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long time lurker, has question

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 08:03 AM
Hi all, been coming to this site for at least 4 years. i would classify myself as a skeptic but find several of the theories and paranoia good reading. anyway, a year ago my wife and i saw a few UFOs(not saying they are alien aircraft), what made them strange was their flight patterns and 90 degree turns.

However, last night i went out on my deck for a bit and saw a bright blinking light heading east, then 2 more following closely behind in a single file. anyway, they were definately military jets, due to them being so close to one another.

as i watched them (they were relatively low and not moving very fast) i saw another aircraft coming from the east and heading north west, this aircraft had several lights, not your typical blinking lights but steady, and it did not seem to be making noise and was relatively low(same altitude as the assumed jets). so the jets then all bank left, one after another, and follow the other aircraft north west.

i found this very strange and was wondering if anyone in the Tilton, NH -USA, area saw this formation. A side not is that there were some heavy storms and tornados in parts of the state, not sure if this was related.

thanks for listening and take care.

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