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The Australian Gov, is out?

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posted on Mar, 9 2003 @ 05:00 PM
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 3:48 PM
Subject: [apfn-1] AUSTRALIA invalidates GOVERNMENT this week...

Subj: AUSTRALIA invalidates GOVERNMENT this week... =

Date: 3/7/03 4:16:29 PM Central Standard Time =


BCC: FKSmart =

PLANETNEWS broadcast...

Friends and Beloveds, If this is true--it SIGNALS the start of SOMETHING BI=
G and we can expect that many other nations will soon have their government=
s revised--including our USA...Yahoooooooooooo!! Bless those bold Australi=
a citizens and corporations that brought forth this needed change!! ***BUSH=
ought to be shaking in his boots!!! =


Australia To Be Invalidated This Week In The British High Court

From: [Camside News] =

G089 - Australia to be Invalidated this week in the British High Court


Australian Newspapers =

British Consulates (worldwide) =

Caledonian Citizens (ex-citizens) =

Camside Citizens =

Canadian Newspapers and Television =

European Commission Offices =

Fire-Fighters Union =

French Newspapers =

German -- Newspapers =

Irish Newspapers =

Media Syndicates Worldwide =

Mexican On-Line Newspapers =

New York -- Media (TV/Radio/Newspapers) =

Prospective Citizens =

Purported Members of the Abdicated De Facto Australian Government = =

United Kingdom -- Newspapers =

United Nations -- Permanent Missions =

United States -- Newspapers, Radio & Television Networks =

United States -- Governors, Senate, House of Representatives =

University Journalism Departments =

World Embassies =

After many years of hard, dedicated and often thankless work, many groups A=
ustralia-wide have finally got the abdicated, and de facto Australia Govern=
ment before the High Court of London this week.

Never before in the history of our Planet, has an entire country been inval=
idated, and shown to have subjected all of its citizens to countless and co=
ntinual abuses of Human Rights!

This will be of particular interest to all members of the abdicated de fact=
o Australian government, because the information is being kept secret! Only=
those at the top know of your pending demise.

Australian purported Members of Parliament, ask at question time if there i=
s something major that most of you haven't been told about - 6th March, 200=
3, British High Court!

Geoffrey Robertson QC, of the television "Hypothetical" show fame, renown Q=
C in England, will be representing the "People of Australia" as he takes th=
e Australian Government before the British High Court, next Thursday 6th Ma=
rch 2003.

Geoffrey by engagement, visited Australia earlier this year to pick up some=
of the final documents needed to add to his collection of documents from G=
reat Britain, in which he is now ready to invalidate the entire Australian =
government, all courts, banking, taxation and legal professions of Australi=

Geoffrey not only claims that he has never lost a case, he says that the ca=
se for the invalidation of the Australian government is so water tight, tha=
t he expects that case should run for no more than 1 hour.

The abdicated de facto Australian government, due to the unarguable proof a=
s to its total and absolute invalidity, will not be allowed to represent it=
self before the High Court on Thursday.

Every fact that we state below, is supported by abundant Australian and Bri=
tish, Court and Government documents, already in place for Thursday's High =
Court hearing. Copies of these documents will be made available via our web=
site shortly after Thursday 6th March.

Now when we say invalidity, we mean total invalidity!

The following are invalid, and in most cases, these people have committed t=
he heinous crime of treason:

Federal and State Members of Australian Parliament =

All Commissioners and Commonwealth Public Servants of the Australian Taxati=
on Office =

All Federally appointed Governor Generals =

All Federal and High Courts and all Federal Judicial Officers of Australia =

All Federal Public Servant operations =

All Federal Police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies =

All Federal Commissions for our Air Force, Army, and Navy =

All State and Territory Governors =

All State Courts and Judicial Officers =

All State Police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies =

All State Public Servant operations =

There was no point taking this exercise on with anyone other than the best,=
and that surely would be the case when engaging the services of Geoffrey R=
obertson, who recently has been appointed as a Judge to the United Nations =
Security Council, where he is attending to major Human Rights issues.

Yes, these clever and dedicated people have managed to get every piece of e=
vidence necessary in writing, for the quick and final presentation at the f=
orthcoming World event, of which we have been assured total and absolute in=
ternational press and media coverage.

Who's financially backing the final demise of the Australian government?

Dow Corning Microsoft Corporation Mohamed al-Fayed

Do you think these financial giants are going to settle for anything other =
than a total win? =

Do you think that the corrupt legal profession and judicial officers can ru=
n these financial giants out of money, using their normal "costs blackmail"=

All Australians and these gigantic multi-nationals, are sick and tired of b=
eing ripped off by the invalid Australian government, its entire crooked co=
urts, banking, legal and taxation system!

Yes, folks -- the Australian Taxation is not only finished, it is going to =
have to answer charges of the Grand Fraud of the Australian people.

