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For Fatherland and Freedom! [WRAP]

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 03:16 PM
It was six minutes past eight o’clock on a warm summer evening as the sun sets upon the horizon, taking with it the tears and joys of the day that had just past. As the gentle waves splash against the sandy shore and a soft breeze ripples through the lush green fields the thunder of gunfire tears across the rural countryside in North Carolina.

A celebration it is not. For months the gunfire has signified the departure from this land the freedom of its inhabitants. As widows and mothers weep for their spouses and children who have since been lost in the battles for freedom in this land the light of liberty has grown dim upon the shores of a nation once proud to announce from rooftops “we are free”.

The streets recently have become empty as with the shelves of stores. Land once heralded for its abundance and excess now diminished down to scavengers roaming through back allies and dumpsters for their next meal. Pride replaced by humiliation and joy with sorrow. For a once triumphant people now marked by failure.

Walking down Main Street one sees the decay of hope, the loss of dreams, and abandonment of future. Boarded up businesses alongside puddles of broken glass stair into the heart of the wanderer as he sees what was, transformed into what is. A journey of emotion as he sits alone upon the sidewalk taking a panoramic view of the abandoned landscape, with the pain of a thousand swords piercing his heart.

The man picks himself up and walks until he reaches a sign reading “dead end” oh how that sign screams into the depths of his soul. He glares at the sign with a face signaling contempt as the sign is a metaphor to the world in which he lives, a world where every thought and action appears to be nothing more than a dead end.

Birds flocking across the pink sky breaks his focus as he then glances down upon his wrist watch which signals twenty-two minutes past eight o’clock. Quickly he races to his home down the long winding road of gravel where upon he arrives to faces of sadness and tears. Military personnel had recently revealed to his family whilst he was away that his older brother had perished in battle.

Clutching his mother whilst she weeps was his father and other siblings who were attempting to comprehend the news which was just disclosed to them. Engulfed with fiery rage he storms out the door into the yard where he paces back and forth then starts punching a pine tree. He rests his back against the tree and slides down into a fetal position crying.

It is the next day as the sun rises through a blanket of fog which hovers silently above the dew filled grass. An eerie sense of anxiety fills the air. The television is dark which bewilders the young man as he flips the switch and the television set does not turn on. Quickly walking over to the light switch it is confirmed to him that his home is without electricity.

Swinging open the door he swiftly moves down the stairway and through the hallway into the kitchen. Loudly who asks, “Is anyone here?” without a response. He asks again, “Is anyone here?!” Yet still no answer. Racing out the front door into the yard once again he asks, this time frantically, “Is anyone here?!” There is no reply.

Suddenly a deep gut-wrenching feeling sets in as he wonders where everyone could have gone without informing him.

Grabbing his bicycle he races down the gravel road from his home into the town searching for anyone who can help him. Again there is not a soul around. Riding further he reaches a lone telephone booth setting outside an abandoned gas station. Hoping to call his uncle across the border in Virginia his uncle answers the phone and agrees to come down and assist.

Arriving an hour later in a rusted 1979 Ford Pickup he gets into the car with his uncle who then drives down to his nephews house to see for his own eyes it is abandoned, as is the rest of the town. The uncle tells him to pack his clothes and personal items because he is coming back home with him in Virginia.

During the ride he glares out of the passenger window into the open fields and abandoned cities. The trip ended quickly when they arrived at his uncle’s home where he unpacks his belongings into the new bedroom. A small cramped room with one television set, a dresser, and a small creaky bed.

His aunt was awaiting their arrival with warm bread and soup on the dining room table where the three of them sat. The meal was quiet at first but then the aunt begun to speak.

“Jeremy…” she said which was prompted a response from Jeremy, “Do not call me Jeremy as there is not a need for names in this world anymore. We are at the end, there is nothing else left so names mean nothing anymore, sweet death but only a short while away.”

A reply was given back to Jeremy, “Look, Jeremy, this world has not ended yet and it is not about to end. Your name is Jeremy and we shall address you as such, just as you will address me as Aunt Mary and you will address your uncle as Uncle James. Understood?”

Jeremy nodded as a sign of respect then finished his meal before storming off into his bedroom. After switching on the television the local news has now shown the deaths from the Civil War has now reached seven million men and women. With riots and anarchy spreading throughout the nation fears of a violent uprising are now coming to fruition.

Years of poverty, depression, civil war, and riots have resulted in national strife. Bombs were being detonated in cities from Florida to Idaho. Street violence had become so critical that in parts of the Southeast military tanks were brought in to quash the violence. All public organizing was strictly banned, speaking anti-government rhetoric was met with warrantless arrest, and the federal government officials had been relocated from Washington to an undisclosed location.

