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Ya'll all wrong. Me, too. (OR) NO WORLD ORDER

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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 03:28 PM
Ya'll know what man?

I'm dang sick and tired of people, "my way is the best way", right, yeah ok where do I sign up? Got to be kidding me. And you people swear by it too. AND won't even objectively look at alternatives, AND, to top it all off, you come to the one place where there is supposed to be learning and intelligent debate, ATS. This is my home away from home, or used to be, now I gotta listen to joe shmo(oh, the irony) scream at me that i'm wrong instead of doing some actual objective research and realizing he's partially wrong just like every D--- body else, me included. At least i know a bit about ALL the parties. I have tried to reasonably and objectively look at all the sides before choosing.

Progressives- " hey, my underwear don't stink!"

Republicans- " hey, my underwear don't stink!"

Democrats-" hey, my underwear don't stink!"

Liberals-" hey, my underwear don't stink!"

Socialists-" hey, my underwear don't stink!"

Liberals-" hey, my underwear don't stink!"

And yet, the awful smell just gets stronger in Washington.

------------------------NEWS FLASH-----------------------

__________THIS JUST IN_____________

------------------ALL YA'LLS UNDERWEAR STINKS.---------------------------------

Geniuses, one and all, let me tell you something,

Progressives- Stay out of my wallet, it's my money, I worked for it. Don't like it? Do my job better or cheaper, then it's not my money, THEN it's your money, give it to an overblown, wasteful bureaucracy if you think thats best. LEAVE ME ALONE!

Republicans- Stay out of my bedroom,it's nunya, remember that one? Don't like who i'm banging? Don't stare into my bedroom! Look the other way! You can't legislate morality. And I won't laugh at your overpriced plaid suit in return,right? LEAVE ME AND MY PERSONAL DECISIONS ALONE!

Democrats-Look, I ain't saying all your ideas are bad, but yeah, ya'll have come up with some of the most harebrained schemes I ever heard of, oh, need I say California, what a dismal failure that was, good thing the progressives STOLE money from other states(PEOPLE) and bailed you out, MAN, PLEASE, FOREVER MORE, DON"T WRITE NO MORE LEGISLATION. PLEASE. matter of fact ya'll should try repealing about 29,000 laws over the next four years. that ought to be about 1% of the idiotic, over-worded, lawyer speak, lie-cheat-deceptions laws, huh?

Liberals? I don't even know where to start with this hogwash, who thought this one was a good idea? If you're so in love with -whatever- gov program, how bout donate -your- money and time and quit taxing(STEALING) my dang money, where I might have enough to donate to my local, well-researched, (and non-wasteful) bout LEAVE ME AND MINE ALONE!

Socialist- Boy, here we go again.. this has got to be the worst of the bunch... socialism might work in a small loving community..more than a hundred people or so and guess what? Some dumbass retard gets power and you got another in a long line of MURDEROUS COWARD PIGS. Same for commies too. FOREVER MORE BE GONE AND EXIST NO MORE AND LEAVE ME AND MINE AND HUMANITY ALL THE ---- ALONE.

You know what would be so freaking awesome and yeah I COINED THIS TERM JUST NOW, all rights reserved.

------NO WORLD ORDER------

HOW BOUT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE AND FOREVER MORE YOU WON'T BE BOTHERED BY ME. I'll even hold the door open for you when we meet again.

And no I don't mind paying a fair tax, (got to have roads,schools) and by that i mean if you make a hundred bucks and have to pay twenty in taxes, AND I make a thousand bucks, dang, i pay TWO HUNDRED. Cool! That was easy. How is that not fair? It hurt us both equally. Or, if you're a glass is half full-er, we both helped out equally. 20% paid in by all. Or whatever the amount is, you get the idea.(There goes another 92,000 pages of deceitful legislation and most of an overgrown bureaucracy-IRS-) Congress could set the rate bi-annually staggered with the elections and that way, it's easily accounted to this party or last when the rate goes up.

Jesus , I need to take this reply to the rant aisle. ETA: And that what I doin now.


Pro-choice- are we? HOW YOU FIGURE IT"S OKAY TO KILL A BABY? I cannot ever get this one. And damn won't either. There is no way to rationalize this. Murder. People know what happens when you put TAB-A into SLOT-B. How bout -pull out- like 75% of the rest of us Neanderthals. Would you please consider adoption? oh, yeah, guess whats ALL in the damn way? YA'LLS PERFECT GOVERNMENT. You see where i'm goin with this, right?
I might be convinced of a day after pill, however.

Pro-lifers- i agree on your main selling point, that being no killing of babies, but damn, have you got to be a dummy freaking fundamentalist throwing bibles at people and cursing them to hell? how bout leave the cursing to god. He don't need your help. And I'm sure if he does, you won't have any question about whether or not HE said it or if it came from a humans mouth. You're preacher probably ain't no prophet.

