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Business about to Boom for Serial Killers?

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 12:33 PM
Okay, last night I was scouring ATS and news as I do quite frequently and stumbled upon a situation in Flint, Michigan that made me pause for a moment. An editorial article caught my interest and should many others. It is about a monster prowling the streets of the run-down, crime ridden city capitalism forgot. The article is titled:

Will layoffs hamper cops hunting a serial killer?

Flint, Mich., force lost 40 officers; now it faces one of its biggest cases ever . . .

I have delved in the phenomenon of cities cutting back police and emergency services from Chicago and more recently East St. Louis. The problem is practically nationwide.

Shootout at the O.K. Corral? Mean streets of Chicago

A large number of Police and Firefighters get canned in East St. Louis. What recovery?

We have often come to the conclusion that there will be an increase in petty crime, home invasions, robberies, gang activities, and homicides. However, one thing everyone has failed to notice is how the decrease in police activity is going to affect serial killers as they satisfy their homicidal tendencies. Apparently, we are seeing it happen in Flint and the article above points that out.

Flint as well as other cities have been significantly scaling back their police forces due to economic uncertainty and budgeting problems. It is a sign of the times and is expected to get worse. In the case of Flint, there has been large lay-offs and crime has increased as is expected. However, in the midst of the confusion, a serial killer may be on the prowl in the Flint area as well. He is coined by the media as the "Flint Slasher." The attacks started in May. At present there has been 13 slashing with five succumbing to their wounds.

The attacker is described by victims as a white male, average height, and muscular build. All the authorities have is an artist's sketch of the killer from the description given by his victims.


At present, the police are not labeling the attacks and murders as racially targeting blacks. He targets people who are vulnerable or disabled.

Officials are not assigning any racial motive at this point, but they said there is an apparent pattern. The attacker feigns distress or asks for directions before launching his assault, police said.

As the local authorities scramble to track him down with limited resources, the State Police has offered a task force to assist in the investigation. A drop in the bucket as far as I am concerned. In reality, city and state budgets are in the toilet. The situation in Flint may be only a prelude of what is to come when serial killers realize police are sitting at home watching late night television and collecting unemployment instead of patrolling the streets. It will be open season for them. This is really getting troubling to me and it should everyone. What happened to the tax-payer dollars that have been collected with due diligence long before the Crisis of 2008?

Now, we have cities and states crying poor mouth and have no money? Everyone who has been paying their taxes have to risk leaving their homes everyday as madmen prowl the streets with seemingly no police presence as a deterrent? Then the politicians and bureaucrats give themselves raises, raise taxes, and other perks associated with their position; as our services and safety is imperiled?

Something is royally messed up with this picture! What is going on now has to be one of the biggest swindles in the history of man. There is a smorgasbord of criminality taking place from the sophisticated white collar crook to the lowly petty criminal. So as the business for criminals seems to booming at the moment, it may very well be for societies’ predators known as serial killers? What a mess!

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:26 PM
Nice job bringing these pieces together. Personally I don't think more or less police is much of answer for anything. I can however see your point. I wouldn't argue that much or our taxes are going to protect multinational interests at the expense of our own.


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