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Common Sense. Piping Mad!! Politicians are idiots.

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posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 11:08 PM
So as we all know. There is this debate going on about whether or not the debt ceiling should be raised. So here is my take on the entire issue.

I look at it this way. In my house we do not pay off debt with more debt. Debt+Debt= More debt. You don't have to be an economist to figure this one out. My budget allows me a certain amount for food, shelter for myself and my family.

If for some reason I couldn't buy food or pay my mortgage I would not take out another loan knowing that I couldn't afford the first one. That's just idiocy!!! I would have to cut back on the things that I enjoy because my family is more important than Netflix, Cable, Wide Screen Televisions, Vacations, Eating out and just about anything else extra that we can cut down in our budget. I would sell everything I possibly could to make sure I met the needs of my family. All the way down to my Wide Screen Television.

Instead. I decide put my 5 kids to work. Because I would rather have my wants than my needs. My children are not old enough to work but I'm gonna make them do something to earn money. I am a firm believer that you only get what you earn. So I put them to work to help earn some money. So I can watch Netflix and the latest episode of Dexter on Tv. Yeah I agree there is nothing wrong with a family working toward the same goal. However my kids should be living up their childhood. Instead of begging for money on the street. Or opening a lemonade stand the the Police are gonna shut down anyway. So shame on me for wanting my Netflix and Cable Tv and making my kids work for it. Instead of course cutting back on the Wants and just paying for my needs I charge my kids to pay for my wants.

I'm sure I would be breaking some child labor law and end up in jail. And I would be on the front page of every newspaper in the U.S. even if I were making my children work to meet the household needs.

Can I refinance my house and add some more interest payments to the bank to lengthen the time of my demise? Sure I can, but in the end there will be demise.

This is what our Gov is trying to do with our country. Pay off more Debt with Debt. We are the kids that now have to go to work to pay off their insane debt. Yes we will pay for that if they raise our debt ceiling. The Gov expects US the american people to suck it up and pay for their bad management of money. And why should we? Because the Gov says we have too and if we don't they threaten our elder and sick by cutting off Social Security. WTF!! I personally think there should be people in the streets even with the threat of taking away a program that all working Americans have paid into. This is "supposed" to be protected money. We find out now that, that is a big fat lie.

Riddle me this. Why has the Gov not cut less important programs or programs that they have room to cut. For example aid to other countries. Why are we giving our money to other countries when we have tent cities in California. People that have no food. People without medical care. No Jobs, No education. Why hasn't the Gov given the American People a stimulus program like they have banks. You know the banks that are already extremely wealthy. Why doesn't the Gov cut the pay of politicians. Because they don't care about you. Our Gov cares about them and no one else. Welfare, Unemployment, Food Stamps, Medical Aid (you have to be homeless.. Trust me I've tried). These programs are a way of keeping the poor, poor. And no other reason. Why work if someone gives you everything for free? And if you do work you can't afford most of what they give away for free anyway unless of course you live in the middle class. Which I believe most of us do not. At least by the definition of the Gov.

So why is the debt ceiling so important? Because Obama has run out of funds to cover his agenda. And is willing to kill America in the process. What his agenda is? No one knows. But everybody has a hunch.

No one knows what will happen if they do not raise the debt ceiling. Some say nothing, some say Armageddon. I say no one knows. What I do see at least in my opinion.Americans will pay for it either way. Even if they do raise it. It doesn't mean anything is going to get better. In fact I believe it's going to get worse.

I say let Obama stop Social Security. Lets get it over with. If he wants a war with the American people that's one sure fire way of getting it.

Debt+Debt= More Debt. Common sense people. It's all Common sense.


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