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The Hellenic origin of the Araucans of Chile

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:18 AM
I found this information about the Araucans. According to the author (LONKO KILAPAN), it could be a connection between this people in South America (Chile), and the Hellenic civilization. It's at least a good reading for an open mind.

Here are some quotes :

"we notice that the Greek name Êourre (Êïýñç or Êüñç, Koure or Kore in Greek means girl, young woman) with which the Araucans call the first woman".

"According to the Araucanic calendar we are already in the year 2804…This time measuring almost coincides with the Olympic calendar; it is called Olympic, since the first Olympiad, held in 776 BC, is taken as the conventional starting point of time measuring, which is close to the year 800 BC of the Araucanic calendar…".

"the oracles where Machi (Mantis in Greek means diviner) performed the rituals having duties of a priestess like the ones of Pythia, the same sacred tree, the same weapons and the same training as in Greece, the myth of Siren, and the same wedding ceremony that involved the bride’s kidnapping, according to the model of Mythology"

the link :

Enjoy it.

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:28 AM
i maybe wrong but isnt 800 bc about the time atlantis was supposed to be destroyed

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:27 AM
He's a nationalist with an agenda, alas, and his information isn't very close to the truth. There's some speculation that they're related to the Polynesians (this has been discounted by DNA evidence)... the fact that it's a language isolate suggests that their ancestors were some of the first people on the South American continent... some 20,000 years ago.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:16 AM
Uh, I was unfamiliar with these calendars, so I decided to look for them. I know we had a calendar system before the present calendar we use. Plus, I'm sure seperate societies may have had different systems. After searching for these calendars, on different search engines, I couldn't find one calendar called the "Olympic Calendar," nor could I find this "Araucanic Calendar," which sort of stumps me on this one.

I know that lots of civilizations around the world in the ancient times, had similar stories and traditions, and other similar attributes of their society, so I don't necessarily deny this information, I just need to find more info.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by Myendica
After searching for these calendars, on different search engines, I couldn't find one calendar called the "Olympic Calendar," nor could I find this "Araucanic Calendar," which sort of stumps me on this one.

The Olympic Calendar is not an easy thing to find on the internet, but there have been a couple books written about it. It DOES exist, it's just not a well known calendar.

So we're actually living in the year 2804? Makes me wonder about The Mayan Calendar now and for some reason, all of this media hype keeps pointing me towards project blue beam.

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 05:52 PM
Ive always thought North Indians (from India not America) are quite similar to Mexican's

some parts of the language are too although this could be because of the middle eastern spread to spain?

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 07:22 PM
This hypothesis is so far fetched and so without real evidence that it requires an old Greek saying; "τραβηγμένη από τα μαλλιά", which literally means 'pulled by the hair' - in fact it is way beyond even that.

Based on some linguistic coincidences, if that (most of them won't even stand!), and some similarities in social structure and religious aspects this "theory" goes on to claim...what? That the Spartans, the least among other Greeks in the time of the First Colonization to take to long naval travels (not that they abstained completely, they just weren't as proficient and as involved with things naval), not only crossed the entire length of Asia on foot, they crossed the Pacific by ship???

Sometimes all you have to do to shoot down such theories is repeat them out loud, it becomes so obvious that they are nothing more but wishful "thinking"

P.S. I am Greek but never have I (and I hope I never will) proposed something THIS ridiculous!!

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by Maegnas

The hypothesis is real, the problem is that you are Greek but you don't speak Greek you don't understand Greek and you don't know Greek history and ill prove it to you step by step.

First of all i wanna let you know that i have never been in English school and all English i know is because i was lucky and i study ancient Greek so i understand very well all European languages.

First of all there are 32 different Greek alphabets. Μodern Greek use the Attica Ionian.
British use the kimi halkida one (There is not Latin alphabet. Latins just use the Halkida kimi alphabet)
So even at the Greek word you just used at beginning Hypothesis - Υπόθεσης
You absolutely ignore the fact that and the alphabet and the orthography is 100% correct atthe same time Greek word Υπόθεσης is 100% wrong orthography.
the problem is the missing letter "H"
in English they still use it correctly with H (H is doing absolutely the same job in English as was doing the Dasia = Δασία ' in Greek for 2200 years before 1980 that get banned from alphabet)

Greek by the time transform dasia From "H" to something like this '
So (English) H = Greek Δασία '
That is why Hellas = 'Eλλας or Ηydro = 'Υδρο or Wine - Vine from 'οίνος that in anciant greek was FINOΣ (f (Δίγαμμα)is one of anciant banned greek leters that was doing the same job as Dasia ...)

Ofc you don't know that Greek language from Alexander the great till 1900 something was the world language as it is English ourdays, with few words if you didn't knew Greek you couldn't travel, make dials or trade. Even Ottoman empire was communicate in Greek... so 1980 and then with a law Greek get banned from schools. From 1980and then, year by year with the force our language get replaced to something new, a different language that it called modern Greeks that is more close to English than Greeks.

