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Introduction from IMFLand III

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 08:29 AM
Greetings from the Emerald Isle..
I have made a few posts here and there, not able to create a new thread outside of introductions until i get the ole post count up.
Anywhos, I spotted this on the Irish Times website and thought it might interest some on the site..
Ireland 'Forced' to take Bailout

Ireland has experienced a dramatic fall from grace over the last few years, most notably the Financial crisis, which took its toll pretty dramatically..
I thought some people might be able to see between the lines on this issue as I am not 100% up to speed with the IMF.
Brian Cowen, the Taoiseach was a mess of a leader. He was not a leader but more like a spectator.
Brian Lenihan , Minister for Finance at the time was the only thing keeping the country together, and talking to the people.
Bank Bailout sunk our ecomony worse than it already was, property bubble, Property developers, corrupt bankers, incompetent leadership and very silly credit being given.
And the Irish people had no say.
Cowen hung on for dear life, signed the country away, then called a general election and retired.
Although admittedly he did inherit a lot of the mess from Bertie. However I believe the Irish people needed a leader which Cowen was not.
Since all of this the average Irish worker has taken a hit from a few new taxes and income levys ( on top of income tax) , plus a Universal service charge. Emigration has increase so much , a lot of my friends and people ive known for a long time have emigrated to Australia and Canada and i'm in the middle of preparing for the same.

Pretty crappy time, but what doesnt kill us...etc etc etc...

Anyways , enough rant.

Brian Lenihan has claimed the European Central Bank forced Ireland into taking a bailout and rejected claims by a senior ECB figure that the bank warned Ireland in mid-2010 of the dangers it faced. He has also accused members of the ECB executives of briefing against Ireland and of “betrayal”

Mr Lenihan criticised some of the 17 governing board members of the bank for the “damaging” manner in which they had briefed some media about Ireland.

I agree strongly with this.

On the final terms of the bailout, Mr Lenihan described the interest rate charged as “above what was required” and the schedule to downsize the banking system as “unimplementable”.

On his own role in the bailout and the final acceptance of its terms, he said: “I believed that I had fought the good fight and taken every measure possible to delay such an eventuality, and now hell was at the gates.”

He gave a graphic description of his feelings when the bailout talks were concluded. “I’ve a very vivid memory of going to Brussels on the final Monday to sign the agreement and being on my own at the airport and looking at the snow gradually thawing and thinking to myself, this is terrible. No Irish minister has ever had to do this before.”

Anywooos, Thats that, move it if it needs to be moved, but thats my introduction and a little intro on the state of affairs where I am.
Pissed off... Now back to the genius kid thread, that was cool.
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 08:51 AM
You Irish are nuts. Love you to bits too. Welcome.

Nice to have your aboard. Post lots so you can message people and chat and stuff.

And ask when you need help.


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