Street demonstrators waved the American flag symbolizing loyalty to their ideals of this nation. With gunfire being a regular occurrence in almost all large cities across America from dusk ‘til dawn. Civilian deaths being unreported and elections halted have only led to more anger.

Uncle James opened Jeremy’s door and sat down on the bed next to him, silently. Jeremy looked over and told Uncle James that his brother had just died in battle against the revolutionaries. James looked down at the floor then reached over and hugged Jeremy tight while whispering in his ear, “It will be alright”.

“Your brother did what he thought was the best for this nation. You might disagree with the side he had chosen but it was strictly the choice he had to make alone. There is great division in our country right now, those in the minority who side with the government against those who seek to replace it. It all depends on which side you take.” Uncle James said.

With a quick response Jeremy said, “But why does this have to happen here? I thought this country was different from all of the others. I was always told that, always, America was special in this world. Were they all lies? How can this happen in a nation that is supposed to be special?”

“Jeremy, I cannot tell you why this has happened or what has led to this. But always remember there are special countries in the world as each country is special to the sentimentalists who inhabit it. You must recognize a truth in this world, it’s not the nation or the people that’s special it is the principles.” Uncle James answered.

Gunfire then immediately erupted outside of the house as Jeremy and James fell to the floor and quick as it began it ended. A brick came smashing through the window into the dining room. They ran out of the bedroom with hearts racing. Attached was a letter which read:

“We know exactly what the hell you scum have been doing. Your support for the government is despicable and not tolerable. If we get word again that you bastards are giving money and supplies to them we will burn your house down with you and your wife in it. Take this as a warning!”

Jeremy then looks over at the wall behind the dinner table where blood has been splattered. Shaking uncontrollably he walks around the table slowly when he sees laying on the floor his Aunt Mary, dead, with a bullet holes in her neck, chest, and face. He calls for his Uncle who dashes to his side where he is confronted with the lifeless body of his wife on the floor.

He grabs her hand gently and wipes the blood off her face. Jeremy has called 911 for emergency medical assistance which was then on the way.

After the ambulance had arrived they had taken her from the home and Uncle Rick left in his truck following the ambulance to the hospital, Jeremy walks into the backyard dazed and confused about what had happened. Trying to manage the rush of emotions he is experiencing after the death of his brother and aunt.

Jeremy falls to his knees and places his hands together praying to god for help. Asking god to just please rescue him from this miserable world. Screaming for god to kill him while sobbing but, his pleas go unanswered, as there will be no quick death to save him from this world in which man is faced to suffer through.

After sitting outside staring into the woods the sun begins to set and rain falls upon the ground he decides to walk back into the house where the blood still soaks the hardwood floor and bullet holes cover the front of the house. Falling into the bed face first he enters into a state of deep sleep.

Awaking in the morning to darkness, he is alone as his uncle has yet to return. Thinking of what his plans must now be he concludes that staying in that home will not be helpful so there must be another plan. Suddenly a thought appears in his head. The Civil War is only occurring in the United States so if he were able to escape there would be safety.

Using that thought he concludes the best way out of the United States is on boat to Europe, specifically England. As New England has been barely hit by the civil war he assumes it would be the safest place to escape on a ship. But the problem then becomes how he will sneak onto a ship to set sail for England.

With the internet still intact at his Uncle’s house he searches for the docks at Boston, he jots down the address and highlights the routes on a crinkled up map laying next to the computer to get to Boston. Quickly searching for money around the house he finds a stash in his uncle’s sock drawer, just enough he concludes, to make it to Boston.

Immediately he begins packing his clothes and grabs the car keys to his Uncle’s other vehicle, a 1987 Honda Accord, which he hopes will be able to make the distance to Boston over 500 miles away.

Jeremy runs to the car and gets in, turns the key, then drives down the road leading away from the house. It is not long until he reaches the Interstate which has few vehicles on it, almost desolate. With the drive north from Virginia there will be serious areas which he must travel through that are under martial law in response to the violent uprising.

While driving he turns on the radio only to be met with panic and no music. Turning off the radio the car ride suddenly becomes one of reflection and deep thought.

After ten hours of driving Jeremy has finally reached the city of Boston. Deciding to finish his drive he ends at Boston harbor within walking distance of the Port of Boston. With both the feeling of hope and of anxiety he watches on as boats sail through the sparkling blue waters.

Jeremy begins walking along the harbor shore, watching the city as it is still in function. City streets packed with pedestrians and cars, it seems as if it is untouched from the violence gripping the rest of the nation.

