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Integration to Self was Seamless

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 04:34 PM
The girls browsed the chip catalogue from the luxury of their own bedrooms, each lying sideways across the fluffy bed, plugged into the virtual reality head device that brought the world of commerce (formerly known as the MALL) straight into their brains. While they shopped, they chit chatted, excitedly scampering through a Virtual mall, together, because they were on a linked device, looking for just the right career to choose when they turned 18. Oh, and maybe some new music and stuff for their home chip.

"Isn't there a new Chase Langford movie available??" One of them sqealed.

"Yes! Let's download it!!" The other quickly suggested.

"Preview first!!" the girls squealed in tandem.

From the den downstairs, Regina's father smiled. He was blessed to have such a pretty and popular daughter, some of the geneticly ordered children had turned out rather....poorly....back when it first became popular, fifteen years ago. Very blessed.

"Honey? Want some tea?" His wife entered the den after a soft knock, knowing good and well he wanted some tea. He was tea thirty after all.

"Those girls, they sure do love shopping." She commented as she served her husband his tea, then herself, before settling into a chair.

"That's fine with me, have you seen the printouts? They spend just as much time previewing careers, as they do the girlie stuff, you know."

"I saw them. Regina wants to go into science, maybe a Dr. Will you try to discourage that? All people want Drs anymore is to be plugged in, and other distasteful practices. The Android MDs are perfect, I dont know why they dont antiquate that DR chip already. Who would want to get into such a dirty field?"

"I seem to recall you wanting to become one, and care for animals back in the day."

"Yeah, like the day I saw Bambi. I outgrew that notion real quick, when I realized marrying well was the best solution for me."

The way she said it was straight forward, and honest, and he was grateful every day for this woman. He would talk to Regina later that evening and try and steer her towards a different CLEAN path, maybe like her mother's.

He rose and kissed his wife, and asked that she close the door behind her before she left. He was expecting some visitors for business and preferred to have the family out of the house by then.

Obediently, just like he had chipped her, she returned his kiss and went to gather the girls for some time in the park.


"So, the specs in for the third gen device, Roger?"

Roger prepared the presentation.

"See for yourselves, gentlemen."

Each man, all six of them, were handed prototype chips.

"This my friends, is the chip that humans have chased since Cleopatra wore kohl around her eyes. The quest for perfection, right in your palm."

The men looked at the device, nestled in a box, for it was the size of a pin head.

The box could be ported into the VR device and programmed any way the programmer desired. And the programming was endless. Want a shy yet bold girlfriend, guys? You can program the chip to behave shy in certain situations and bold in others. Want a sex kitten? All programmable. Want her to clean on even days only? Programmable. Want her to love your mother? Done. Excersize? Docility? Submissive? Done. He called it the StepFord options.

But what about singles? People will pay greatly for a chip that makes them exercise, eat right and be social and be happy all the time. This is the miracle chip, this is 1000 times better than make up or plastic surgery, this is nirvana for narcissists with money.

After the men got their jollies thinking of the implications, Roger turned serious.

Got an enemy? Not anymore, you can program your enemy to self destruct. And the size makes it easy to administer to enemies, it can be shot into the enemy with a special gun, it can be put in with a needle, it can be drank or eaten, and it can be tattooed into the skin.

One of the atendees, asked Roger about his family, the protoype testers.

Roger smiled.

The chip works better than you can even imagine, he assured them, and proceeded to show them videos of his family, and their actions. He could track them with this chip, and pick them up on street view sattellite, all thanks to the chip he implanted into his family.

The men watched as Rogers wife Nina, Regina and her little friend frolicked at the park, oblivious to their condition, and as happy as larks. Neither Regina nor her her Mother realized Roger had programmed them to behave in exactly the manner they behaved, because they were chipped unknowingly. The integration to self was seamless.

The implications of the chips going out through all the governments were staggering. Right now, people merely got blank chips, and had to download knowlege, music or movies for entertainment. Careers were a recent innovation, and rendered college antiquated. Now adults can be chipped with the knowlege for their field and productivity rises, due to getting the golden 18-22 year olds youth and energy from them, it was a marvelous idea, no more wasted years in old buildings reading books. And the government career chipped all 18 yr olds for free, but only for 30 days after your birthday. After that, you were not allowed to be career chipped, and were relegated to the menial jobs no one else wanted. It was really an incentive for chipping, because everyone knew that ONE KID who grew balls and refused the chip......

But with this new gen chip, all that just became obsolete. Now the entire life of an indivual can be chipped, no downloading required, once chipped, you become the chip. The integration with self was seamless.

Each man represented a different country, each the leader of of one of the most powerful countries on the planet. Roger himself was from America. There were no pangs of morality, each man wanted this chip more than life itself.

And isnt this what humans ultimately wanted? Werent humans always chasing this, perfection? If a chip can give it why not take it? You can buy a chip and program it to make you happy all the time, no matter what. The beauty? The chip itself manufactures all your emotions so you are in a constant state of bliss. People are willing to slice their flesh off in the chasing of perfection, why not a simple chip?

Is it so wrong?

The meeting adjourned, each attendee taking with him the most important chip ever developed. They all had their own different plans for it.


posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 05:43 PM
Very nice, Tater. Well done. Scary and amusing at the same time. These are such wierd times we're living in. Any plans to continue this little saga?

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 06:08 PM
I have more to this story, several ways it could go. But I wanted to keep this one short. Thank you for reading! I made a vow to write a short story every single day. This was todays offering.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 06:17 PM
In light of that, I doubly applaud your effort!!

And I LOVE the new avatar!!!!

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by ThatDGgirl
In light of that, I doubly applaud your effort!!

And I LOVE the new avatar!!!!
Thanks, isnt it cute? One of my favorite shows, and I am sure in the future my stories will be covering other of my favorite topics, like fairies, genies, goblins, elves, etc. And aliens. I probably won't post them all here, I do not want to get in trouble for spamming my stories, I don't really know the rules on how many stories we are allowed to post. Thanks again for reading. I had forgotten how much fun it is to write. A young friend of mine inspired me to begin again.

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