Christians- How are you so sure you're right? I was raised Christian but the way ya'll try to force it down peoples throats is ridiculous. How bout humbleness? How bout forgiveness? LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER comes to mind. Is god not the perfect father? What makes a perfect father? Think people.

Muslims- How are you so sure you're right? Allah the creator god really told you to strap a bomb to yourself in order to kill infidels and make a religious point? I'm having serious doubts on this one, guys. What are ya'll?, gods rock-em sock-em robots? Think man. Don't try to blow me up and I won't drop bombs on you,right? how bout you bow to the east and leave me (TH) alone. I like talking to the Creator as a friend, ya know? If HE don't want to hear it or don't like me, how bout let HIM strike me with lightning? WE DON"T NEED NO STINKIN MORALITY POLICE SAYING IT'S OKAY TO BEAT A WOMAN BUT DON"T MISS PRAYER THIRTY-SEVEN TIMES A DAY. And another thing, if your god condones the mistreatment of females, well, I gotta say, that don't make any sense in relation to a caring, loving, creator.

Who have I missed?

If I did miss you by name, you are included anyway.

(disclaimer-do not do the following)

LAG_SWITCHERS and CHEATERS, please do society (and mainly me) a favor, and firstly, dunk your gaming console in the tub, plugged in, while your sitting in the tub. It will all make sense after those steps. Do that now, and then come read the rest of the instructions.

Secondly, i can play black ops without wanting to crush my tv into a smart phone you cheating b------- and i better stop this one right here- I digress. Ahhh, that sounds so sophisticated interspersed with all the ya'll's---

Not too bad fer a country boy a?

AND ONE LAST THING, I didn't get no soapbox to stand on, somebody needs a paycut and/or assistant.

I figured people might want to understand me a little better before attacking me in this direction.

I LOVE AMERICA! yeah, we messed up some stuff back in the early days (slavery, womens rights is all that comes to mind) We gettin it right. We'll get there ya'll, providing all the dummies will quit trying to take over. We are the first country ever that had a minority elected to the highest office... ya know, maybe we should all work together and try to save this place. it is a grand experiment and is going pretty well so far, (politicians not included) sorry slaves, but I never owned one, please don't blame me, I didn't do anything! I really don't hate anyone cause of color, I hate the ones I hate because you are bungholes of the highest order. And you know what else? It's mostly whites.

An that just generally speakin, tongue in cheek guys.

OK I'm a white male,35, south GA, married for FIFTEEN years and I have gorgeous little girl, Two and a half. I live in a mobile home.....

Done laughing? It's paid for. Bricks are nice but I can't afford em. And YES I jump in the car and tear out to my mom's in really bad weather, hahaha. People need to get their wants and needs back in order and I GUARANTEE I AM CLOSE TO THE WORST ON THIS ONE. Doesn't make it any less true for ya'll though.

I do believe in a CREATOR, now whether thats the god of the old testament or new testament or krishna or buddha or allah, I DON"T KNOW. And I ain't praying to the reptile god all my life only to die and find out it's vishnu, and vishnu hates the reptile god. OOPS can i get a do-over with a full official rule book please...I got this, really, I can start now, now that I know (for a fact) what I is a didn

Try being nice to people you guys, they may be the ones with the REAL GOD behind them, lol.

Yeah, thats all I got right now.

This was a public service announcement from the Hillbilly Local Lodge Number 7 (in honor of Mr. Jack) agreed brothers in spirit of the -no world order- and our partners The Illuminatioligist Assoc. (Patent Pending)( all rights reserved)

And was provided free from commercial interruption by the great staff and shareholders at ATS and The Above Network, LLC.

Thanks guys- I do love the site.

Oh, and let the shreds start flying!


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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 03:55 PM
Hellava rant young man. Feel better now? Buy you a beer and a cigar next time we meet and we can sit and discuss all the finer points. Set you straight I will.

Scream on. Just not at that darling girl. Care for her an all will be as well as it can be.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 04:35 PM
All that to tell people to not be such hardasses about their beliefs.... thanks my friend and yeah, she's my heart...

Was reminded of some quotes...

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” -George Orwell

Couldn't have summed it up any better.

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.
- Augusten Burroughs

Don't fall before you're pushed.
-English Proverb

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
-George Santayana

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -Benjamin Franklin

My favorite to do with this thread, and you can remove -liberal- and insert your choice repub-demo-prog-its all the same

Well the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant but that they know so much that isn’t so. -Ronald Reagan-

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 08:46 PM

You forgot the grammar nazis. "Y'all" is a southern colloquial contraction of the words 'you' and 'all.' Mostly southern US.

Good luck with your rage.

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