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Constrive Feed Back and Ideas

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 12:34 PM
I hope this does not get bumped but.

I would like to create a Political Thread for U.S with "Links Only" to "Verified Legislation Changes" such as the current Gun Law which was challenged. The precious metal laws which recently went into effect and any other "verified Legislation Change" as a portal of awareness because most of this stuff seems to receive very little main stream media coverage.

Some how there needs to be a tie to the Conspiracy board some kind of internal link to a appropriate posted thread.

I provide an example here - Legislation currently on the floor in the House of Representatives or Senate and Legislation waiting to come up to the floor of the House or Senate. There would be an external link to this. Now we then look at any suspicious events going on in the U.S that might influence the current legislation or up coming legislation with respect to votes. This would surely have a post in the Conspiracy forums not sure which one though. I guess it would depend.

Answers to how the ATS board works i.e (what they will allow) - It would have to be done in a way from preventing O.T bumping.

I am sure there are many here whom are more qualified and adapt to creating such a thread but hopefully this would be a great thread (A Real Eye Opener).

Suggestions, Answers and or Ideas.

If you determine this thread should be relocated by all means.

Thanks for the feedback.


God Bless


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