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posted on Mar, 25 2003 @ 06:06 PM


By: Robert Sentry

One has to wonder at what point the United States overcomes its "shock" and is "awed" by the turncoats among its so-called "friends".

Russia has sold night vision equipment to Iraq and it was reported that even today has technicians in Iraq helping them to use GPS jammers against our precision guided munitions. Also on the list of items in an official protest to Moscow by our State Department Sunday were antitank missiles. Should any GPS guided smart bomb go astray and kill Iraqi civilians, it would be nice to see the United States point the finger at Russia and let the world know who sent Iraq the jammers.

A Chinese anti-ship missile, possibly a Russian designed Sunburn, was launched against Kuwait City along with a number of Scuds. The trajectory of the Scud made its identification easy, but the lower trajectory of a few others caused one observer to suspect the Chinese made missile. Of course, these are all banned weapons that the UN Security Council insisted Iraq did not have.

France and Germany also are on the list of fellow UN Security Council members who have aided and abetted Iraq. France surrendered before the war even started and Germany chartered new waters in cowardice by failing to enforce the UN Resolutions. We will see if the reasons turn out to be what many have statedóboth have been heavily involved in aiding Iraq in its WMD programs.

Syria, who also currently sits on the UN Security Council, controls the Lebanese TV Network that showed the captured American POWs being mistreated, according the the Geneva Convention, over and over again on Sunday. Nothing like a UN Security Council member violating the Geneva Convention to further delegitimize the UN.

It will be interesting to see what the reaction of France and others will be should this reported find of a chemical weapons plant in South Iraq prove accurate. It was as if Hans Blix and his buffoons were looking for a needle in a haystack in their comical attempt to find weapons of mass destruction. The size of this plant discovered by the US 3rd Infantry Division is said to be about 100 acres in size.

That is a pretty big haystack you missed, Hans.

It would be great to see the 3rd Infantry Division change it nicname from the "Rock of the Marne!" after France's disgraceful behavior.

It is not just Iraq who we face on the battlefield. We are fighting Russia, China, France, Germany, Syria (all UN Security Council members) and a host of other nations. We give these nations billions of taxpayers' dollars through various US aid channels. Not only have these countries fought us on the political battlefield of the UN Security Council, we now face their armaments and possible WMDs on the battlefield in Iraq.

When you step back away from the global politics and the charade party, it looks as though are friends are our worst enemies.

Calling the UN a legitimate organization is avoiding the truthóthe UN is dominated by anti-American nations who fight us both conventionally and unconventionally. Should Germany and France, along with the rest of these dishonorable nations, not react appropriately to Iraq's violation of the Geneva Convention, there will be one more opening for our nation to do what it should have done long ago.

Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

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