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Militant attack averted in Moscow

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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 07:18 AM
According to the reuters news wire Russia says that a major militant attack was averted in Moscow,

Top Russian security officials have told today that they have rumbled a planned "Large scale attack" in Moscow that has seen 4 men arrested in connection with the alleged plot,

"Literally several days ago ... a large terrorist attack was averted at the preparation stage in the Moscow area," Federal Security Service director Alexander Bortnikov told President Dmitry Medvedev in televised comments.

Bortnikov said the suspects had planned to target "crowded facilities and transport infrastructure" and that security officers had confiscated homemade bombs, other weapons and a map with a plan for the alleged attack.

It seems that where they do tend to avert attacks this one would be classed a slightly more rare giving that this was plotted for in or around the city of Moscow.

Is this a possible lead up to the December parliamentary elections? Or something a little larger than they have planned on...

Interesting to see the outcome of these arrests and what news may follow in the coming days,

I shall update with more as i get it,


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