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stand in disbelief

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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 02:09 PM
stand in disbelief

Take my hand as I walk the land,
Endless hours; pursuit to understand.
What the world may mean,
A great artistic scene?
I doubt it’s nearly this clean.
A giant pile of dirt and
I am extremely uncertain
If greater things are to come.
More like one than even some.
Every turn is someone preaching,
No longer learn; everyone tries teaching.
But it’s going to take a lot more reaching.
Extend the hand and the mind
If someone offers, take the time
To catch a word, maybe an influence
Our minds aren’t children, still playing truant.
Or maybe I need a mental scan.
Maybe, don’t ask me, just demand.
I’ll disobey your every command
Just to look as though I fit.
It all just seems too simplistic.
Like things aren’t all realistic,
But life isn’t filled with a single mystic.
Information is out there, we need to receive
Answers to questions we dare not believe.

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