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I don't usually dream in this manner

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:54 AM
I don't know where to began. It's close to 4am on the est coast now and I am writing this because the dreams were vivid and well, abnormal.
(I'm sorry, but this will be long winded)
To begin,

Last week I decided that my life seemed to be going on a path to nowhere. I am a student in University seeking to go to law school; however, the law market is over saturated and the chances of me being hired after getting into ridiculous debt is quite awful. I've even decided to try and take the mcats as well as the lsat, just to see if med school could be an option; people always need to be healed and I'd like nothing more than to actually help people. I like to write, but I'm sure being a starving artist is not a path I'd enjoy. Even thought I'm trying to broaden my future opportunities, everything still seems to be...lost. I was looking for a way to change the game, permanently. I try to practice meditation, but it's hard to fit in-between the classes, homework, gym, rest, and stress. The idea of a permanent game changer came when I watched the film Limitless, online. I needed something like that medicine used in the movie, something that would make my neural connections stronger increasing memory, cognition, learning, and application of all subconsciously experienced senses.

Now, I said I tried to meditate for a reason. This is due to meditation being scientifically proven to grow gray matter in one's mind and alter brain structure. I've been trying to meditate regularly for at least 2 years now. But, again, last week I thought that things needed to be accelerated. The future just seemed so bleak, and hopeless. The economy is spiraling downwards, job opportunities are becoming scarce, older generations are eating into the nation by taking so many entitlements, and there is little to no truth in the American dream (at least not for my generation). I needed to change something and fast. Researching what happens when an individual meditates, I stumbled upon the theta and gamma waves. Now, I used to tinker around with binaural brainwave beats before tests sometimes and would get great results, but I always chalked it up to my natural intelligence. Last week I found videos that give full on theta and gamma waves without any easing in or easing out. I thought that this was my chance to alter my brain in an accelerated fashion. Vids are as followed:



I usually give the Theta a listen before bed for thirty minutes, or randomly throughout the day. I listen to the gamma in the middle of the day or in the night, not before bed.

Ever since I began listening to these frequencies I've noticed some changes, yes, changes in a week. I am a little more extroverted. This may not be a big deal to most but coming from someone whose hears almost beats out of his chest every-time he raises his hand to answer a question, yes it means a lot. This week, I have found less nervousness and fear when talking in class. It's a slight change, I'm not going up in front of large, silent crowds and speaking...not yet, but its a change none the less. The Theta vid, without a doubt assists in vivid dreams. I have not forgotten a dream since using the waves.

Seeing these results...I wanted more. I knew things would take longer, I know that it takes at least 8 weeks or so for the brain structure to really begin to change from meditative practices, so I decided to up the ante, if you will. I incorporated these vids into my accelerated growth program (don't worry, we are getting close to the dream[s]):

Wealth/success -

Love/Relationships -

With these videos, I turn off the sound and play theta waves instead. I found those two vids two days ago, and I plan to use them everyday as well.

Now to the dreams (I'm sure you're sighing in relief at this point.) -
I went to sleep tonight at around 12:15am so that I could wake up around 2am to work more on a paper that is due on Thursday. Well, I slept on and off and decided to sleep until about 3:40 instead. There were a series of dreams that came out of it and I'm not going to attempt to break them up, I'll just let what I saw jumble together:

I remember Japan, and the Fukashima Daiichi plant exploding. There was a mushroom fire cloud, and a huge shockwave. Next the dream got kind of weird, as I was in a town that my grandmother lived in, and we were entering the small church there (my grandmother passed away a little over two years ago, and she is here in the dream). As we walk into the church there is an old Caucasian male, which was kind of odd for the church demographics. He wore pants and a very faded shirt with stars and bars. The stripes went down with large stars and blue at the bottom of the shirt. The fellow had short gray hair, and was very kind. He looked back at me, chuckled and said "You're the young boy I met so long ago, you've grown a lot" I shook his hand and smiled, making small talk as we entered passed the church pews and went to a conference room type area. We entered, and there were mostly women present, but not church type women. They were more of the earthy spiritual types of many ethnicities. The old man took a seat on a folding chair, and I did as well. I remember discussing the nature of spirituality with them and being happy to have such a topic of discuss, as I THOUGHT I knew a lot about the subject. The discussion I participated in through me for a few loops as I could barely keep up and was often incorrect or just grasping a concept that was being debated. The many people in the room were not annoyed at all at my attempts to be a part of the conversation, in fact they seemed kind of amused and encouraging; almost proud of my efforts. They all felt so close to me, like I'd met them before or had an unbelievably strong bond with them. The old man spoke again, and now I noticed his manner of speech for the first time. His english was so well spoken, not proper or posh. His english was a style I'd never heard before, definitely American, but so clear and so foreign. I began to wonder whether he was from the future at this point and began to wonder where all of these people came from (Just a hunch they weren't all from around my period of time). The old man then asked a group sitting towards the wall who seemed really close to each other (about 4 or 5 of them) if they or anyone else in the room wanted to go see some kind of film. However, to my surprise the "film" has many parts to it and kind of wasn't viewed in the traditional way that I am accustomed to. I didn't say anything at this point, and decided it was time for me to leave. Somehow, I ended up scaling the stairs of my dorm, and I greeted a few friends I saw on the first level from down the spiral. I heard the door close, and looked down the spiral again to see the grey haired old man coming into the dorms. My friends questioned who he was, and he said "relax, I know (insert my name here)". They still didn't let him up the stairs, but as I called down to clear it with them, he all of a sudden disappeared. I went down the stairs to talk to my friends who were baffled at what they had just seen. Somehow we end up driving somewhere and I tell them all to pull over and get out of the car. We pull into a gas station, and one of the females starts to pump in gasoline into the car. I tell them all to get away from the car, as I knew it was going to explode. One guy was so pissed with me saying this that he called a cab to leave. As the cab arrived, everyone had backed away from the car and what do you know, it explodes. I take out my phone and texted "The car exploded, I knew it would."

This is all of my stream of dreams that I would like to share...the rest contain highly personal things, weird conversation with disembodied aliens, and random nonsensical dream like events. What I posted was a small portion that really made an impact. While of experiencing all of this, my mannerisms and attitude was similar to what I have in reality, and everything seemed so "real".

I don't usually have dreams pertaining to future events. I do remember one from the night after the first few Egyptian protests: I saw many events in the middle east, battles, rebels entering helicopters about to take off and shooting entire media crews inside, and a man holding an assault weapon with oil on his feet causing oil to seep out of the ground everywhere he stepped.
Other than dreams tend not to have any future implications. I felt the need to post this, even though I usually consider dream predictions to be less than accurate. Thanks for reading, I know it was quite a lot.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 04:19 PM
Don't listen to them too much. It interferes with vital brain signals, such as the heart and all sorts of stuff.

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