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Conspiracy Theorists is tantamount to:.. CorrecT

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 03:54 PM
I just had a thought. I think it is a thought that many of us have shared in the past. They use their euphonic phrases and catch phrases and buzz words to turn the language we speak into something they can use against us. And they in fact do in a court of law. They turn the meanings of words around and obfuscate them until they convince the main stream world to apply them just as they have. Then they use them against you.
Prime example: "Do you understand the charges levied against you?"
Better yet... Doublethink.. Newsspeak..War is Peace. They use the words to demean and berate us, make us seem less than qualified to speak on a subject through personal attacks, but through words.
To the point..
Let us use other words to brand the real, truthful connotations of the term "Conspiracy Theorist".

While I am sure not all of the theories out there are true, most of us are here to promulgate the truth. The worst thing is, a lot of the scenarios that have been placed before us are horrid, and sometimes terrifying, but often, prove to be truthful.
The Gulf of Tonkin
The Northwoods document
Senator Prescott Bush trying to lead a coup against FDR
Operation Ajax

I could go on and on and on and on and on .... you get it.
These have all been screamed about by the conspiracy guys and they have been more than correct. So let's find some words to put together and BRAND "Conspiracy Theorist" as synonymous with "Truth-tellers" or something. I think they are trying to berate the truth as well as the are trying to use "Truther" negatively. Let's take that back as well. Members, now is the time to shine. Let's put some good, positive slogans and associations so that when the media and the gov's use these slogans they are only empowering us in our fight.
Conspiracy Theorist =CorrecT
Truther =Truth-Teller
I know you smarties out there will think of some better ones.
Let's use NeuroLinguisticPrograming (NLP), Brain Frequencies in our ads, everything to take back the power of the words that all of us use, and use them against the powers.

If this is in the wrong section, please move; However if we all pray and meditate on making the truth both popular and fashionable, then this will belong in both Philosophy and Metaphysics


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