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Why PEACE is the only TRUE Revolution

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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:08 PM
When it comes to violence, the evilest, most ruthless and sickest are on top.

So all we have to do to win the revolution is become worse(better) than our violent oppressors? We have to be more violent?

That system is in place already isn't it? Is that really a revolution or a commentary on the ongoing violent fight for power?

Come on people. Seriously. The revolution IS happening.. DEMAND PEACE NOW!

If you cannot envision REAL change happening peacefully than you haven't used your imagination. The only REAL change IS non-violent. PEACE IS the change. The world is run by violent domination. If you buy into the violence you are just lining up for the meat-grinder. What is the purpose?

If 1 billion people went out into the streets, IN SOLIDARITY with ONE SIMPLE MESSAGE:


The entire infrastructure of violent domination would crumble into the ground. And the reason?

There are more GOOD people in the world, sick of the fear, the oppression, the hatred, the segregation than there are truly evil, violent, sick people willing to murder for a gold star and a higher rung in the violent hierarchy.

People support violence out of fear of being killed. Plain and simple. They accept blood money as a sort of prison cigarette to make the unnatural support of violence more bearable.

Our entire economic system is ENFORCED through violent domination. What gives the world reserve currency, the dollar, value? A demonstrated threat of ruthless violence.

When a LARGE majority of people stand up for peace together, the BILLIONS supporting violence out of fear will RUN into the streets with JOY and HOPE and our violent masters ability to dominate through violence will disappear.

Good people in the military, in the financial system, in the security forces (police) etc. ALL want to be free. When they see freedom in the streets they will run out to be with it. Freedom is DEMANDING PEACE with moral authority, without judgement, from those that oppose it. THAT IS FREEDOM.

There has yet to be a concerted LARGE scale peace experience. That clearly DEMANDS, in solidarity, an absolute end to the system of violent domination. That IS the NEW REVOLUTION.

If you expect it to come through violence you will miss it.

I don't expect this message to prompt the revolution. It is already happening. I am not calling for a march or anything. There is NOTHING you need to do except realize that Peace is the revolution. that is the change. That is evolution. Admit that the system we live under is system of violent domination. It is enforced. This system has been in place since the beginning of time. Admit this. The world is dominated by violence. You feel something coming. You feel a change. Violence is not a change. It is not the revolution. Just admit the only change is REAL world peace. Not forced. Not enforced. That is the NWO, that is war. The change is good people being free to be good, without fear. Stand for peace. All the time, without fear now and you are the revolution. Take back your moral authority, without judgement and inspire people to do the same. Be free right now by understanding you have the ability to demand Peace from those that oppose it and all they can do is scare you or kill you. If you live under threat of death for being a good person or demanding peace you are not free and never will be.

Forget about the fear, the fema camps, the police state, the poisons, the world war, the fake economic collapse of the system they enforce through violence. That is all they have. It's over for them. There are actually so few in this world that actually want that and are willing to die for it. When all the good people of earth become aware of this together.. that is the event that has yet to happen in the history of mankind. That is happening now.

Peace IS Prosperity - all economic laureates agree.

Peace and Love!

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 08:11 PM
I feel like your post deserves some responses but you said everything and very nicely, so I will just say...

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 10:00 PM

Originally posted by Kali74
I feel like your post deserves some responses but you said everything and very nicely, so I will just say...

Well peace to you to! You are free and it is awesome!

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