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Solar flare fear mongering, “no longer made in US”

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:33 PM
The last straw on my back, I can’t take it any more!!!!!!!
Watching another fear mongering show on tv a while ago, and seen an on running lie that has been repeated all across tv and the net…..

“big transformers” “No longer made in the united states” ………. “If they are destroyed” ………..”have to be shipped in from overseas.” “months or years lead time!!!!”

In my previous posts on other threads, I have tried to point out that even if they were not made here anymore, they still don’t need to replace them.. They can be rebuilt. I have been ignoring the manufacturing side. But enough is enough. I thought I would take the time to point out the fallacy, because it is really getting on my nerves.

Every media outlet repeats it so much, but it is so wrong that there must be a conspiracy behind it. Industry representatives can’t be that stupid!!!!!! It is almost like the government wants to scare the people.

It is unnerving to have to correct major broadcasting companies, and leading US officials and scientists on a basic fact. It is like sitting there by a big white elephant that everyone is ignoring and feeling apprehension about trying to draw it’s presence to everyone’s attention.

It makes my head hurt to think that major broadcasters could actively promote such crap!

YES they DO make BIG transformers IN the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In many places!!!!!!!!!

US transformer factories that make BIG substation transformers!
I don’t know how their website could be more blunt about what they make.
factories in VA and CA
Normal product line 15KV to 230KV primary. Higher voltages on case by case basis.
6 locations across US
PA and NC
Canonsburg Operations
90 Acres of Land
18 Buildings, 1.2 Million sq. ft.

Test Capability: 765 kV, 2300 kV BIL
500 Tons of Lifting Capacity
$7 Million GEORG Automatic Core Cutting & E-stacking Line

all over the place. (old westinghouse)

Their st louis transformer rebuilding flyer.$File/1ZUL004605-100_TransformerRemanufting.pdf

kuhlman now abb
....... all over the place.
Ellisville, Mississippi
FL and KS
Fort Smith AR

Lets see…… That is over 12 factories that I compiled in under less than an hour of searching. There is more in that industry in the US, but I won’t take the time to list them. There is countless companies in the rebuilding industry that I definitely won’t take the time to list.

For those companies, I will just post a link to a youtube video that one of the small transformer rebuilding shops made. It will give you a basic idea of the system.

It is obvious that they know this too, so how do they get away with feeding that crap to the people?

I know I have posted other stuff along these lines before, but if I repeat it enough, maybe someone will hear me!!!!

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:37 PM
Wow...blatant and good catch. So someone wants us to believe that we'd be solely at the mercy of non-U.S.-based manufacturing were this to happen.

The only things I can think of to even attempt to rationalize this is that they're assuming this happens X years into the future (or the show or place they got this from did and they neglected to notice it or repeat it), when even this manufacturing has flowed off our shores or maybe that they make some key or critical parts we need offshore. Seems like someone didn't do their fact-checking big time. Other than that, I have nothing.

Thanks for this information. Always good to know we're being lied to, even if we don't know exactly by who is lying or why.

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by Mr Tranny

wow thank you for the info. i have read that they are not made in the usa and it would take up to 2 year to get new replacements. i was very close to quoting that bad info on another thread just days ago. thank you again and message reseved loud and clear hehe

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