A man jogging by stops to talk with Jeremy as he notices that he is not of the area. Asking if he has fled to Boston because of the lack of serious unrest Jeremy replies with the obvious answer, “yes”. The man then invites him to the part of town where the migrants have come to settle in peace and discloses that his name is Ron.

As they walk down the street and into a small pub the people ask if the new guy is also a refugee. Ron tells the man yes and they are pointed in direction of a door at the back of the pub. Jeremy walks to the door with Ron who has a key which is required due to the deep fear of all refugees among the people of the area.

If it is found that you are hiding refugees mobs will attack you, raid your house, and beat the refugees. The law states that anyone who has entered the state without contacting the government for official entrance shall be sent back to their home state for fear that they may bring radical violence to the area.

After being settled into the room he informed of the rules that apply to all people that settle there:

1. No more than 15 people can be in the room at the same time,
2. Any associating with radical groups or the government will lead to immediate removal,
3. You are not allowed to disclose your location to anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

After verbally accepting the rules he is welcomed into the room but, is placed under temporary watch to determine whether he is an infiltrator or not.

A long night’s sleep was refreshing for Jeremy as he awakened by the alarm that a new shift of people will be coming in to sleep and thus all those currently in the room must leave. So after preparing for the new day he exits the pub onto the street and goes for a walk to the local McDonald’s where he purchased two breakfast burgers and a soda.

With the bag of burgers in one hand and the soda in the other he walked down to the Boston harbor where he sits down to eat his meal. Watching the ducks swimming around in the harbor he panders what has happened in his life during the past three days. Losing his brother, his family abandoning him, his aunt shot dead and escaping north to Boston.

His whole life changing in just such a short period leaves little time to digest what has happened and prepare for what can or will happen. Then he hears chants coming from down the street, it is a protest, albeit peaceful. People are protesting against the government and the war.

Refraining from using violent rhetoric the protest remains peaceful with marchers waving posters and carrying banners. Some signs reading “Peace-Prosperity-Unity” and others reading “Live free, or die” being waved through the crowds.

Jeremy stands up and watches on as they come marching towards him. Deciding whether or not to join the protest, knowing it could possibly be detrimental to his current hideout, he runs into the back of the crowd and begins chanting with them.

He is greeted by a tall and chubby man about twenty-six. The man greets Jeremy with a smile and asks him what his name is, “Jeremy” he responded, “and you?” “My name is Alexander… I belong to the Keepers of Liberty, and you?” responded Alexander. “I don’t belong to any group, I never heard of the ‘Keepers of Liberty’” replied Jeremy.

“Well when we are finished with the march I invite you to come back with me to our meetinghouse and observe our discussions.” Alexander said. “I… I don’t know… I don’t know if I can go with you.” Jeremy answered in a rather shaky voice. “Don’t worry, Jeremy, I know you’re not from here. I won’t say anything as we don’t care about that issue. So long as you are on our side you’re a friend of ours and are welcome here.” Alexander concluded with a big grin.

As the march ended several blocks later the two men set off to the secret meeting place of the Keepers of Liberty. After about a mile’s walk they arrived at the headquarters in the house of a fellow member. While the Keepers of Liberty are not a secret organization and people are free to join, only members can bring new people to the secret meeting locations.

At the meeting were twenty-two men and one woman. With the appearance of high intellectual bearing they stop the discussion and look inquisitively at Jeremy. Alexander loudly proclaims, “This man here is known as Jeremy. He participated in the march today with me down by the harbor. We must keep it secret as he, like some of us, are not from this area.”

Jeremy began to shake the hand of all the members except one medium height thin-haired man about fifty years of age, who leaned against the wall staring at Jeremy being greeted by the members. Noticing that this man is not greeting Jeremy, Alexander asks him, “Why have you yet to introduce yourself to this man? Daniel, he is of no threat to our society.”

Walking slowly toward Jeremy, Daniel studies him tentatively. Then instructs him to sit in the chair underneath a beautiful Victorian painting hanging on the wall in a gold colored frame as Daniel too sits down in the chair across from Jeremy he asks him, “So, Jeremy… You support our ideals of a revolutionary future and tactical overthrow of the current governing body?”

Sweat lights settles upon Jeremy’s brow as he leans forward and proclaims, “Yes in fact I do support your goals and ideals. While my intention of coming to Boston was escaping this country for England I am beginning to believe that running from this battle will help not me or anyone else, for I am a revolutionary and not a coward.”

