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New Smallpox Vaccine Experiment?

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posted on Apr, 1 2003 @ 04:58 AM
I honestly don't remember where I read about the new Smallpox Vaccine experiment. I seem to remember some conspiracy theorist somewhere saying that the Govt. is engineering a chemical that is supposedly a new Smallpox vaccine, but it kills people. Now in the news I am actually hearing about a death related to the new vaccine.

Can anyone substantiate what I read about the chemical that the government is engineering to pose as the new Smallpox Vaccine?

Like I said, not sure exactly what I read about it. Just looking more intently at it now, now that a death has been attributed to it.

posted on Apr, 1 2003 @ 10:55 AM
Hey MK

There is a new trial for the smallpox vaccine and i remember reading it as well when i was on base!

Seemingly what happened is that they backed the serum up with something that one of the volunteers were allergic too and this sent them into A-shock which they never recovered from!

It wasn't any big cover-up, neither the volunteer or the doctors knew about the allergy?

The new smallpox is roughly based on the recent serum that has been given to thousands of military and healthworkers in America and everywhere else. I have ecently just had the vaccine myself for i am a nurse in the Army/Airforce bases where i live.

I can assure you that i only recieved slight problems with my innoculations...slight fever and sickness..but everyone will be diffrent in their effects.

If i manage to find some more information on the manafacturing of the vaccine i will post a link.


posted on Apr, 1 2003 @ 05:09 PM
Thanks RS

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