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F16 Pilots Chasing a UFO MP3 - Have You Heard It?

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 05:23 AM
A while ago someone on this site sent me an audio clip of two USAF pilots chasing what appeared to be a football in the sky.

The audio clip was around 4 minutes long and featured the pilots talking about their attempts to try and get near it, the pilots were taken back by the speed of the object and I think at one point they mention the size of it. at the end the object zooms upwards and out of sight and the pilots are recalled back to base.

Does anyone know which audio clip I am speaking of? if so can you please send me a U2U I would love to have the clip back again as part of my archive of evidence, unfortunately I formatted my PC and forgot all about it.


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 05:27 AM

Originally posted by franspeakfree

unfortunately I formatted my PC and forgot all about it.


Haha Ive done this way too many times!!

And ive heard the clip or a similar clip you're talking about but Im sure it was just on youtube. Sorry i cant be more help!
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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 05:46 AM

Originally posted by franspeakfree
A while ago someone on this site sent me an audio clip of two USAF pilots chasing what appeared to be a football in the sky.

The audio recording (without music) of the event I'm fairly sure you have in mind is at the link below:

It is also on Youtube (with some unrelated footage and some rather annoying music...) at:

I posted some related information and a Ministry of Defence document a while ago. If this is the recording you have in mind, I'll dig out my related notes if you want.

All the best,


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by IsaacKoi

Fantastic, there are times that I am pleased that I stuck with this site, and this is one them. Such kind members offering the answers to my questions. I appreciate you helping me out and would love to read your notes.

Thanks Isaac,

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 06:20 AM

Originally posted by franspeakfree
I appreciate you helping me out and would love to read your notes.

Thanks Isaac,

No problem.

The audio recording was raised with the British Ministry of Defence in a request about an event on 12 January 2007 and the Ministry confirmed the details of the incident with one of the pilots involved.

The author of a relevant British Ministry of Defence memo dated 22 March 2007, a member of the Defence Flying Complaints Investigation Team, spoke with LATCC(Mil) on 7 March 2007 and with the pilot with the call sign (c/s) of GATOR 2 [493rd FS, 48th FW, RAF Lakenheath] on 20 March 2007.

The pilot confirmed that he had seen an object. He reported that the object had been "drifting with the wind" and was "between the size of a grapefruit and a soccer ball".

After 3 passes, the object was dismissed as something that "may have fallen off a weather balloon".

It may help if I give a link to this memo:
Relevant MOD memo

That memo forms the substantive part of the content of the Freedom of Information Act response at:
this page of the MOD website

The memo above states that the relevant pilot "confirmed that he had identified an object on radar and decided to investigate. He was not tasked to do so by any ATC agency".

The pilot refers to seeing something sounding like "rock". I interpeted the pilot as mentioning a "roc" (an enormous legendary bird of prey) rather than a "rock". See:
Wikipedia entry on the Roc

(This is just a bit of speculation as to the relevant word on the audio tape. It just makes a bit more sense in the context of the remainder of a transcript of the relevant transmissions, but is still not entirely consistent with the references by the same pilot to a small object... The documents that I have seen from the British Ministry of Defence in relation to this incident do not cover this point).

This incident is discussed on ATS in the following threads:

It was also discussed on the UFOData forum in the following threads:

A local news report on the incident can be found here:

This incident was also discussed on UFO Updates and on the Ufologyinuk forum during March 2007.

Here is a transcript of the relevant transmissions incorporating infomation from two previous threads. The transcript was compiled mainly by ATS member “PW229”, but this version also incorporates one or two corrections and additions suggested by other members.

**TRANSCRIPT [compiled mainly by ATS member “PW229”]**

Aircraft 1 Pilot …alright dude no kidding. I just flew over I have a bulls-eye at zero zero eight for twenty ~BREAK~ I had a radar hit ~BREAK~ and I ahh, it was swinging looked like thirty knots err there was something there it looks like a uhh it didn’t look like a bird it looked like no kiddin’ a rock to me I ~BREAK~ kid you negative ~BREAK~ I have no idea what it was but uhh basically just ~BREAK~ heads up try to stay away from seventeen thousand keep your nugget on UNINTELLIGABLE I have no idea what it was ~BREAK~ I’m gonna’ use my radar to see if I can pick this object up again ~BREAK~ I’ve picked it up twice the first time I picked it up my radar broke lock so I thought it was just uhh some kind of bad lock or potential chaff ~BREAK~ I’m gonna’ turn back towards the ahh north for a little bit ~BREAK~

Tanker (?) Fuel pick up trail ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot Thanks I’m gonna uhh ~BREAK~ start coming back towards the uhh west ******* I think it was zero zero four for about twenty ~BREAK~ I’ve got it again it’s at seventeen seven ~BREAK~ three miles off my nose at sev…yeah seventeen seven I’m flying that way now. I’m gonna’ slow down ~BREAK~ I’m not gonna get below three hundred knots but uhh ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot …right towards you. Dude I can’t tell, something small

Aircraft 1 Pilot very small black object I had it at seventeen seven ~BREAK~ He just flew right it just flew right over me ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Confirm the object appears stationary?

