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Negative, The Unsung Hero

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:21 PM
So I guess you might be asking yourself what the heck is this going to be about. Or maybe you aren't, but you are here now so we might as well proceed!

Let us take all the new age rs, and those focused on um, let's say those trying to follow the path of enlightenment. Lets also take the folks that believe in the fact, or thought, that we are all one.

I wish to present a question.

If one comes into this life time and they have a choice to be positive or negative, or they have a Karma contract to fulfill, or a learning experience to fulfill, and all is one, shouldn't the negative choice have as much impact as the positive one?

Let me try and break down this thought a bit. We are all one. One must experience "All," to be, or reach, lets say fulfillment. I'm guessing we all need to be the flower, the cat, the rock, the tree, the ocean, the wind, etc., somewhere down the line.

Now, let us take a murderer. They kill a family. To any "sane" person, that is the most horrible thing to contemplate. But, what is the ripple effect of that action? What happens positive from the negative?

Let us take John Walsh for a example. This is a man that had his child murdered. This is Also a man that Now host the American show, Americas Most Wanted. He is also a strong advocate against child abuse, etc. Would this man be doing this if a "Negative" hadn't of happened in his life? Or, would he still just be sitting home watching TV and eating ice cream with his child? How many lives has he now touched and saved or helped because of his new position created from the Negative? Did a Negative create a Positive? For every action, there is a reaction?

Ying Yang?

OK, so now I know, or think, we will have the folks going, " But it is ones decision to be good or bad.' it is the choice you make."

Well, what if, in order to experience it "All," and to "Know" all one must learn what it is they "Don't" want. A young soul just starting out. Let's say first time out of the box. One must know to be a "Killer," to know what it is to be "Murdered." Does one then understand "Both" sides? Can one then" Move On" to make a choice? Is that when the Enlightened Light goes on? A flicker of it at least? This is just one aspect of course.

I would like to think I have evolved a bit. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't respond to a lot of questions the same as I would have when I was 12, 22, or 34. Is that really any different then in a different time frame or lifetime of soul learning?

Perhaps a "Old Soul" might even just sign up for another lifetime to perform a ugly task, just for the ripple effect it may cause. A duty to create something not apparent at the time,but for the better good in the big picture? Was it really "Negative?" Or, did that old soul know the Negative would create a far more Positive in the Big Picture? At least equal?

I'm sorry I may seem to be rambling here, but I just think, to be fair, if all is Equal, then the negative deserves it's " Just" as well.

Positive people always talk about how the negative people bring them down and ruin their day... Well shouldn't that be the same, if all is equal in the realm of things,, that the Positive people can ruin the Negative persons day too?

I am not condoning negative, but I do think it Has to have its place. Someone can try to be negative around me, I can be just as positive, it is still my choice to reflect on them my own wisdom or enlightenment. Some days the negatives win with me and do get me down, but, the important things is, how I come out of it, and that is where I evolve. Another lesson learned, Thanks to the Negative.

Perhaps we are too hard on our most obvious lessons....

Thanks for listening.... yig~

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:40 PM
I read an article recently that talked about something close to what you speak of. Not in negatives or positives, but as the gradual evolution of the spirit. The spirit cannot be whole until all possible scenarios have been experienced by this one being.

When the spirit has experienced all, they move into a state of pure "light", becoming complete. I like to think that it's the gradual piecing together of a puzzle, through each life and experience, and when its all done the bigger picture is revealed.

I agree that without negative, there would be no positive. Without evil there is no good. We must have one to balance the other. Eventually leading to a perfect balance when the spirit become whole through it's experiences.

Interesting post, I hope to read others ideas on this.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

Thank you my friend, Im glad somebody understood my ramblings! I really feel the same way ugly as it may sound, but one must Know it All, to Understand it All.... Thanks for the response

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by yigsstarhouse

Hey yigs! Good to see another one of your threads.
The Yin/Yang paradigm is constantly in play so there will always be a dance between pos and neg. I had not considered the "reactionary" effects of Y/Y, as far as the immediacy. Like you say though, the web of events that comes of these actions is often ignored and what we determine as negative often derives from emotion, bringing a subjective perspective into an objective reality. Don't get me wrong, I am against harm to others; our judgement of an action does not always negate the action's necessity or place in the grand scheme of things.

I am reminded of an old Chinese story -

A Blessing in Disguise (Chinese Folk Story)
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, December 28, 2007

An unlucky event can bring about happiness
A long, long time ago, there was a kind old man who lived on the plains outside the Great Wall of China. The gentle old man had only two passions in his life: collecting rare breeds of horses, and his son, whom he loved more than anything else.

The old man and his son would ride their horses every day. They would travel great distances to trade horses, meet new people, and enjoy the good fortune that life had bestowed upon them.

One morning, a servant left the stable door open and one of the old man’s favorite stallions escaped. When the neighbors heard the news of the stallion’s escape, they came to comfort the old man. They told him they were sorry he had had such bad luck.

But strangely enough, the gentle old man was not upset. He explained to his neighbors that losing the horse wasn’t necessarily bad luck. There was no way to predict that the horse would escape, it just happened, and now there was nothing that could be done about it. “There is no reason to be upset,” said the old man. The neighbors soon realized that there was nothing they could do to help get the horse back, and that they shouldn’t feel sad for the old man’s misfortune.

One week later, the stallion came back, and he brought with him a mare. This was not just any mare, but a rare and valuable white mare. When the neighbors heard of the old man’s good luck, they quickly came to congratulate him. But again, the old man was not excited. As he had explained before, it was not necessarily good luck that had brought him this new and beautiful white horse. It just happened, and there was no reason to get excited over it. Still a bit puzzled, the neighbors left as quickly as they had come.

