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Monkey See Monkey Do- how political polls and American opinion are rigged in the 21st century

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 08:27 PM
This post isn't so much a conspiracy as it is a reality I see

There's an important preface to this on-

Let’s face it-
Political polls have been rigged since the beginning of American "democracy". Back in the age of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson, it was easy to rig a poll. The poll keeper would throw a handful of votes towards his presidential pick in the vote box. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say there hasn't been an honest election since, well, elections. In the beginning of the 1900's things weren't much more difficult to rig and with the slight raise in difficulty came dishonest political candidates throwing all kinds of campaign money around. I’m sure it really came down to who could throw out the most. It’s sad to say, because back in the beginning of the twentieth century our country was chock-full of honest, hardworking Americans with their OWN opinions, but the true values of America were lost and misconstrued through continuous poll rigging and dirty politicians. All of these early political views were more than likely not those of the general American public, but belonged to backwards politicians with fat wallets, a very generous bribing hand, and greedy people are who have truly shaped our nation into what it is today. Big surprise eh? Our countries been shaped upon greed and everybody wonders why it’s ass-backwards?

I wonder what the "true America" is like. I bet our forefathers are turning in their graves watching what’s been happening to this country ever since they signed that constitution that they worked so hard for. The Constitution itself has been continuously misconstrued for political purposes in this day and age. I’m sure the guys who signed the damn thing would have happily written a "clarification" constitution if they had only counted on the epidemic of American greed.

Now to the point-

America is still rigged. Not to sound like the nagging grandma, but I say T.V. is very much so the culprit. Not so much the channels made for our entertainment but 5 channels that are truly a modern day poll rig. Not only a poll rig, but an American opinion rig.

National News. It’s no big secret to ATS members that national news is BS, most of us have an opinion about it one way or another, but have you ever really thought of it as being an epidemic?
I love Pew Research Center and I often use their polls on this website as references so I’m going to use another, one that truly frightens me.

"43% of Americans regularly watch national news on a daily basis"

I’m sure your thinking "uh. I thought I was going to be frightened..."
But be warned all my fellow members of ATS, these ARE scary numbers. It only becomes scary if you watch a national news channel of your choice daily for a week straight, and then think back on the complete madness you just witnessed.

Why I think American opinion (well 43% of it at least...) is truly the one of the tele-prompt writer...

So everybody’s pretty much sick of this Casey Anthony stuff, yes, I heard your moans and groans from here. This story however, and the absolutely disgusting way it’s being covered by national news is what prompted me to write this story. Only about half of America think this Woman's guilty of her accused charges, but national news LOVES to smash this girl and claim how the "justice system has failed us" on this one. Day in and day out, anchors come onto national news asking "experts" why this "terrible, psychopathic woman" was let free. My point being that national news has synthetically created what viewers THINK is the national opinion. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO- When regular viewers see how the "nooze" is portraying that this woman is actually guilty, and how our justice system should executed this young woman, they follow suit. Now that’s almost half of America following suite. Just for a little humor, I really had to laugh at the hypocrisy of it all when late last night, they sent a NEWS CHOPPER out JUST to watch this woman leave jail, with that little ALERT sign in the bottom right hand corner they love to use so much. As all of this is going on, a Fox News anchor actually stated, and I quote "Only in America would everyone make this woman famous, it’s disgusting". I literally burst into tears laughing.

Now to the not so humorous side of things, this synthetic American opinion that's created by national news is actually shaping our nation. Think about this- There was almost no evidence against Casey Anthony pointing to her murdering her daughter. National News has gone on this crazy crusade about "how the justice system has failed America", "what did the prosecutors do wrong". It’s truly terrifying because who makes up the jury in any trial? The American public. When National News starts to make people feel guilty about going against the American opinion, they start to change sides. Now think about the next murder trial that goes national?

just how LITTLE will the prosecutors have against the next man they accuse, when the "rigged" jury thinks about Casey Anthony, and that buzz lines pop into their heads, "failed justice system" - they will start to feel guilty, I mean, who want to feel responsible for making the justice system feel like a failure. Next thing you know, an innocent man is getting executed by the government...
Innocent until Proven Guilty is long gone, and I mean GONE. Casey has been proven innocent, but national news is attacking her left and right. PROVEN INNOCENT, yet national news is making her GUILTY. Acting as if she’s getting away with murder.

This is terrifying to think about folks...

Modern day poll rigging is done in the same fashion; just replace the Casey A. story with political candidate A and wallaa- Synthetic National Opinion.

This is no longer the country of the Free, and to know what is happening inside, just to stick around makes us brave.

Goodbye Free America. I wish I knew what you were like, but you passed away long before my time. I’m sure I would have loved you and I’m sure you would have been loved by all.


posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 08:35 PM
In my own defense, I believe that she should be put under the jail because she doesn't seem to care that her baby is dead. I actually think it was an accident and she tried to cover it up.

But that's neither here nor there. I see where you're coming from. You're basically going in depth on the "sheeple" phenomenon if I'm not mistaken. Nice breakdown.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 08:59 PM
Yes. Yes.. YES!

I'm so sick of hearing the news networks rant about Casey Anthony as if they know more about the case than the jury does. They used all kinds of emotional appeal to get the public to hate some random woman that doesn't affect their lives whatsoever. Yet, you have these tools who are still b#ing about her and wanting her executed. Even if she did kill her kid- she's just ONE of the THOUSANDS of murderers in America. Take a look around and question your priorities...

And I'm assuming you've heard about Ron Paul's name being excluded from Fox News and CNN polls?
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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by BirdOfillOmen

Of course! Ane ron pauls just one of the few great politicians left in america who sees the incredible value of anerican reform on all levels

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