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Pocket NewSpeak Dictionary: Ruling Elite Edition Volume 1

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 07:42 AM
For those of us who still have not been able to understand the new terminology a new dictionary.

Original Source

The Neo-Aristocrats never say what they are really thinking, so they engage in sub communication. If you have the wherewithal to decode their speech patterns you can better understand their demented and twisted rational. I will provide you with examples, explanations and direct quotes.
Michael Vail(Chief Editor of BLN)

Biodiversity – The Eco-Dictator's trump card. It is more important that some rare species of bug live than you are I because there are so many of us on the planet. We are no longer at the top of the food chain. The UN uses the biodiversity card to steal the best real estate on Earth. The endgame is to abolish all private property for the sake of preserving animals and insects. What a world!

Capacity Building - The creation of a framework that will enforce environmental policy upon the urban community, long term resource management and yes you are also a resource. The overall goal is to force people into the high rise urban slums like a large can of sardines while using transportation agencies to close off access to rural towns and farm land. See also the ‘Man in the Biosphere Program’ and the Wildlands Project.

Collateral Damage – S@#t happens! A countries infrastructure is destroyed along with any and all services that people need during times of crisis. Governments bring in the multinational corporations and pay them top dollar to rebuild. The process is repeated again and again. See also Halliburton and Redistribution of Wealth.

Democracy – Indirect representation of the majority. The mob is manipulated to support issues which are not in their interest. Polls are used to polarize groups and to control both sides of an argument. In the final analysis no one is represented but lobbying firms and corporations.

Extrajudicial Punishment and/or Killing –Governments tend to decay from within and officials begin to think that they are above the law. They use murdering scum type mercenaries who are the judge, jury and executioners on behalf of the government. After the smoke clears these assassins and their handlers are barred from visiting many countries as they are well known war criminals. See also Heinz 'Henry” Kissenger, Robert Mcnamara and George HW Bush.

G-7/G-20 – International pyramid schemers aka Central Bank governors of the developed and developing nations meeting in secret to manipulate world currencies through synchronized action between the nations. The IMF and World Bank also report to the central bankers who target specific countries for controlled demolition of their economies. The loan sharks of last resort then offer the victims a line of credit. If this doesn't work, see also Bribery, Blackmail and Bullets.

Global Citizenship – This is one of the primary goals of the ruling class, to focus people's attentions on global issues instead of local issues. To build the cosmopolitan mindset. Children at this very moment are bombarded with foreign languages and foreign cultures in an attempt to create a future homogenized global society. The exchange of information between cultures is wonderful but the elite do not value culture, their focus is on the elimination of children's local environment and replacing that with being a citizen of the world and the world's problems.

Global Governance – All the trappings of government but without the structure and representation of the people. Smoky back room deals and unelected control freaks with brief cases filled with data from polls and focus groups. This is the parallel government that funds the NGO's. They support 'governance' but not government because they do not want to be accountable to anyone.
Harmonization/Interdependence – These two words seem to have a 'we are the world' sort of connotation to them. There is nothing wrong with harmony and reliance upon each other, yet in the context of economic and political policies it is a different kettle of fish all together. The premier globalists on the scene would like to harmonize the laws of all nation states to create a super structure or world union. They would prefer interdependence in order to stymie any nation states from acting in their own interests, which is perfectly logical and natural.

Hearts & Minds – Politicians are groomed and taught from an early age how to spin facts, lie and manipulate others for their benefit. They go through rigorous training on how to use the correct body language that exudes authority and respect. They learn Neuro Linguistic Programming and covert hypnosis language to keep the unwashed masses voting them in office. Their war is for your hearts and minds during an election or during wartime. How can you smart bomb people back to the bronze age and still hope to 'capture' their hearts and minds unless they are sprinkled across the battlefield with the rest of the corpses? See also Psychological Operations and Military Information Support Operations.

Liberty – Liberty is the sum of what is left over after you surrender your 'freedom' for the good of the many. You have the liberty or permission given by a central authority. See also Napoleonic law and Magna Carta.

Non-governmental organizations(NGO) - Groups and organizations with spheres of influence over international relations and policy making. Big foundations and trusts with unlimited funding use these non-state ‘actors’ to directly affect governments across the globe without getting their hands dirty or being directly connected to covert actions. If this trend continues Washington D.C. will be more of a symbol of government and completely without a pulse. There are thousands of influential NGOs such as The Red Cross, PETA, GreenPeace and Blackwater.

SupraState/Union – A supernational organization which has reach over multiple countries such as the EU. Today America is now called, “The Americas” as there is North America(American & Canada) and South America. This shift in language is to create the environment of a superstate. In order for a continental union to be established there must be harmonization of all economic and political systems in every nation. See also Soviet Union and Communism.

Zero Growth/Sustainable Development – There have been projections that after the Industrial Revolution the global economy would reach a near standstill. Somehow this would be a good thing in their eyes as it would reduce consumption patterns and lower environmental damage. Our economies have come to a near standstill but people are still eating nearly as much as we always have. The mantra today is zero economic and population growth. They have decided what is sustainable and what is not according to their own flawed models. They will enforce upon the populace environmental taxing mechanisms to further slow growth. Smart grids and smart cities will be the foisted upon the people. In essence if your government gives you a cardboard box to live in and you don't fit properly in the box they would rather starve you than fix the immediate problem. They continue the horrible Malthusian doctrine even in the 21st century. See also Capsule Hotels and Eco-Cities.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:41 AM
A very accurate assessment that cuts through the hazy and gets to the point.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 06:11 PM
I'd like to add one to the list.

Quantitative Easing (QE) - when a central bank creates money out of thin air in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

I would also like to add an example of political newspeak I received in an email. It's not true, but funny nonetheless.

Judy Wallman, a professional genealogy researcher in southern California, was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Harry Reid's great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. Both Judy and Harry Reid share this common ancestor. On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this inscription: 'Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889. The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in Montana territory. ' So Judy recently e-mailed Congressman Harry Reid for information about their great-great uncle. Believe it or not, Harry Reid's staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research:

'Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad. In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honor when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.'

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 07:15 PM
awesome awesome awesome! i just got done watching 1984 for the first time, like 5 minutes ago in my hotel room. what a co-inky-dink!

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by VictorVonDoom

Correct on the QE, we can probably should add more Quantitative Examples to the list. (Pun intended)

I've seen the article on Reid before, and still get a laugh every time.


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