“It appears you made that decision rather hastily, would you disagree? As I hear you were just planning on escape but now you want to be a hero, a revolutionary? For what reason exactly should any of us here give you an ounce of trust?” Daniel sternly asked in a deep and authoritarian voice as if trying to intimidate Jeremy.

“I can be trusted and I have always been a revolutionary at heart. Maybe not all decisions of mine have been of great sophistication but it has always been true.” Jeremy answers clearly. Then suddenly Daniel rose from the chair and storm to the door where he swiftly turned around and proclaimed, “When this rat has brought down our organization the blood rests upon the shoulders of those who dare fall for this sophistry by an obvious infiltrator.” And the door slammed behind him.

However Daniel was not quickly dismissed by all members as some sat quietly as Alexander loudly boasted about his role in recruitment of many members who sat idly in the room. Denouncing them as hypocrites before he sat down, the room stricken with the silence before a young lady sparks the discussion again on the subject last being discussed prior to the introduction of Jeremy.

Several hours had passed as rigorous debate was ongoing over intense subjects relating to the future of the organization and what their next mission shall be. One man floats the option of starting the riots in Boston by replicating the original Boston Tea Party with the spilling of something else in its place.

Finally an idea which caught the attention of all members in the room came from Jeremy. Proposing that, “How about a grassroots alliance of businessman, manufacturers, tax personnel, and others who refuse to pay any taxes and boycott all goods by participating in bartering”. Applause rang throughout the room as the idea was popular, however the discussion then began on how to implement it without having the police know before it grows large enough to fend them off.

When the meeting finally ended Alexander invited Jeremy to stay at his home with him. It was a small apartment in downtown Boston just a few miles from the bay. When they entered the apartment Jeremy looked around in awe as clipped newspaper articles, pictures of political figures, and paintings cover the walls throughout the apartment.

Alexander tells him to make himself at home while Jeremy looks at the desk with crumbled papers and a copy of The United States Constitution setting there. Alexander walks up behind looking over his shoulder and says, “That is the greatest document ever written I have to say. Our founding fathers would not be proud of our nation like this.”

Inquisitively Jeremy asks Alexander, “So what happens if we win? How will our country work after the revolution? How will we elect a new President or Congress?” To that Alexander replied with a grin, “We shall restore everything to exactly what it was supposed to be. It’s really as simple as that. Why would we ever change what has worked so great until it was perverted? Several things must be added to the document to make sure this corruption never happens again, ever.”

After yawning Jeremy walks over to the couch where Alexander has placed a blanket and pillows for him to sleep. Jeremy lies down and dozes off as the next few weeks will be ones of extensive planning, secrecy, and thought.

Several weeks later the plans have been finalized. The last meeting before the plans are acted upon has been convened in Alexander’s apartment until a knock on the door is heard. Walking swiftly to see who is there he is met with a frustrated looking Daniel who has returned. Behind him are police officers with loaded guns pointed straight at Alexander.

Quickly the door slams and Alexander tells everyone to get out quick, as the police have arrived, but it is too late because the apartment complex is surrounded by officers with guns aimed directly at the apartment building, there is no escape. Luckily Jeremy was not there, he went to the local store to purchase food for everyone at the meeting.

Upon walking down the street he sees the police cars surrounding the building and everyone being arrested. Trying to not be seen he runs into the shadows of a dark ally, watching as all of his friends are being arrested with guns pointed at them. The apartment was being searched by the officers.

After all twelve of the other members were arrested and the police left the scene, Jeremy quickly raced into the apartment which looked like a tornado had swept through the place. Hoping to find the plans hidden somewhere he suddenly remembered the secret hiding spot where Alexander placed all of the plans. Finding them there he leaves the apartment wheezing from the intense fear he just underwent.

Relieved that the plans were still secret he called up all of the ten other members who were not at the meeting that day and demanded an immediately meeting to convene that night by the harbor.

As they all arrived the meeting began, only this time half of the members were not present and were probably being tortured in prison. But this did not stop any of the members from continuing on with the scheduled plans except it will now be far more difficult.

So a week later as all of the plans have been in place and the meetings with local businessmen, manufactures, and others have already occurred and agreement has been made to begin bartering goods instead of participating in currency the plan was working spectacularly. With news plastered all over the television sets of bartering being in place instead of using money the politicians were panicking over fallout in the mostly peaceful Boston area.

Now just one month after bartering has been in place, gunshots are heard screeching across the early morning sky. Rioters have confronted police as the city’s government services, excluding police, have been slashed. With cars on fire and Molotov cocktails being hurled at police the fighting has now come to the city of Boston, exactly as was planned.

