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Entrepreneur refuses to pay his council tax. Using the STRAWMAN defence.

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:19 AM
I found this in my local news and it interested me enough to put it on ATS because unlike credit cards and loans you can actually go to prison in the UK for not paying your council tax.

These snippets got my attention from the article.

He added: "I will not pay a penny until I have a lawful contract with the council."

He addressed magistrates as the 'third party representative of the legal fiction known as Danny Bamping'. Mr Bamping challenged the bench to see whether they had 'taken their oaths'. Magistrates retired because they could not be sure that the real Mr Bamping was in the court.

He is not only challenging the legal system he is also making a point on the monies spent from the tax.

I know about the STRAWMAN/FREEMAN and have seen people take copyright of these names and then they act as a representative for them.

I am currently sending letters to the same effect to debt collection agencies and reading this man's confrontation with local government and magistrates court has given me more confidence in my persuit and to raise awareness.

I will keep this thread updated with this guy's dealings with the court.

Its good that this is in the newspaper as it raises awareness of this legal fiction but unfortunatly it dosent explain it.

Entrepreneur refuses to pay his council tax for second year

And below is a very useful site where i got most of my info from. Have any of you used this site before?

getting out of debt

I originally found out about the STRAWMAN from a youtube video and have found a ATS thread by member RUSSO with a video and explanation which is useful and ties in to what this guy is doing about his tax.

Meet Your Strawman!

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by jonobot654

holly Snip Ive met this guy!

He used to work at the same company as me , then he left and was on dragons den a few years ago. He's a bit of a tool if im honest!

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by jonobot654

Nice first thread Jono

Will be good to keep an eye on this and see how it goes.. It's not often we in the UK get to see this sort of thing being reported locally..

Good luck with your fight too.. It is possible

There are other methods as I'm sure you're aware
but they can be a bit time consuming

Keep it up mate..

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