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Interview with a Mystic - Lucia René

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 07:58 AM
I would like to start this out with a promotion on a thread recently posted today, which I highly suggest you read before watching the following video. The following link is a must-read for those interested in the pursuit of truth / denial of ignorance.

Agarta, the author, comprises a theory based on the Patriarchal age, which we have been apart of for thousands of years. Previously, as well as early Egypt, there is compelling evidence to support that long ago we indeed lived under a Matriacal society, which was the age of birth of creativity and survival.

Cyclic Progression Theory


I just finished watching this, and I thought it was pretty damn interesting. She is very knowledgeable of mankind's cycle, and breaks down what we have been dealing with. She breaks down the new era which we are literally on the cusp of in a coherent way, such as how for the passed several thousand years we have been learning the meaning of Power, and how though it has been a destructive run - it is (or soon to be was) a very necessary part of mankind's evolutionary progress.

I leave the rest to the video, which I hope you can keep an open mind enough to enjoy, if not learn from.

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 08:53 AM
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Interesting point of view..obviously egocentric and assuming with out fact:
Human society was originally Matriarcial 6 K years ago..un substainiated
Mother earth... says who.. women!
All negative connotations were connected to the male gender including spiritual influences.
All refferences to positive / negative were related to female / good (balanced), male bad (unbalanced).
She constanly prep'ed the interviewer with "Yes" as if he had no option to disagree.
Sorry this was so totally biased, talk about unbalanced in favor of the female gender.
If she is right and male and female genders have both had their "time" in human history then what is there to gain by going back to a "balanced", "heart" motivated female gender....NONE at all.
Humanity is characterized by its gender duality ..both with good and bad both strong and weak.
The next evolution (IMHO) is Hemaphrodite or asexuality (a closer correlation to Godliness than either male or female).
Nice lady, not the usual run of the mill lesbian man hater..could be anyone's mom..truely syncere...doesnt make her right.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by jbmitch

Okay. Sure her words might threaten you, but you need to realize that she is addressing the passed 5+ thousand years. She is not addressing men, she is addressing the Solar Age which we have been living under. This is what the powers that be worship, and what she is describing is why exactly They are currently scrambling to hold their power. Cognitive Dissonance.

She is actually passing no judgement, though she might sound like it. She is a woman, deal with her perspective. If you had been reincarnated for thousands of years as a woman, you would have a tiny chip on your shoulder as well. With that considered, she's doing a good job at passing no judgement, minus a few insinuations. Because she is human doesn't mean that the information she is providing does not hold ground. That can be argued, but metaphysics cannot not be stopped.

And yes, the Androgynous Period is which we are evolving into. She explains that the previous Matriarchal era had many imbalances (as has this Patriarchal age) - We are entering a balance Era. We are all the fathers and mothers of the beginning of this. She does nothing more than explain what is necessary to do one's part in the process.
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