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Invasion Has Begun

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posted on Mar, 19 2003 @ 08:11 PM
Time To Support Troops...03/19/03
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
Sources have told ECTV the invasion forces have began their push towards Baghdad late last night. It is believed forces have surrounded oil fields and have set a manned force parameter encircling the city of Baghdad. Little to zero resistance has occurred to this point. Beginning tonight, perhaps at 12:01 AM, the air strikes will begin. The idea is to choke of Baghdad from all sides during the air strikes, then utilize surgical strikes to hit key targets, including Saddam Hussain and his ring leaders.

Nothing will be allowed in or out of ten kilometer loop around the city. It has been disclosed, US and British troops are instructed to not accept Iraqi troops who surrender. They have been instructed to direct them back towards safe zones now outlined around the circumference of Baghdad. This is being done to protect Allied forces from suicide bombers and Iraqi soldiers who have been laced with biological and or chemical weapons.

Earth Changes TV 'Radio Hour' will go 'live' tonight at 8 PM (pacific). We have lines set up for call-in's. We will be going 'live' at all parts of the day and night during the invasion of Iraq. Go to the front page for instructions. The link to the show is the same as you have received for all previous show. If you get a "not available at this time", the bandwidth hit its limit, or we are not running 'live' at that moment. Bottom line is to check often.

Lets Support The Troops

That's right, lets support the troops now. There will be plenty of time to express our feelings when our fighting men and women are out of harms way. I am reserving my energy to make those accountable who put us in this spot in the first place. I am speaking of George Bush and his regime. You know my opinion is this could have been handled in a more all encompassing way. What he did was wrong, and has cost us too many lives. But I am willing to put my arguments on hold until I know our boys and girls are home safely. And when are troops get here, I will have only praise to gift them for doing what was expected of them, and doing it bravely. It is the one's who gave the orders that I will be going after.

ECTV's Weather Prediction, Right On Target

As stated in my last newsletter, I reported an X-Class flare had just been released and what I expected to happen as a result. Here is the original report: "Due to the large sunspot regions of 306 and 314, I expect more flares to occur accompanied by a CME. Watch for extreme weather, most likely in the way of sudden windstorms which could be accompanied by severe rains. The timing is not good for our troops. Sudden sandstorms could arise due to weather invents within the next 48 hours."

Today's Associated Press headlines report 'record snowstorms hit the mid-west'. The Red Cross was setting up a shelter for
drivers stranded on Interstate 25 north of Denver. The road has been closed.. (AP) reports Billing, Montana filling sandbags to head off severe floods. ABC News reports raging sandstorms have just hit Kuwait and Iraq as of last night.

Folks, I am stating the above weather storms were indeed predicted by solar weather. (see equation).

Not only did one X-Class flare hit yesterday, it was followed quickly by a second X-Class flare. In addition to these two events, two halo CME's followed and believed to be partially Earth directed.

This Just In.....a new M-Class flare has just been released as of this morning. Since this is a chain reaction, I would expect the already severe storm activity to simply be extended another 48 hours. I am suggesting we will see freak storms for almost one week straight.

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme
Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

Here is the link for all the upcoming shows. It will be 'live' and free. Space is limited, so I would encourage you to log on early.

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Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

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