a member who had a good valid point of the fact that the ATS Front Page seems to be hi-jacked with one 'Occupy' thread after another. The more 'Occupy' threads, the less threads on various other subjects. I, myself, addicted to ATS, would love to see what new thread was cooking on the front page, and as of late, all I see is 'Occupy' related.

Don't get me wrong, I do like to see what is going on, but I also miss seeing all the other subjects. I came up with an idea and I think it may help to save ATS front page real estate tremendously, seeing that 'Occupy' threads are taking up most of it lately! This post was originally in reply to:

Originally posted by Section31

Welcome to "ATS: Occupy: Everything".

Looks like "Occupy" is succeeding in creating a "Occupy: ATS" movement.

All on the front page of "ATS". "Occupy: Above Top Secret" is underway. Regardless about what side of the subject you are on, the topic keeps taking over the main 'ATS' board.

For the love of all conspiracies, please talk about something else!!!!

Help! Skeptic where are you? We need "ATS" back!

A majority of the front page of ATS is dealing with 'Occupy' threads in one way or another. I have an idea for a temporary solution, or as long as the 'Occupy' movement or subjects pertaining to, exist. I suggest the following:

Reserve a small area, as in one of those square areas as the 'New Video' or 'Current Member Picks' has and apply it to ONLY 'Occupy' related threads and thus also keeping the 'Occupy' threads off of the other areas such as 'Current Member Picks' and elsewhere.

Some may say 'why should we dedicate a separate area for something we don't care for?', but in all reality, the space it occupies now is much more than a square area; it is all over the front page in every section.

There are also a few ways to design this:

1st idea would be (and this way may actually use less space than a square area if it is possible) to have some sort of vertical scrolling of the Thread Titles, whereas maybe giving them a field of a few lines to scroll and disappear as new thread Titles come up from the lower line allocated in the field.
Then, when you place your cursor over the scrolling field, the scrolling will stop, allowing someone to click on the thread of interest, then voilà, there they are!
The thread Title would be bolded and hyperlinked as they are now, and let the person just click on what they like. This way people who are really interested and following 'Occupy' and also general public, can look at this area while watching it scroll, looking for a thread of interest.

Or also, you can do the square size and have this same idea, but in three mini sections over each other. Top area for 'Main or Newly placed threads', middle for 'Current Member Picks', and bottom for 'Popular Topics'. These 3 sections of course ONLY for 'Occupy' subjects, having each scroll for that sections' Thread Titles, thus keeping the rest of the front page clear of 'Occupy' subject matter.

This would leave more of the ATS Front page open for other subjects (which I also miss seeing) and giving the 'Occupy' subjects to their own area, where enthusiasts can quickly and efficiently find anything pertaining to that subject along with anyone else; and the scrolling will be able to show all thread Titles in a smaller area without using all the front page real estate.

Or instead of categorizing, just give 7 or 8 lines of moderate speed scrolling, Title's bolded and hyperlinked as they are now; and let the person just click on what they like. Of course the scrolling would be constantly rotating; up and gone and back from the bottom as the list keeps circling.

What I personally would do is 2 sections. Top section only for a 'New Thread/Breaking Thread' and the second section for the 6 or 7 lines scrolling older threads as I mentioned above. This way would be easier on the eye than the three sections.

With this Movement growing, I can only see status quo' or greater with the 'Occupy' traffic. This will give us our space back for other subjects.

Just my 2 cents on the issue and I hope it made sense!

~ Noah

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 09:15 AM
I dont see why it needs its own forum anyways,. which has been stated before. All topics on the Occupations should be directed to Social Issues and Civil Unrest, which previous moderators have stated before.

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