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We are just machines easily capable of being programmed

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 06:30 PM
I now fully feel that the world we live in, is only a created "truth".

When the bible was written, it was said that man gained knowledge, and knew he was naked, and covered himself.

I doubt that happened, but feed this story to humans, and they create that reality, and they gain that "knowledge" to clothe themselves. Why be clothed? Is it because it creates a barrier hiding who you are, most of your feelings? Does it make it possible for clothing designers to create clothing that would over time, change who you are?

What about the Constitution? At first, books were written about "rights".

Is the Constitution, just a major program, an Operating system of a computer, that creates a society that believes in rights, exorcises rights, protects "freedom", and hates slavery?

They tell us we have rights, so we create a reality for ourselves behaving in just the way the puppeteers want. Even now, my writing style is in such a way, where I dont have the power to change your mind.

The way I am writing, will make you collect this as information, and just store it without a second thought, or without it effecting you.

All we do is repeat what we know, and reinforce our current situation.

We become slaves over time as we are being programmed.

Now, why would our system be the Constitution? What does it constitute? Constitute means to form, or to compose. Did they just compose the whole order, in which once placed, we change like good little dogs and follow what they place for us?

Right after "we" "defeated" the English, taxes were enFORCED on the people. Talk about irony.

When I close my eyes, and imagine me to be our forefathers, I then ask myself, what would happen if the public was exposed to the Bill of Rights? Freedom of Religion, Press, Assembly...

These rights are slavery. You are a slave to these choices. And the public would have their mind on the bill all the time. They'd talk about buying guns, going to church, or the mosque. Talk about trials, double jeopardy.

All these thought forms are part of their first person point of view.

But seriously now, trial? So you are still under them if you are to be "tried" for something.

Eventually, the public would have unknowingly accepted the system fully. Over generations, the whole of the masses would be converted, and even more generations, the system, and the consciousness and thought forms associated with the system would be branded into the DNA itself.

Since this is the reality people know, to be real, the truth, that they have rights and bla bla bla because that is all it is, then anything that would make them uncomfortable, or show them even by a little what position they really are in, brings about a petition that would bring in a new law or ammendment that would keep the masses inside again.

The system grows stronger by the very ones that were unknowingly placed under it.

It had been thousands of years since mankind had been pupeteered, and so that would mean that by the 18th century, the Constitution wouldn''t even be a problem for the people, as its like the same as taking an Opiate painkiller, it brings you random euphoria and contentment in any situation. As long as any system came making the masses forget their situation, and happily accept what # they were to be placed in, it would be ok, as long as like I said, it was a system where they felt just a bit more comfortable being ruled.

Like Bread and Circuses.

FML. I am just a robot. A slave. So easily programmed. As long as I exorcise my stupid rights, I am exorcising my slavery, my slavery into THEIR system. And exorcising makes you stronger right? Well in this case, exorcising rights by the masses make the system stronger for them.

All we do is repeat this nonsense. We are lost, because we have continued to spit this crap out, and live this fake life for so long.

No, life is not fake, neither is it fake living in this system, but its fake because we believe we are something in which we are not.

The system is great for those that really fit in and thats great for them, really great. But most Americans now are coming out with so many mental disorders, new mental problems are discovered all the time.

So many kids are in Depression now. So many have ADD. These kids with ADD live a really unfair life. Their minds are always working, and focused on this fake life for so much, that they just cant focus anymore,and thus develop ADD.

Today's 6 year old's show no spirit anymore, rather they grow into this system so quickly, they lose themselves fast. by the time their 13, they are already as adults, and at 14, either on drugs, or drinking and especially smoking to bring their feelings and themselves out of hiding in shelter to protect themselves.

When I was 13, I had still so much spirit in me, todays kids are just completely fake and empty.

What we think of "makes sense", makes no F****NG sense at all, we have been programmed and thats it.

I for one, have been programmed in less direct ways to be lazy, and not put in too much effort, especially in writing, so this is why this thread is a bit confusing and has low power in terms of structure and words.

All I want, is to meet one of them that knows history from the beginning, that knows about the constant change of human consciousness. That knows about programming, and knows how it works.

I at least want to meet one of them you know. Huh, I honestly know that ATS itself is one of their websites. Feels weird posting here, but they dont mind us posting all of this and writing all of this and reading all of this. They provide us the website, and throw in a few topics of their own that usually net in at least 20 pages or more.

But, I have to meet one of them. I have to, I have to, I have to...

A few more things I want to say. When I was in high school, I already had a good comprehension of body language. At first it was big signs, then it got smaller, and I soon could quickly register in even micro body language, you know those split second messages, anyway. In my senior year, I would just see the students, how they wore their backpack on one shoulder. I thought to myself, why they even came to school at all, its as if they never came to school, but were still somewhere else, or wherever they wanted to be instead. Its as if they werent there, but they were, they showed up, but they didnt, its like they showed up, to place a puppet in class, and leave in their daydreams. One of those kids was me.

And what I hate is those who go on vacation, and bring all their belongings, laptops, cell phones, everything with them. I think to myself, seriously, did they even go anywhere, because its as if they never left, but stayed home.
People go to the mountains, or beach, and instead, sit there and just picnic, and take thousands of pictures and bring their laptop. Seriously, did they even go anywhere at all?


Lord David.
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by NaturalKnowledge

I think I understand you. You're referring to the inauthentic, false, deathful life, which has been weaved around the American people, and are bemoaning the loss of your freedom in the only space that matters, in your own self or soul.

Good for you for becoming present to that, and if you can die to THAT, without hurting yourself or others in the process, then there you are again, the real you in the real world.

Perhaps you might understand then why I'm a Christian, not because I've accepted any programming, but because I can sympathize with the one who could NOT accept it at any cost, and who was absolutely committed to truth and reality for the sake of truth and reality itself, that it might be preserved, even restored.

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:12 AM
The brain is a learning machine that learns through trial and error. It did take a while from your first step to become competent at walking. It is a complex world we live in with many competing forces and most people just struggling to tread water through the chaos of it all. The fact that you are acknowledging problems is a good thing. The first step in fixing any problem is to identify it. We can be programmed from many sources, many ideas and many influences from the environment. In the end it comes down to what your self determination wants to do with it.

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