Aircraft 1 Pilot Well I, I couldn’t tell cause it was ~GARBLED~

Aircraft 1 WSO (very faint) Think it was moving about thirty.

Aircraft 2 Pilot Nearer eighty knots ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot Yeah my radar showed between thirty and sixty so I have no idea what it’s ~BREAK~ actually doing ~BREAK~ but it went from seventeen the first time I saw it to seventeen seven so it’s not falling ~BREAK~ I don’t think it was a bird ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot ~UNINTELLIGABLE~

Aircraft 1 Pilot What’s that?

Aircraft 2 Pilot Were you taking a manual lock or was it an auto guns lock? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot *TONE* I’m getting’ him on auto guns every time ~BREAK~ Putting in a bulls-eye zero zero nine for fifteen ~BREAK~ “Still at” basically no airspeed on it ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Two is clean

Aircraft 1 Pilot Say again ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Two’s clean ~BREAK~ Two’s locked! Bulls-eye at zero one two fifteen, eighteen thousand.

Aircraft 1 Pilot alright I’m gonna’ uhh ~BREAK~ climb up beside it here. I wanna try and look at it then you follow in behind me if you can. ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot I’m at fourteen thousand.

Aircraft 1 Pilot (at the same time as the above transmission) UNINTELLIGABLE. ~BREAK~ Dude I have no idea what that is ~BREAK~ (Straining) But he’s passed over me. ~BREAK~ Now I’ve got it uhh seventeen thousand feet eight miles off my nose ~BREAK~ Bulls-eye zero four nine for twenty ~BREAK~ Seventeen thousand I’m gonna’ get down to sixteen five ~BREAK~ Uhh two point five miles off my nose right now ~BREAK~ seventeen thousand feet ~BREAK~ Yeah I’m not gonna be able to slow down as much as you are maybe you can slow down a little bit more, get a better look ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot (low bass tone) UNINTELLIGABLE ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot UNINTELLIGABLE outmaneuver him ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Copy confirm you’ve merged weapons (?) ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot I am about to merge right now. I’m seeing him ~BREAK~ Underneath me now ~BREAK~ And I’m gonna’ get my airspeed back before I maneuver ~BREAK~ Are you locked or clean? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot I’m no joy approaching line abreast with you two thousand feet high eighteen five ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot Copy that I’m gonna’ UNINTELLIGABLE ~BREAK~ You, you said you’re at eighteen? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Yeah contact I’m at eighteen five now you’re six o’clock for about three miles TONE ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot Copy that ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot If we are well clear I will descend at this time ~BREAK~ Fox(?) are we clear of this target? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot I uhh ~BREAK~ I’m not sure. Again it stays between seventeen and eighteen so ~BREAK~ I, I believe I’m in the vicinity of it I’m not uhh a hundred percent positive ~BREAK~ UNINTELLIGABLE ~BREAK~ I have visual now ~BREAK~ I’m gonna fly underneath you ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Copy I saw it that time and I cannot make out what it was ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot TONE you didn’t see it? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Confirmed

Aircraft 1 Pilot Alright I’m gonna circle back around ~BREAK~ TONE Hopefully we’ll be able to see it through the HUD.

Aircraft 2 Pilot We’ve got somebody else out here with it ~BREAK~

Aircraft 1 Pilot Yeah I see him ~BREAK~ Dude did you see anything? ~BREAK~

Aircraft 2 Pilot Negative

Kind Regards,


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:19 PM
That brings back some happy memories. I can still remember the hours I took trying to transcribe that damn audio recording. I watched the video in your post Isaac and I can still say it word for word, almost like a long lost song suddenly remembered.

Still one of the few cases I can honestly say makes me scratch my head.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by PW229

Hi, not sure how this is relevant, but yesterday on MSN home page (UK) there was a video of two fighter aircraft "Escorting" a large round object, a UFO (?). They all seemed very low and not flying that fast..

Link. (First time of doing this so no idea if this works.)

The object described by the two pilots in this report are different, it just seemed a bit of a co-incidence.

I also don't know if the MSN video is real or a fake of some sort.

Be sort of strange if the two were associated in some way though.

OK I am back to lurking and enjoying reading about others ideas and thoughts.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by dowot

Fake as a counterfeit $11 note!

Don't planes normally have 2 wings? Looks like a single F-14 badly cropped then copied into the video.

Again, a single F-14 with the wings in the 40 degree position and the other wing cropped off.

Sound is good though, at least the person that did it used real engine sounds

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 05:20 PM
Also featured in February 2009. on 2nd season of, now defunct, UFO Hunters:

Relevant video from 3,44 min.

Continuation here:

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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by PW229

Maybe they have developed a special UFO interceptor, with only one wing, so it can turn quicker?

....Ok, only joking, must remember to look next time a little closer next time. Haha.

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