A short time later, while his son was riding the white horse, she slipped and fell. She landed on the son’s leg, and broke his leg, so that he would always walk with a limp. Again, the neighbors came to the old man’s house to give their sympathy for the bad luck that had befallen his son. One of the neighbors suggested that the old man sell the mare before anymore bad luck could happen, and others said that he should take his revenge and kill the mare. However, the old man did neither. He explained to the neighbors that they should not feel sorrow for his son, nor anger towards the mare. It was purely an accident that could not be predicted, and there was nothing he or they could do to change it. At this point, the neighbors thought the old man was crazy and decided to leave him alone.

Two years later an enemy invaded the country, and all of the old man’s neighbors were drafted to defend the country against the attack. Because the old man’s son was lame, he did not have to join in the fighting. The war was very bad, and most of the old man’s neighbors were killed, but his son was spared because he had been hurt by the white horse two years earlier.

Very often, when an event takes place that everybody thinks is good luck, the end results are disastrous. In the same way, an unlucky event can bring about happiness. Therefore, you should not lose your will to continue if an unlucky event happens, nor should you be too overjoyed or feel too self-satisfied because of a lucky event, or because something that you desire comes very easily to you.

Edit To Add: Thinking about it some more, I realized through art/music there has been much beauty, awe, inspiration and soul stirring from people that have suffered dearly in their lives. Sometimes tragedy and despair are the genesis of positivity and change, like of the notion that there is no creation without destruction and vice a versa.

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Spec? you my friend I would never dream of one to advocate the negative. I dont even have to mention the proof is in your story, Funny you should claim you have never considered the ripple effect, yet, it reminds you of this great story which almost seems to drip with the ripple effect. Me thinks you have pondered this before, or you have learned and all ready understand this little wisdom step... lol If That made sense!

lol now I have to edit... you are indeed correct, music art and poetry, a lot of times stem from great pain, yet brings peace to others. I think we are at the tip of the ice berg here. How much negative have we actually seen create a positive? I bet we could go a long way with this!

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Well heck, my mind is a racing now... how about the star player that twist his ankle. The parents are all bummed and saddened, yet, the kid that has been on the bench now gets to play and maybe hits the home run that wins the big game...

Perhaps we need to pay more attention to the lesson in the story. Kind of like make lemon aide out of the lemons etc. Maybe that is where one of the real lessons are learned. So many are quick to judge how bad it is when something negative happens. So wrapped up in the sensation of the moment, the outcry, the horror, the news, they forget to look ahead to the total outcome, which Im guessing is forever changing. One ripple to the next....

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by yigsstarhouse

Funny you should claim you have never considered the ripple effect, yet, it reminds you of this great story which almost seems to drip with the ripple effect. Me thinks you have pondered this before, or you have learned and all ready understand this little wisdom step... lol If That made sense!

Wow, my own thought went right past my own head!
Love when that happens!
Yes I am a fan of some Eastern philosophies such as zen and Taoism. I utilize Wu Wei for painting and in life most of the time. The notion of emptiness has value to me also, and brings a certain clarity and recharging that strengthens.

The ripples I do understand, I was trying to visualize what a more immediate effect, as in instantaneous, would look like.
Say if I am playing baseball and I get a line drive in the face, what positive thing could instantly happen? < laughing as I write this >
No need to give it much though, just pondering....

Back to point of negative making positive, one could argue that some good has come from certain wars.
Now who benefited from wars is another story I suppose.
I now am wondering if any bad deed goes unrewarded by something specifically positive that only occurred as a result.
I guess knowing this makes me understand things better, but it still hurts...the suffering amongst us.

Being aware of this Y/Y paradigm affects my judgement a bit. It prevents me from feeding a negative source consistently with personal angst. Rather,I can recognize it, learn from it and move on.

It is a tightrope too because I am sitting here imaging replies and it sounds like I am encouraging passiveness. Yet I know there are times I would not accept certain actions and even fight to prevent them.

So it is back to the middle path for now, somewhere between, remaining flexible and adaptive, so that I may respond accordingly to each unfolding.

The awareness you bring in this subject is ,imo, somewhat liberating. Thanks for bringing it onboard yigs.


Edit To Add Again: Always thinking....I would like to clarify that I think this outlook is beneficial only in the observation and processing of action, not the enactment of an action. Unless the action is positive to begin with.

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:16 AM
Hi Yig!

The concept of Positive and Negative is an ancient theory of thought, which as has been stated is symbolised in Ying and Yang, which states that where there must be good, there also must be something bad, and vice versa, so that the two follow each other, balancing each other, and part of the process of life and existence.

I would not be willing to say that someone is born positive and negative, as we would condemn newborns to one or the other path, and could lead down to a dangerous path.

For example, the child of a serial killer or rapist does not themselves become what their parent was just because of their parent.

Nor does the child of a happy family then themselves become naturally a happy adult.

I believe that postivity and negativity are shaped from experience and fortune, and goes within the realms of action=reaction.

For example, the father of the child who was murdered who became a TV presenter was not neccesarily shaped from the negativity he experienced, but from his experience shaping his life.

Had his child been alive, his experience from there, in that ripple effect, may have taken him away from TV Presenting, because his experience would probably not bring him into contact with the subject manner of the programme he presents now as a result of his experiences from the death of his child.

On the issue of Negativity, I read a thread created by someone who claimed they came from a ruling bloodline family of the world, who was preparing the human race for 2012 by spreading negativity. True or false, it deals with the subject of negativity in an interesting manner:

Window of Opportunity

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