Switching on the television in the apartment of a fellow member, Jeremy and several others gather around to see the news reports which were showing that riots have broken out all across Massachusetts and governor’s building had been broken into, ransacked, and set ablaze. The governor has fled from the state to neighboring New Hampshire for safety.

With the Keepers of Liberty now holding a large steak all across the state of Massachusetts they can bring their demands directly to the governor himself. With a scheduled meeting between the governor and the leader of the Keepers of Liberty who is now Jeremy, there is going to be an expected bargaining occurring between the two parties for a compromise.

Jeremy, very nervous for his meeting with the governor has already outlined his demands. The first is for the release of all the other lead members that were arrested several weeks back. Second is for the governor to step down and leave office peacefully. Third is to call for immediate elections in the state. With those demands in hand Jeremy must find a way to convince the governor of accepting them all.

Looking up at the clock outside of the office of the governor in a nameless building in New Hampshire, Jeremy waits patient yet nervous. He is then met by a staff member who escorts him into the office with the governor, a short round man with balding hair and a rosy red face.

“You can call me Governor Charlie”, he said. “I am very angry and frustrated with the terror and rioting you have brought upon my state and demand that it be halted immediately before any further violence occurs. I shall not have my state look like New York.” He angrily demanded.

Sitting back in the chair with a smug look on his face Jeremy said, “Let’s get down to business.” The governor responds, “So what do you want?” “I want several things. First, you will set free all of the other lead members that were arrested a few weeks ago. Second, you will step down from office immediately in exchange for guaranteed safe exit. Third, there will be immediate elections held in this state for every seat in government, including yours.”

Chucking slightly the governor leans forward and says, “And if I refuse?” Jeremy then leans forward into the governor’s face, “Then the safety of you and your family’s life cannot be guaranteed.” A tense silence filled the dimly lit hot room where both man sat looking at each other, focusing to see if one will break.

Governor Charlie pulls a paper out of his desk drawer and tells Jeremy to write his demands down as he will sign the document. He calls a tall African American man to his side as the two sign the document, giving into the demands of the Keepers of Liberty. He promises to step down from office one week from today.

As the document has been signed and finalized Jeremy stands up and walks out of the room, then out of the building where he raises the document above his head to thunderous applause from his fellow members, who all run to congratulate him on their success.

The document guaranteed that those members imprisoned would be released by the end of the week as well.

When they returned to Massachusetts, buildings were ablaze, cops firing rounds into the crowds and at looters throughout the cities. Boston has now become one of the cities which are suffering from the political uprising against the government.

With the news of the governor resigning though plastered on television screens and broadcast across radio a once hopeless future now appears to be bright for a man who just weeks ago prayed for death. With their car slowly crawling down the road as rioters remain in the streets they are greeted with applause and shouts of joy from the protesters who began to gather around the car carrying Jeremy.

By week’s end their fellow members were released from prison and the rest of the contract was fulfilled just as they had agreed upon. The governor stepped down and an election was scheduled for the next week where a new government will be installed in the state of Massachusetts.

Also as promised, the governor was escorted out of the state to a secret location safely as the celebrators run through the streets in joy for they have triumphed over the tyrants who were oppressing them for years.

Jeremy, now the leader of the Keepers of Liberty and Alexander on the ballot to become next governor of Massachusetts the celebration is wild. Recovering from civil war across the nation a shining star emerges in the Bay State as governors begin calling for elections and stepping down from office, then the President announces his resignation as well.

Jeremy and Alexander, standing strong on the steps of the governor’s mansion announce the reinvigoration of hope in this country.

Suddenly out of the crowd a bullet strikes Jeremy in the chest.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.”
- Erma Bombeck

For anyone that knows me or my work here on this site it is obvious that freedom and the constitution are very important to me. I wrote this for What Really Amps Me because the limitless fight for freedom really amps me. This story signifies how far someone would be willing to go just to defend freedom, and that really amps me.
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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 03:23 PM
I would just like to say... Game on!

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by Misoir
I would just like to say... Game on!

S & F
That was good!

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Thank you Slayer, I have already S+F'd your thread the first day you posted it. This shall be one great contest I must say.

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 04:57 PM
One question Mis. A rather miniscule one to boot. Who is Rick? I thought the uncles name was James?
Are you in fact Rick James? I see a conspiracy in the midst.



posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by MessOnTheFED!

Great, an error and it's too late to edit!

That must have happened when I was trying to wright the story and talk to MY Uncle Rick on Facebook. Must have got the names crossed.


posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by Misoir

I can edit it for you.

Send me a U2U with any changes you need done.

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