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Ooooooh...those mod's!

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posted on Mar, 23 2003 @ 01:49 AM
Racism, ethnic cleansing, whatever next?
We are approaching 2,000 members and ñeven when one has dismissed the one-offís, the multiple personalities, the saboteurs, Information Systems 101 brigade, spammers, hackers and those who thought ATS meant AnyThing Silly, we are several hundreds of regular posters. Weíve been attacked, rehoused, redesigned, off-air, torpedoed and mined; and weíve still stayed active for some years: many members have been here throughout.
Now there may be many causes for this: most on the edge of abnormal endocrinology, paranormal psychopathology, care in the Community, Munchhausenís syndrome by proxy, a morbid fascination with cutting and pasting, the malaise in the public education system, and the fact that pop songs and TV arenít what they used to be.
But one cause has to be that the board is interesting and continues to be interesting. And I use that term, as I would perhaps use ìentertainingî, in a broad sense: there is a reason to read and a reason to reply.
And a good reason for that is the Admin/Mod contribution. Adminís really do administrate through all the psyops and e-warfare; Mods do moderate: thereís black and white as well as grey here.
It is true that Thomas ñ when not occupied with the Fort Sumter Commemoration League, making large flammable crosses in his woodshed, fighting the militarist-capitalist global conspiracy at his workplace, or discretely helping domestic industry through his contributions to microbreweries ñ will sometimes put the boxing gloves on: but itís in the interests of balance, clarity, decency and quality. And elswhere heíll be funny, informed, tolerant and open to correction. Every Mod has a multiplicity of approaches: that why they are successful at ìmoderatingî. As a group, they have an enormous sense of collective responsibility; but they have an entire spectrum of different outlooks.
Modís here do not ban or bully as they do on many boards, and in the Sacred Groves of Cosmic we generally put on a display of tolerance and liberalism that would have your average Hare Krishna member reaching for his revolver.
It is of course an open secret that Estragon is a mod only because of his intimate knowledge of Simonís personal life, and the vast sums of money gathered from CD sales and pop-upís that Simon is thereby obliged to pay him.
However, if you look at my colleagues, Iíd ask you to ask to what extent their collective and individual contributions to the public board are factors in bringing you back, each day.

[Edited on 23-3-2003 by Estragon]

only one shall know this path ---

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