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Been thinking.

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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 10:45 AM
You know I've been thinking again, and maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe we are our own worse enemies, I mean yeah I'm sure there is secret societies, and TPTB, but I think they are exactly that secret, and what better place to hide then right in front of someones noses. Listen to us some times, we can get pretty outlandish, and create a good boogeyman, so all they have to do is sit back and let us foam at the mouth for them. We are their advertisement.

Plus if they are secret and hiding in the shadows why advertise and condition people? What if all the stuff we're pointing out is the false flag, what if they are planting that stuff to make us go wild. I think they are just handing us the rope to hang ourselves.

Plus I don't think they would want to destroy the planet, the whole point of power is they have to keep it and make more of it, and with that they need labor, resources, etc. So I dont think they would start a war with nukes, or let an asteroid or comet hit. Depopulation? yes most definitely, but people have be talking about that for ages, and you know I kind of agree, we have what almost 7 billion and counting. Just to look at the number it's 7,000,000,000. With out away to really leave, and make other places habitable that is a lot. So Bio-warfare is what it will be. They will make it target human DNA only so that way only the human population will take a hit, animals and infrastructure remains intact.

As for riots and martial law contrary to movies, and games, I don't see that as a permanent solution, soldiers are people too and they will eventually rebel right along with us. Every one portrays them as just a killing machine, but that's not always the case moral, emotions, would eventually over rule orders. Plus to make money, we need a villain we need someone or place to point fingers to.

I'm not defending them, or mocking us, I'm just saying if I was in a position of power in a secret society that covers the globe, I wouldn't let anything slip of my plans, hell I wouldn't let most of the society to know what my plans are. Give each cell their own piece and job to do at the most, at the least, everyone that has my rank would know my plans. I especially wouldn't flaunt it in games, movies, TV, media. Now I would do it to distract and divide bad press is just as good as good press and hell let my enemies imagination run wild. All the while I sit back in the shadows pulling strings. One's own fears, coupled with rumors and imagination is a great and cheap source to keep everyone in line.
Now occasionally I would flaunt my power, depending on the mood of the people, some times something miraculous that helps and benefits everyone, and then sometimes just have to bring the hammer down and then let people take what they want spreading new rumors and fears.

Plus I think if they've been around for ages, they've already taken control, I don't think it's in the starting stages thing that war done and happened it came and went with a whisper. Now it's just trying to maintain the illusion, maintain the power. Plus I don't think they would do it for the money, mean they already have control over every monetary value, I think it's about trying to create a balance to shift and protect human kind. To make goals and plans for the whole.

Just like we need religion, and before you say you dont believe in that hog-wash, well that is a belief and a religion too, but that is not the point of this. I'm just been pondering lately, and from my time on ats, surfing the net, my own research and reading, that not everything is as black or as white as we make it, there is various shades of of all sorts of colors in between.

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 11:01 AM
Thinking I'm going to cover my own thoughts and take on each broad main view of each conspiracy. I kind of covered the powers that be and playing in the shadows. I will go more into that later, but trying to keep the thoughts semi in order and my next thought was aliens.

My take on it, is logically, mathematically, and scientifically, we can not be the only ones out there, and out there is huge bigger then what our minds can grasp, even our best scientific minds can't even grasp it, so don't let them fool you if they say otherwise. They might not be even based on anything here on earth, I laughed when there was a study done looking for life, and you know what the scientists were looking for? Carbon based life, what if one planet didn't have a carbon based primordial phase?
Plus there is evidence, behind all the crack-pots, the lies and hoax's the rumors and stories there is truth. Mean a good story always has a bit of fact in it, just stretched and molded beyond the initial fact. I believe aliens are real, just our mind can't comprehend them so out brains fill in the blanks. Maybe if we looked at all the reports through the ages we could piece together somethings they all had in common maybe.

Look at our ancient history, and our ancestors. They had to have help, and a guiding hand, there is some things we can't explain, and I find it funny how a lot of people assume since it was the past they couldn't of been better or smarter then us. Well to that I say hah, did you know we invented cement twice, it got lost for 100 or so years before it was rediscovered, hell the dark ages themselves hindered out scientific knowledge. Plus even records show human kind has moved forward and then fell back on itself several times. Another thing I have to say about that is we weren't there we don't really know so why assume this fallacy?

Maybe they are our protectors, maybe are wardens making sure we do damage only to ourselves, maybe we're a test planet, maybe they are curious. Who knows, maybe they will come in peace, maybe in war. Maybe they are really TPTB and trying to lead us to a better ending. Maybe they are among us already, maybe our religion is based on them ( I will get my thoughts on religion later).

Nothing is impossible, only improbable remember that when you go out and explore the world, when you lurk on ats, for every hoax, or fake, there is a real story hiding somewhere.
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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 11:13 AM
My next train of though, and ideas was cryptozoology, one of my favorite areas to study. But it is also the least understood, and a lot of professionals don't even take it as a real area of science. I full heartedly believe there is creatures and beings that we don't understand, or that are left over from ages past. And if people say well there is no trace or proof, well I say if something doesn't want to be found it won't be found.

There are places on this planet alone we can't get to not to mention I think their are veils and dimensions they can slip back and forth to, or even slip in and out of reality. Or if we want to take a more scientific approach maybe they are a legitimate animal and we just haven't discovered it yet.

I would get into more details, but my mind is drifting my moment is done for now thanks for reading and check back soon as I write more.


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