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20 years on from BSE! Meat could be reintroduced to Animal feed

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 03:27 PM
Not sure how many of you guys remember the mass livestock culling of the 80's due to BSE and the outbreak of the human variant (CJD) which was responsible for 169 deaths in Britain.

BSE and CJD (Mad Cow Disease) was said to be caused by cattle being feed on the carcass of dead sheep and other cattle. It seems that we have learnt nothing from this as it has now been requested that rules regarding the feeding of cattle should be relaxed to allow for a return to MNM feeding (meat and bone meal)

In a consultation document, Brussels said any changes would be based on sound science but acknowledged it was "impossible" to remove all risk of the disease entering the food chain.

I am no scientist, but it seems glaringly obvious to me that if you feed a Herbivore meat, you will inevitably get health issues.

It just seems so unnatural... And i think that the outbreak of the 80's helps support that. They just cant help but tinker for a few extra bucks

Meat back on menu for animal feed 20 years after BSE crisis


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