Here are a few facts that may be put at Thursday London High Court hearing,=
the answers to which are already in writing in readiness for the case:

1) Cambridge University and the Head of Law at Melbourne University, confir=
ms that the Australian Federal Constitution is current British domestic law=
, and that it cannot ever be applied legally as law on Australian citizens.

2) The Head of Law at Melbourne University says that a Australia is a membe=
r of both the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, we can never =
be subject to British Law. The imposition of British Law on Australians is =
a breach of the Charter of United Nations 1945, agreed to by Australian Fed=
eral Parliament -- the laws of a foreign power cannot be applied to members=
of an agreed independent sovereign nation such as Australia.

3) A representative of Notre Dame who was at Melbourne University at the ti=
me, said that various Australian governments had tried to "Australianize" t=
he British Federal Constitution. In asking how Australia intended modifying=
"foreign legislation", the Notre Dame representative was asked what author=
ity and in what form was any such authority to change British Law given? He=
replied - "there isn't one" In asking him what authority we may have had t=
o actually use the British Constitution he replied - "we haven't one".

4) The Notre Dame representative advises us that our Sovereignty has been i=
n the hands of the People for a long time. Has the Australian government, l=
egal profession or court system ever told that to the Australian People? No!

5) Who can make changes to the Australian Federal Constitution? Only Britai=
n, as it is a British Act of Parliament.

6) Where does Executive Authority come from in England with respect to Aust=
ralia? The Colonial System was continued on relying on Executive Input from=
the United Kingdom. This came about in 1953, with the first Styles and Tit=
les Act.

7) The British Government i.e. the Privy Council was asked where did the au=
thority come from for Queen Elizabeth II to state in Her Coronation Oath, t=
hat She would govern Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. They said -- "it w=
as a request from Bob Menzies"

8) The Privy Council was asked if they had the Executive Authority to chang=
e the Queen's Coronation Oath. They replied -- "there's no such authority"

9) The Privy Council was asked what authority they had to legislate the 198=
6 Australia Act. Their answer was -- "there's none". This illegal Act can b=
e struck down by the Lords in Chancery, because it was merely done at the r=
equest of the Dominion (by an illegal Australian government).

10) What Executive Authority does the Queen have with respect to Australia,=
who is She, and where did she get Her authority from? As it turns out, the=
Queen is a Public Servant! She is "part and parcel" of the United Kingdom =
Parliament, and consequently she does not hold any Executive Authority over=
Australia, nor has She ever had any Executive Authority over Australia!

11) How can the Queen be a constitutional Monarch in Australia, when as an =
independent State we have never set-up a Monarchy, nor have we set-up an Ac=
t of Secession? The Privy Council has replied in writing: "The Queen cannot=
by British Law, hold a Constitutional or Executive Position in other than =
the United Kingdom. The current situation in Australia is absolutely imposs=
ible in British Law!

12) The Privy Council has confirmed, that as the British Parliament has no =
Executive Authority over Australia, therefore the Queen cannot have any aut=
hority over Australia!

13) Has Darryl Williams, of the Australian Federal Attorney General's offic=
e been advised? Nearly every politician has had these matters of illegality=
put to them going back many years and many Australian governments.

14) Many of the Australian government claim that the Executive Authority co=
mes from clause 2 of the invalid Australian Federal Constitution. Documents=
from British Parliament state that -- "United Kingdom Parliament has no ju=
risdiction in Australia whatsoever! There is no Executive Authority in the =
Australian Federal Constitution, with respect to Australia. The Australian =
Federal Constitution is current British Domestic Law, and cannot be applied=
to any Australian Citizen, ever! Australia was legislated in Britain in 19=
48 as no longer being an United Kingdom Colony -- refer 1948 British Citize=
nship Act U.K.

15) Why has no Australian Government ever done anything about this farce? "=
Because all they are after is POWER, the last thing that they would want is=
a new form of government called a Democracy! How could they continue to do=
the favours for those entities that contribute vast campaign funds to the =
various political parties?

16) What will happen when Geoffrey Robertson QC commences the court action =
next Thursday 6th March 2003? The entire ILLEGAL SYSTEM will be DESTROYED i=
n minutes! Most Australian politicians were told that eventually this would=
come about, and that they could not stop it, =

17) Why didn't an Australian government just tell the People -- "there's be=
en a GIANT stuff up! How about we get together and fix it?" - but no, the A=
ustralian government wanted to fight for the survival of their POWER contro=
l instead.

18) When anyone challenges any aspect of the total illegality of Australia,=
the government sends in its Gestapo to destroy the challenger. The Gestapo=
of course is the ATO -- Australian Taxation Department. This fabricated ta=
xation attacks on Australians is then fully supported by the equally corrup=
t and illegal Federal and High courts of Australia!

