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Tribute to a Starchild and an inspirational message to all...

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 07:19 PM
On December 26, 2010 a fabulous starchild left our plane of existence, never to be heard no more. On the contrary, I will leave one of her beautiful messages in this post for all of you to experience. During these dark days, we need a little inspiration. Inspiration that moves the often selfish concrete heart of today.
When she first came on the scene, her mentor said this of her: "...but one day singer and producer Rick James, one of the label's biggest stars, happened to hear her singing and playing the piano in a rehearsal studio. "I expected to see a writer-producer," James told People. "And instead I found this short, tiny white body sitting at the piano, singing like the gods had come into her spirit."
Pretty powerful huh?
Mary Christine Brockert, aka Teena Marie stepped onto the world stage with songs for The Father in her heart. God Has Created was one of her songs always performed at her concerts. She was full of joy and eventhough the music industry dumped on her time and time again, she fought back and won victories not just for herself, and she was one of many back in the day struggling for recognition from the black audiences, but all like her and then later all artists as well.
Many seemed at first to embrace Teena until they found out she was white. Then came the ridicule. I heard someone once say she couldn't sing and I asked why she would say that, and I got, because white people can't sing the blues. I never could stand prejudice of any kind so back then I would have been a poor student of philosophical discussion (mainly because the girl landed on her butt) but Teena weathered these and more hateful comments with a smile and a knowing. She knew she was being tested. She was determined to win high marks each time too. (For those not of a religious fate, belief or the like, we believe we are tested and we pass or fail that test depending on whether we follow the rules or not - so those who think it cool to gay bash, kill minorities or hate others in God's name fail the test.) What she said was most eloquent: Radio programmers assumed that Teena Marie was black, an impression the singer neither encouraged nor dispelled. "It should make no difference; I don't see color," she told People. from
But she never faltered. Even in her battle with Motown Records, she held her head high. The outcome: "The lawsuit resulted in "The Brockert Initiative", which made it illegal for a record company to keep an artist under contract without releasing new material for that artist. In such instances, artists are able to sign and release with another label instead of being held back by an unsupportive one."

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 07:20 PM

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by villerslomer

Seriously no need.....
I dunno why but this post has really inspired me

Loving the vibe

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by TedHodgson

Thank you. Please google her and see more. She was an inspiration.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:04 PM
She is an inspiration. Her music overcomes all obstacles, even those that only see black and white, while covering their ears.
The music and the video made me realize what a special place Earth is, and how special WE can be if we choose to be. We can be worthy of a beautiful planet, and we should strive to be. Someday, maybe only the worthy will inherit the earth, who knows? Maybe, just the musicians and those that create beauty?

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by Stewie

Stewie I sincerely hope not. I really hope that if we all wake up to our inner beauty the world could change overnight.
Its in there, we just gotta dig it out.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 10:39 PM
OH my, I am at a loss. I have been so disconnected from music, specifically in the media, that I did not know.

Thank you for bringing this to Light! Here is a nice tribute page that links several well-loved videos: Tribute article

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 03:09 AM
Great lyrics! Not my favorite kind of music but well done never the less. She'll be back, not to worry.
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