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Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide:Devastating affects on our soil, plants, animals, and human populatio

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:39 PM

Don Huber spent 35 years as a plant pathologist at Purdue University and knows a lot about what causes green plants to turn yellow and die prematurely. He asked the seed dealer why the SDS was so severe in the one area of the field and not the other.

“Did you plant something there last year that wasn’t planted in the rest of the field?” he asked. Sure enough, precisely where the severe SDS was, the dealer had grown alfalfa, which he later killed off at the end of the season by spraying a glyphosate-based herbicide (such as Roundup). The healthy part of the field, on the other hand, had been planted to sweet corn and hadn’t received glyphosate


This has got to be stopped immediately!It is insane what we are doing to our own living space,our own planet and worse,we are letting it happen without protest(those in the know can do something to help)

for the individuals that are still in the dark,it is up to us to spread the word,inform our friends & family,co-workers etc. anything that can possibly put an end to this GM food,herbicides that are killing our planet (among others)

I recommend you read the article,do further research if you choose and take the time to fill out a petition,protest,spread the word-Positive Production

As we continue to drench our fields with Roundup, the perfect storm gets bigger and bigger. Don asks the sobering question: “How much of the hundreds of millions of pounds of glyphosate that have been applied to our most productive farm soils over the past 30 years is still available to damage subsequent crops through its effects on nutrient availability, increased disease, or reduced nutrient of our food and feed?”

Make a difference,sign this :

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:47 PM
This is BS.
Being a Horticulturalist i have my chemical application license, three years ago we sprayed off a crop using glyphosate 360, 2 crops of oats have been grown in the same spot since.
Lots of 360 makers around, round up by monsanto is just twice the price.

There are far far far more deadly poisons available for use,pre emergents are one of em.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:58 PM
All three neighbors that surround my house use roundup weed killer on their lawns and driveways...I hate when I see them out there drenching that crap around...

I saw one of neighbors going back and forth spraying it on weeds and I just sat there wondering WHY she didn't just bend down and pull the weed out..I mean there weren't that many of them! It's pretty funny to see her though because when she is spraying it she wears a dust mask while doing it...

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 10:52 PM
Umm I had my diploma in Ag and I can tell you that Glyphosate is one of the safest chemicals on the market. It breaks down extremely fast and has as close to 0 residue as you can get. It is a salt based chemical (usually potassium however there are other formulations). It is so safe infact that the LD 50 is 5600 mg/kg in mice, this is super high and equates to you drinking a few jugs of the stuff before it will kill you. Oh and in the article it talks about it being applied to kill off alfalfa, generally glyphosate is mixed with 2,4-D to heat it up a little when taking on alfalfa, this way you also get more effective control of other pest species in the field as well as the alfalfa. Glyphosate will not cause plant kill off in the next crop year after application, in fact if you have a heavy rain shortly after you apply glyphosate it wont do much of anything as it is a water soluable chemical.

Also alfalfa produces a toxin while it is growing, this is why alfalfa stands always end up with the same plant counts no matter what your seeding rate is. Also the toxin they produce can accumulate in the soil and cause yellowing or necrosis in plants the following crop year.

The necrosis and yellowing/bleacing that was observed was most definately caused by the natural toxins produced by the alfalfa, not by the post harvest application of glyphosate in the previous year.
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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by draxenth

Well done and thank you,i agree with you and was taught the same.Monsanto is pure evil no dispute,a lot of company's make 360.

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