So in Greeks that forced to ban them from school since 1980 there were few letters that removed in modern Greeks This letters called Psili, Dasia, Perispomenh, kai varia.Unfortunately i don't have politonic keyboard so i cant display them but i can name them Ψιλή, Δασιά, Περισπωμένη, Βαρεία

Thats why before 1980 when we was reading ancient text we was making output
and our days we are making translation!

anyway now something ells. Ιn Greece south people use more vowels than the north people so as northern we move the vowels get less and less so in Creta we use to say INTA KANEIS OREEEand south in kastoria they say TIKANS so you can see 80% less vowels. so in bigger scale listen the Arabs and compare them with the Russians. or British or even more Norwich

Now ill give you an example to see what happens at Greeks when they move north and north and north...

Lets take for example the Greek word Ελεημοσύνη

Greek Ελεημοσύνη
Latins Alemosina
Italian Elemosina
Spanish Limosna
French Aumone
German Almocen
English Alms

if i was telling you before that Alms is Greek from Eleimosini you would be laugh at me.. but there is an explanation for everything.

Or the anciant greek game Κερητιζειν that you call it hockey even football


lets see some of the names now and if you know basic greeks you should know that for acustic reasons the leters
each team depends the case for acoustic reasons can be replaced so keeps the harmony
its like thats why πενταημερη πενθήμερη (τδθ) here are some examples

Alkaman = Αλκαμένης

Allavilu = Αλλόφιλος

Alkapan = Αλκιφάνης

Andakolo = Αντίχορος

Antihuenu = Αντίγονος

Antivilu = Αντίφιλος ( παρατηρούμε την τροπή του φ σε β,

όπως στην Μακεδονική διάλεκτο )

Antipulli = Αντίπυλος

Antimanki = Αντίμαχος

Antigaki = Αντίοχος

Antriti = Ανδρίτη ( αμαζόνα, ανδρογυναίκα)

Antilaf = Αντίλοχος

Antipan = Αντιφάνης

Glauka = Γλαύκη ( από το γλαυκός )

Ile = Ύλας, όνομα γνωστού Αργοναύτη

Kare = Χάρις

Kirio = Κύριος
Tome = Τομεύς

Krea = Κρέουσα

Krinno = Κρίνος ή Κρίνων

Napo = Νάπος ( από το νάπη =δάση, κοιλάδα, Αγ. Νάπα )

Pono = Πόνος ( από το πόνος = κόπος, έργον, μάχη )

Tropa = Τρόφος ( από το τροφός )

Karelao = Χαρίλαος

Epinapi = Επίνεφος ή Επίναπος ( νάπη = κοιλάδα, δάσος )
Kallopillan = Καλλιφίλων

Kallopan = Καλλιφάνης

Kallotane = Καλλιθάνης

Kallomalin = Καλλίμελος

Kallolanke = Καλλιλάμπης (π κ )

Kallolalangue = Καλλίλογος

Karenaipai = Χαρίνιππος

Karellanga = Χαρίλαμπος

Kedoman = Κηδομένης ( κήδος = μέριμνα, φροντίς )
Kalemante = Καλλιμάντης

Kelentara = Καλλιδωρος

Kaupolikan = Γεωπολυγένης

Kanio = Γεννίων ( = γενάρχης )

*Huenchulao = (Α)huenchulao = Αγησίλαος

Lientur = Λεόντωρ, Λέανδρος

Lemo- Lemo = Πτόλεμος ή Πτολεμαίος

Lautaro = Λαόδωρος

Lonko = Λόγγος

Nekuleo = Νικόλαος ( όνομα Σπαρτιατικό)

Maniqueo = Μενοικεύς

Mauropande = Μαυροπένθης

Melitaun = Μελιταίος

Melivilu = Μελίφιλος

Antupillan = Ανθοφίλων

Poepan = Ποοφάνης

Aliman = Αλιμένης

Elikura = Ελίκωρος

Leokano = Λεωγένης

Leokato = Λεωκράτης

Leochengo = Λεωσθένης

Nakto = Νυκτώ

Gualema = Γαιο(πτό)λεμος

Leokan = Λεωγένης


κατά την έρευνα των ονομάτων έχουν επισημανθεί οι εξής καταλήξεις σε αντιστοιχία :

-kan = -γένης, -man = -μένης, -vilu = -φίλος, -katum = -κράτης, -pan = -φάνης, -an = -άνης, - huenu = -γονος, -

-puli = -πυλος, -gav = -γαίος, -gaki = -οχος, -manki = -μαχος,

-laf = -λοχος, -gueo = -κευς, -ande = -άνθης, - taro = -δωρος

- ante = αντης, -pai = -ίππος, - polikan = - πολυγένης.

Coincidence it should be in one two or maximum 3 words or names
its imposable over 2000 words to be coincidence...

And about history its well known if you read ancient Greek writers that Greece was ruling the world 10.000 bc before the big floods that take place world wide after the last ice age that ice melt down.

if you don't belive me ask me to proved you with evidence.

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