19) When the Australian government needed to wipe out Senator Hill from par=
liament, on the purported grounds that she had dual Australian citizenship =
with Great Britain, the treasonous Justice Hayne of the never-legal Austral=
ian High Court said -- "Yes, the United Kingdom is a foreign power, but onl=
y as far as section 42 of the Australian Federal Constitution is concerned =
??? " How the hell can Britain be a "foreign power" to its own Act of Parli=
ament, and how can it only be considered "foreign" to just one clause of it=
s own constitution? Ironically, Senator Hill was wiped out of Australian Pa=
rliament, despite the fact that under the British Constitution for Australi=
a, she was actually the only one validly appointed to Australian Parliament=
. All of the other Australian citizen parliamentarians were invalid, becaus=
e they DIDN'T have British citizenship!

20) Before any Australian parliamentarian takes their seat in either the Se=
nate or the House of Representatives, they have to take an Oath of Allegian=
ce to Queen Elizabeth II, (not the Queen of Australia), and Queen Elizabeth=
II in the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom. The wording of this Oath of A=
llegiance cannot be changed. Once the parliamentarians are sworn in, they i=
mmediately commit treason, for they have sworn allegiance to a foreign powe=
r, and not the People of Australia!

21) This entire matter will be handled very simply at the forthcoming Briti=
sh High Court challenge, as Geoffrey Robertson QC asks the United Kingdom -=
- "Does the Australian High Court have any standing as one of Her Majesty's=
Courts?" and the answer is, of course, "it doesn't, and never has!"

Destroyed within minutes!


Australia has now got the chance of a lifetime! The slate will be cleaned, =
and Australians can start putting down in black and white, the best Constit=
ution any country on this Globe could have!

Many of you are probably wondering why Australian politicians of the past w=
ould not have jumped at the chance of starting afresh? Well they don't! Whe=
n they are in political power, they can do favours for people. Look at the =
list of people who provide funds to the political parties. They don't do it=
because they love the party system, they do it because they want a benefit=
in return.

With a new Constitution Australian would have a new political system called=
Democracy. Now that is the last thing that Australian politicians and the =
High Court want! When you have a totally illegal and corrupt High Court, wh=
ich does not allow citizens to present verbatim transcripts from Australian=
Federal Government, (Hansard), as evidence, then there's something "very b=
loody wrong with our Country!" ; =

Well the saga is going to be played out for real on Thursday 6th March 2003=
, and it should all be over bar the shouting in about one hour. Then what h=
appens is yet to be seen, as Australians will be able to lodge multi-billio=
n damages actions against Australian Members of Parliament, judicial office=
rs, magistrates, police, lawyers and barristers, public servants and the li=
ke. =

A sensitive issue at the moment is that quite clearly the majority of Austr=
alian want nothing to do with the fabricated War in Iraq.

The purported Prime Minister of Australia, (as there is no such position as=
Prime Minister of Australia), John Winston Howard, not only had no authori=
ty to command Australia's military to Iraq, (as the head of our military is=
the Governor-General, Dr. Hollingworth - who is also illegal and treasonou=
s), but Howard had already committed the heinous crime of Treason himself, =
as soon as he swore the Oath of Allegiance to a foreign power, that foreign=
power being the United Kingdom. =

There are currently only two legal governments in Australia at the moment, =
and these are the Principality of Camside and Hutt River Province. Wouldn't=
it be ironic if they formed the ideas of a revolutionary new type of gover=
nment structure, free of political parties -- a government that truly repre=
sented the Will of the People.

The Principality of Camside will be holding a special and very important Pr=
ess Conference on Wednesday 5th March 2003, starting at 10:00am at Baton Ro=
uge (Flag) Inn, in the "Normandy Room," 1233 Stud Road, Rowville, Victoria.=
Press that are interested in attending, please coordinate your attendance =
with Deborah at the Baton Rouge on (03) 9764-5050.

International Press and Media can contact the Principality of Camside, and =
myself directly on, telephone 61-500-888-337, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Dr. David R. Siminton =

Governor -- State of Sherwood =

Principality of Camside =

Tel: 0500-888-337 =

Email: governor@principalityofcamsi =

Website: =

APFN-1 YahooGroups: =



`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'



Find elected officials, including the president, members of =

Congress, governors, state legislators, local officials, and more. =

APFN, PMB 107, 6630 W. CACTUS #B107, GLENDALE, AZ 85304 =

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posted on Mar, 9 2003 @ 10:47 PM
Hmmm...I think I'm going to consider a *complete rewrite* of The American Petition sometime real soon...Especially if the Aussies actually *succeed*!

...Either that or I'll just hop passage to get down under & have my name changed to Joey...

[Edited on 10-3-2003 by MidnightDStroyer]


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