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Was the Recession an Overpublicized Control Mechanism in North America?

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 05:32 PM
Warning: External image links in this thread may be of a graphic nature that is not for the weak-stomached.

I was thinking about this earlier, as there seem to be a lot of heinous things unearthed of as of late that are committed by people who claim to "just be doing their jobs". It wasn't until recently that I think I may have linked it all together; people are so afraid of losing their jobs and having to find a new one, that they are committing extremely immoral acts that they would otherwise never do; all for the sake of the monetary growth of the administration of the 'service' that they are providing. This also made me think, at which point does "just doing your job" override your personal ethics?

The MSM's coverage of the recession was rather excessive.The government opened their doors for more recruits in both military and law enforcement and acted like they were being generous by "offering more jobs". This seemed to create a fallout career for those who had been laid off due to the recession, and the marketing and sustainability budgets went through the roof.

(Non-violent Image)
Military Spending Stats

I can't help but wonder... if perhaps it was intentional to get everybody worried about their employment... so worried that they would do anything they were commanded to do in fear of being terminated and have to look for a job in this "unstable economy", something I did successfully three times throughout this "horrible recession" with relative ease. Does keeping your very replaceable job justify doing any of this?

(Violent/graphic images and videos)

And let's especially not forget the misled soldiers that died for corporate interest -- hidden behind the propaganda veils that we call "freedom" and "patriotism", terms that once held weight in The United States and are now empty words only used as forms of controlling rhetoric that jerk at Americans' more currently-developed nationalistic pride more than anything.

It's not fair to the people whose lives were sacrificed for the actual freedoms and rights (doesn't it sound funny in the reverse order that the propaganda machine feeds it to us?) the we 'enjoy' today; we can't just sit here and ignore the crap flying off of the fan and hitting us in the face forever. And we especially need to stop regarding the actions of the military and law enforcement as "heroic", not unlike the propaganda-inspired mindsets that developed in mid-century Germany, and we all know what that led to.

So, what do you think? Has the MSM exaggerated the severity of the recession to the point where we have become -- even moreso than before -- unquestioning slaves to our professions? Is this why police brutality is so prominent right now, hidden behind the veil of "just following orders"? Is it how we can look at the terrorist divisions of our military with a sympathetic eye?
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